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Made-to-Order Saunas

What is a made-to-order sauna?

You might have heard us talk about made-to-order saunas here at Almost Heaven. If you are unsure what exactly that means, this blog is here to clear that up! 

First off, we have two different types of manufactured saunas: those we get from our partners (as part of the Harvia Group, we sell a wide variety of Harvia sauna products!) and those we build at our factory in West Virginia. Made-to-order saunas fall under the latter category. 

Traditionally, made-to-order refers to something that is made according to someone’s specifications. In our case, made-to-order saunas refer to barrel saunas and our Respite indoor saunas. These aren’t cookie-cutter saunas. Instead, we offer a wide variety of features for you to choose from. This includes the door type, bench style, lumber, and rear window (if you want a barrel sauna). You can play around with each of these individual features, customizing your sauna to your exact liking. Once you’ve placed an order, the made-to-order building process begins. We quite literally build each kit based on what you chose during checkout.

Let’s walk through a scenario

The purchase

Let’s say we have a sale running, and you decide to purchase the Watoga barrel sauna. You’ve done your research, so you know that cedar is a great outdoor option. You like the look of the wood door with a window for some added privacy. You don’t want a rear window, but you do like the look of the vertical slat benches. As you check out, you notice sauna accessories are 25% off so you add a bucket, ladle, and thermometer kit to your cart. 

The prep

After going through the payment process, voilà! Your order is sent to our team. We process all the sale details at our Holland, MI office and then your order gets added to our list. From here, all the specifics of your sauna are then shared with our West Virginia team.

The process

Each day, our team of skilled workers pulls up the list of sauna kits that are slated for construction. Each and every piece is then hand-crafted, checked, and carefully packaged together for the sauna kit. It starts with picking the lumber, pre-assembling sections, building benches, getting the heater and sauna stones in order, and securing everything onto the pallet for shipment

The work does not stop there! We inspect the final product and double-triple check that all your items are included before positioning the sauna so that once the shipping truck arrives, it is ready to go. 

This little scenario is skipping about a dozen or more steps involved with the actual building process. We could write several books about the care and precision that goes into every day at our factory. But for the sake of brevity, we’ll leave it at that. 

We hope this helps you understand what exactly we mean when we talk about our made-to-order saunas. There’s something special about the saunas we manufacture and build in West Virginia, and we hope that with each image you see or sauna you take, you can feel the quality and the care we put into building this product just for you. If you’re ready to explore a made-to-order sauna in your own home, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. We can’t wait to hear from you!


April 6, 2021 •