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Efficient Barrel Design

8 Reasons a Barrel Sauna is an Excellent Sauna Design

A barrel is a smart design for an outdoor sauna, and here’s why.

Reason #1: It heats up faster.

Imagine a square and then shave down the corners to create a circle. In a barrel-shaped sauna, you’ll notice that there’s just as much useable space but with less overall area. Less overall area means less space to heat which means that the barrel sauna will heat up faster than a conventional box sauna.

Reason #2: It evenly distributes the heat.

In a box-shaped sauna, the rising heat tends to collect at the ceiling. In a barrel-shaped sauna, it gets circulated back down along the curved walls instead of pooling near the top, creating a constant flow of evenly distributed heat throughout the sauna.

Reason #3: It’s more energy efficient.

Because a barrel sauna takes less time to heat and distributes the heat more evenly than a conventional box sauna, it uses less energy. We assist the natural energy-efficiency of a barrel design by using thick lumber staves that keep the sauna exceptionally well insulated.

Efficient Barrel Sauna Design Animation

Rapid Heat Up & Efficient Use of Air Space

Reason #4: It’s quite comfortable.

Imagine the luxury of lounging back and allowing your spine to be cradled in the curvature of the sauna wall. Or you can sit up straight against the flat wall and stretch out your legs along the bench. We also stock a full lineup of sauna accessories including red cedar leg rests, back rests, and head rests to complement whatever sitting position you find most satisfying.

Reason #5: The wood has room to expand and contract.

Our barrel saunas are constructed from a series of jointed staves fitting tightly together under stainless steel bands and utilizing a minimal amount of fasteners. This ball-and-socket configuration allows the wood to expand in humid environments and contract in dry ones.

Reason #6: It is a remarkably structurally sound design.

Because the wood is able to expand and contract within the bands and because the walls are made from a single thick layer of staves, a barrel sauna has dependable structural integrity.

Reason #7: It is a purposefully weather-resistant design.

The rounded roof of a barrel sauna sheds rain, and the structural soundness enables it to heft a substantial snow load. Also, we place our barrel saunas on polymer cradles that loft the sauna’s undercarriage, protecting it from direct contact with the moist ground. These cradles have the added benefit of allowing the sauna to sit on virtually any flat surface — deck, packed gravel, wood chips, paving stones, etc. Put it all together and you have a sauna that doesn’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance.

Reason #8: It’s a simply beautiful backyard addition.

Not only is a barrel sauna a thoughtfully designed product but it’s also an attractive one. To enhance your backyard setting and bring distinction to your space, a barrel sauna is well worth your consideration. Allow vines to grow over it, plant shrubs and flowers around it, or place it beside a pond or a pool. Imagine it and make it happen.