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Professional Sauna Assembly Now Available

Almost Heaven starts offering new sauna assembly option

An Almost Heaven Sauna is an easy-to-assemble unit. Thousands of new sauna owners have undertaken the task of following the step-by-step instructions from start to finish and have received the rewards of a satisfying DIY project.

On the other hand, many customers turn the assignment over to a general handyman or contractor, which saves them some time and energy. An Almost Heaven Sauna is a perfect fit for anyone who likes to do things for themselves or for anyone who would rather let the professionals take care of it.

For that latter class of characters, Almost Heaven Saunas now offers professional factory installation of all sauna models. Assembly will require two individuals and 2-3 days to complete. The cost of installation includes $1,000 per day, travel and lodging expenses (quoted based on location), and shipping (again, quoted based on location). Travel costs include airfare and/or car rental plus gas.

Our outdoor cabin saunas require 3 days for assembly and all other models require 2 days. Assembly does not include site preparation or electrical wiring.

For a complete assembly quote, customers may call Almost Heaven Saunas at 888.355.3050.