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The Benefits of Sauna Accessories

We encourage people to pay attention to how they like to relax so they can customize their sauna experience! Making sure that your sauna fits your needs goes a long way to helping maximize the benefits of using your sauna. The accessories we offer allow your sauna experience to be truly unique and relaxing.

We offer three different categories of accessories. Each category focuses on a different part of your sauna experience.




A sauna is a place of comfort and relaxation, and here at Almost Heaven Saunas we have everything you need to customize your sauna experience. Headrests, backrests, leg lifts, everything you need to be as comfortable as possible. No matter what accommodations you need, our sauna comfort accessories can help you achieve ultimate relaxation.




What temperature is your sauna? And the level of humidity? With our thermometer/hygrometer youSauna Thermometer - 4" Chromewon’t even have to wonder. We also offer functional accessories such as robe and towel hooks and drink holders. Or if you need a little extra light inside of your sauna, we offer LED light bars. Use these functional accessories to help make your sauna the perfect getaway!




Sometimes luxury is simple. It’s adding a few drops of essential oils to a bucket of water and ladling it slowly onto hot sauna stones. Or it’s a backlit therapeutic pink salt bar that cleanses and adds a soft stained-glass glow to your sauna. Luxury can also mean adding an entrance mat or floor kit. Whatever you choose, we’ve got you covered