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    Sauna Accessories

    Almost Heaven Saunas offers a wide selection of top class accessories to enhance your sauna experience. All accessories are made with smooth Nordic Spruce or red cedar, complimenting any of our indoor or outdoor saunas. When you buy accessories you can create an atmosphere that is comfortable and unique to you with accessories like back rests, sand timers, sauna buckets, ladles and magazine racks. Whether you prefer a dry or steam sauna, accessories such as the bucket, and ladle are essential for a traditional sauna experience. If you can’t decide, we also offer the Cedar Sauna Accessory Kit and the Indoor or Outdoor Sauna Accent Packages that include a variety of practical products such as robe hooks and sauna flooring. Adding accessories is a great way to enhance your sauna experience. Shop online today for the perfect additions to your sauna. If you’re looking for sauna heaters please see our heater page.
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    Sauna Components

    Need a pair of hinges? Or an extra barrel sauna stave? Almost Heaven Saunas has got you covered. We offer a variety of essential sauna components. All of our sauna components are made to blend in with your new or existing sauna, providing subtle details of absolute quality. Whether you are looking to enhance your sauna cosmetically with a new wood door or if you’re in need of a replacement part, Almost Heaven Saunas is here to help.
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    Sauna Heaters

    Our traditional steam saunas come with high-quality sauna heaters. These quality stainless-steel electric and wood-burning heaters are designed to heat up quickly and effectively. The heaters range from Harvia to HeatSource to wood-burning stoves offering the highest quality heaters for your sauna. Fill the heater with sauna stones and sprinkle with water, turning a dry sauna into a steam sauna in seconds. Almost Heaven Saunas offers a wide selection of heater designs to enhance your sauna experience. The wood burning and and electric heater experiences vary and are entirely up to preference. If you have questions or concerns on the type of heater you’d like for your sauna we encourage you to call us at 888.355.3050.

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