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Sauna Health Benefits

Studies show a correlation between sauna use and added health benefits

Only your doctor can confidently determine how using a sauna may benefit you as an individual, but generally speaking, health studies and the experiences of veteran sauna users tend to support each other by confirming that regular sauna use carries with it a wide range of health benefits. The following are some examples of how an Almost Heaven Sauna could be an important part of a healthier lifestyle.

Enhanced Immune System

A sauna doesn’t just help get impurities out; it also helps your body generate some good stuff too.  As your core temperature increases, your body is tricked into believing that you have a fever, so it kicks up its production of white blood cells.  For people who are on the go all the time, using a sauna is one way to decrease your chances of getting knocked off your feet by cold or flu.


respiratoryReliefIllustrationRespiratory Relief

Spending time in a sauna can also be a responsive measure after you get sick. For those suffering with chest congestion, bronchitis, or plugged sinuses, the steam generated from throwing some water over the heated saunas stones often does a world of good. Sit back and breathe deeply.


Endorphin Release and Stress Relief

Endorphins are responsible for that pleasant sense of wellbeing and satisfaction you get at the end of a workout. They may be one reason why spending time in a sauna is a good way to shed the stress and tension that often builds up during the day. Many sauna users claim that regular usage helps them overcome the effects of insomnia and sleep better at night.


Pain Relief

Being immersed in a pocket of hot air is good therapy for sore joints and achy muscles. For those who suffer from arthritis or other painful ailments, a sauna can be a good way to find relief; for those who live an active, physically demanding lifestyle, a sauna is a good way to reward your body for doing everything you require of it.



Healthy Skin Tone

Spending time in the sauna helps remove dead cells, relaxes facial tension, improves skin elasticity, and rinses out bacteria, leaving your skin soft, moist, and youthful looking. Some people claim it gives them that “just tanned” look year round.


Improved Blood Circulation

Another benefit of sitting in a hot room is that it gets your heart working faster which pumps the blood harder. To accommodate this increase in blood flow, the blood vessels expand raising your blood pressure. This rise in blood pressure is the direct result of an increased heart rate. Studies show that after a sauna session, both blood pressure and heart rate begin to drop lower then when you initially entered the sauna. Ultimately resulting in lower blood pressure after a sauna session.


calorieBurnIllustrationCalorie Burn and Weight Loss

Sitting in a hot environment causes an aerobic effect: your heart rate increases which causes your metabolism to rise which prompts your body to burn more calories. Using a sauna regularly can be a satisfying addition to any fitness program, a way to keep things fresh and fun. Note: it is important to rehydrate after a sauna session, replacing any water weight you may have lost.


Note: Only your doctor can recommend specific sauna benefits for you. Never consume alcohol in a sauna. Be sure you are well hydrated before and after use. Do not use if you are pregnant or have a heart condition. Almost Heaven Saunas makes no claims as to the specific benefits of sauna use for individual users.


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