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Spooky Stories from your Sauna

Get in the Halloween spirit with Almost Heaven Saunas!

It’s officially Halloween season, and we are ready to celebrate! While the spirit of Halloween may not seem synonymous with saunas, we are here to set the record straight. You can still have a spooky Halloween season while enjoying a steamy sauna session. Here’s how:

1) Tell ghost stories in the sauna.

Use your ladle to sprinkle water on the rocks, creating steam at just the right moment to enhance your storytelling. 

2) Decorate your sauna.

Who says you have to keep decorations to the front porch? Just look at sauna customer Todd S’s festive sauna! The barrel would make a cute ghost, don’t you agree?


3) Tell a 5-word sauna horror story.

We are borrowing this from our friends at Very Finnish Problems. Check out their 5-word horror story examples to get you in the mood for the spooky season! 


4) Share “spooky sauna stories” with us on social media.

Here’s a favorite of ours from sauna customer @RTPerson3 involving a night alone, a hidden key, and a plot twist. Check out the thread below and visit @RTPerson3’s page to see how the story ends!

Do you have a spooky story to share involving the sauna? Use the hashtag #SpookySaunaStories and tag us @ahsaunas on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to play along!



However you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, we hope the sauna plays an integral role! Spooky season only comes once a year, so we encourage you to milk it all month, and share your experiences along the way.


October 12, 2020 •