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Heat Makes the Brain Happy

Sauna for your Mental Health

Have you ever had a lousy day? Woken up in a mood that you just couldn’t shake? Been grumpy with your partner, co-worker, kids, yourself, for no apparent reason? Of course you have, because you are human. But the good news is that your sauna can help! The physical health benefits of sauna are numerous and continue to be researched, but studies are also showing that mental health can be positively impacted by regular sauna use. Mild to moderate anxiety and stress, depression, fatigue, appetite loss, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s all have symptoms that can be greatly relieved by the heat of a sauna.

Woman lounging on a sauna bench

Here are the facts

Scientists believe that stimulating the skin and underlying tissues with heat activates serotonin-releasing cells in the brain. This is important because, in the brain, serotonin helps with mood regulation, memory, appetite, sleep, motivation, and overall happiness. The heat also causes a rise in endorphins, a chemical produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. You know that energizing feeling you get after working out? Those are endorphins allowing your body to relax and release built-up tension and anxieties. Heat helps our bodies naturally combat the challenges of mental health.

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The magic of sauna

An article written by U.S.News Health says this about the magic of sauna: “The greatest mental health benefit of a sauna is the act of just sitting still for a defined period of time, says New York City-based psychotherapist Paul Hokemeyer. “In this time, we connect with our bodies in an intense and intimate way. In addition, the heat of the sauna quiets the mind by bringing our awareness into the immediacy of the moment and away from the chaos of the outside world,” he says. “For anyone who suffers from a mood disorder such as anxiety and depression, it’s a wonderful way to self-soothe and change the emotional and cognitive state in a relatively short period of time.”

Taking time away in your sauna is like a mini-vacation, even if you are just changing perspective by leaving one room of the house and entering another. In the case of a sauna, you are entering a clean, uncluttered, always welcoming, quiet space. The sauna allows you to leave the chaos of the day and find sanctuary within your own home.

The studies continue

More and more studies continue to be done on the overall health benefits of sauna bathing, but the best way to truly know and understand the rich benefits of sauna is to experience them for yourself. If you’re not sure about buying a sauna quite yet and want to try it out first, here are a few places where you can visit an Almost Heaven sauna, a true first-hand experience: Where can I try an Almost Heaven Sauna? You can also reach us at 888-355-3050, where any of our customer service reps would be happy to speak with you about the sauna experience!

“Everyone will experience the sauna differently, but in all cases it’s a good outcome.”  -Almost Heaven Saunas Founder Rick Mouw

Please note: Mental health is a significant and vast topic. It is important to consistently check in with your own mental health and the mental health of those around you. As always, refer to your doctor with concerns and especially in cases of emergency.


March 22, 2021 •