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Exceptional Quality Saunas

When it comes to making saunas, Almost Heaven Saunas stands apart. Here’s why.

We’ve been doing it a long time.

Almost Heaven Saunas has been building easy-to-assemble sauna DIY kits in the Finnish tradition for over 40 years. All of our outdoor barrel saunas, and most of our indoor saunas are made and produced at our mountain-based factory in Renick, West Virginia, making us one of the few sauna manufacturers based in the United States. We took what started out as a good idea and expanded on it until it became something great, making us one of the oldest and most respected sauna manufacturers in the world today.


We’re picky about our products.

Our craftsmen are well trained, and they understand the characteristics of lumber. Some of them have been with us for years. They’re the ones who see to every detail that goes into making a sauna room that will endure.

When selecting the lumber used in our indoor or outdoor saunas, we pick only the finest in sauna softwoods. The lumber must be soft, thick, and solid. Many saunas on the market today are constructed from laminated sections of low-grade wood with hollow walls — something you will never find in an Almost Heaven Sauna. Each board we use is hand-planed and personally inspected to ensure it meets our high standards

All of the sauna hardware — from the door hinges to the bands — is made from high-grade stainless steel, and the glass that we use is tempered for your safety.

Providing a great sauna room is only half the job. The other half is making sure you have a fantastic heater for your sauna because the heater is its very heart. Every sauna we make ships with an exceptional heater from the best heater experts.

We keep your comfort, safety, and health in mind.

If you look closely at one of our saunas, you’ll notice that we use minimal fasteners, and they’re placed in such a way that you’re not in danger of brushing up against them and burning yourself. Additionally, we use thick sections of softwood that keep the sauna room well-insulated, allowing it to become nice and hot, but the wood will not become uncomfortable to the touch in the process. We also build our saunas to be properly ventilated, and you can enjoy your sauna bathing experience in either a sitting or reclining position.

Furthermore, the heaters are equipped with a temperature control and an automatic shut-off timer — an important safety feature.

We know you’ll love the way it looks.

Whether you settle on an indoor sauna or an outdoor sauna, an Almost Heaven Sauna is a good way to bring distinction to your space. The lumber is attractive, the design is pleasing, and placement usually isn’t a problem either since they can go on almost any surface you have in mind.

We offer a lifetime warranty.

We’ve put a lot into our saunas, and we’re confident that they will endure. We’re so confident that we offer a lifetime warranty on every sauna we ship. Our hope is that your Almost Heaven Sauna will give you and your family a lifetime of enjoyment. A copy of the full limited warranty can be found in the installation packet with each Almost Heaven Sauna.