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Sauna Reviews

Our customers LOVE their Almost Heaven Saunas! Take a look at what they have to say about us and our products!

Joe and Iole from Issaquah, WA

We purchased the 6 person Barrel Sauna from Costco 2 years ago and it has been one of the best products we have purchased from them over the last 20 years. We have had no issues with the sauna! It heats up amazingly fast and has plenty of leg room to lie down on the benches! Highly recommend Almost Heaven Saunas! The installation was very easy and can’t beat the Customer Service!

gerry groudle

I bought my six person sauna four years ago and is one of the reasons i love my house even more.
very high quality materials and was relatively easy to install. I know the recommendation is for two people to install but i was able to do this by myself. I would recommend that you hire an electrician to be safe.
Instructions were very good and I highly recommend this product to everyone. anyone who wants to can contact me and I would give them whatever feed back they need.



Wow. Impressive company. Delivery and set up as expected. Great instructional videos. Customer support even more impressive on 3 separate occasions, replacing items immediately that I requested. I couldn’t be more happy.

Sunni Hansen


We love our sauna! When COVID and quarantine hit in Spring 2020 we were missing hot yoga and the sauna at the gym. We decided to purchase a sauna. We bought the 6 person Bridgeport. The sauna is in our garage. We were able to build it ourselves (electric screwdriver necessary) and did hire an electrician to wire the heater. The sauna heats quickly. Up to 130 in 25 minutes even in the winter months. Easily gets to 150 or 165 degrees. We like it hot. We use the sauna almost everyday. Usually 6 days a week. We are happy with the purchase, best COVID purchase we made. We love the blog posts by Almost Heaven – great information on cleaning and health benefits. We have purchased a few accessories and the customer service is great. Highly recommend this company.

Brandy Wismer


We have had our sauna for about 10 months and left be it! Our son and daughter in law helped put it together with very few challenges. Running electrical out to the site was expensive but it was worth it. Get a good estimate from your electrician. We now use it at least 3-5 nights a week and find it incredibly relaxing.

Andy & Bridget Palmer


My wife and I just purchased a six person Pinnacle wood burning sauna. We could not be more happy with the sales people (Kellen Mouw and Kristy VanWort) who helped us pick out and purchase this sauna. Very knowledgeable. Assembly was just as easy as they said it would be, even with having to add the wood stove. I would highly recommend this company.

Thank you,

Clyde Chandler

I just ordered the Pinnacle 4 person Sauna. I’ll update my review when I receive it but I wanted to acknowledge how helpful Jane was in helping us select a Sauna. Almost Heaven Sauna’s seem like they are one of the best but our primary reason for selecting Almost Heaven and the Pinnacle was the pre purchase customer service provided by Jane. No other company provided such a high level of pre purchase help and we really appreciate the work that Jane did !!


Recieved the best customer service ever from this company. Jane Grady was so polite, knowledgeable and friendly.
She delivered 5-star service which is so rare these days. She followed up with me every step of the way and spent 30-minutes on the phone explaining every detail of the Princeton Sauna. This company has great service, will abe a customer for life! Thanks Jane!

Eddie Eddie


On every military base there is a proper sauna in the change rooms, usually about 165-170*F and a no water on the rock policy. Even with that lower temp and no steam policy, I was hooked from 18.
Fast fwd 30 years and collective madness closed our gyms, our saunas and our pools. As a 3-4 times a week gym sauna user I lasted about 45 days. My sleep was terrible, I was stressed out and my gym routine was basics, push-ups, sit-ups and a short run. With no end (still) is sight I spend a few days shopping all the options. I liked everything I read about Almost Heaven Saunas. Competitive prices, check. Made in the USA, check. Great customer service, check. I bought mine on Thursday night and by Friday they had all sold out.
It came flat packed and I read the instructions for the Nth time one last time.
Using a few tricks I was easily able to assemble it by myself in under 6 hours. I did not use the nail gun, as the kit includes everything you need such as nails and screws. You have to hammer about 40-50 nails in the staves and it wasn’t too hard to do by hand. Triple check you level and true throughout so you don’t introduce a twist as you mallet the staves in place. Also leave one of the benches off until after the electrician hooks up the heater so they have more than enough room to move about. Once it’s all hooked up tighten the staves, re-torque the screws throughout, tap the staves with the mallet, and check level an true.
All in all a satisfying days work!
It easily gets to 190*F in the first hour and smells amazing. A little sanding with a mouse sander will go a long way and will some cedar oil.
All in all a significantly better experience than the old base gymnasium sauna and markedly better than even the nice spas that have Sauna. Can’t believe I waited this long to get one and I’m so glad I did.

Maggie Walters


I am a very satisfied Almost Heaven Saunas’ customer. I emailed and spoke on the phone multiple times with Jane and Mitch and always was impressed with the friendliness and answers to all of my questions. My 4 person barrel sauna is nestled into our garden and looks like the space was made for it. Looking out the glass door into the garden, as i inhale the pleasant cedar scent, is always a ‘pinch me’ experience. I just love it. I did not put the kit together myself, but it was done quite swiftly and works like a charm. Couldn’t be happier!


I purchased the barrel sauna (Salem) for two people and love it. If I were to purchase again I would get the 4 person just to have more room. My carpenter helped me assemble it and he was very impressed by the quality of wood and overall design. It took us around 6hours. My electrician loved it so much he’s actually going to buy one for his family and everyone who’s seen it loves it! almost Heaven is of high quality and they make authentic European saunas. The aroma of the cedar is such a pleasure and it perfumes the entire deck! My Salem heats up quickly and the half way setting is more than sufficient for me. So, very pleased it’s like going on vacation every day and feels amazing afterwards. Love!

Lloyd Heikes

I bought an Allegheny cabin sauna this Spring. I’m impressed with the precision and quality of this kit. I just finished nailing the shingles on. I used hail resistant shingles because we live on the front range in Colorado were we get lots of hail. I’m retired and have been having lots of fun building this though I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a roofer when it’s 90 degrees. I would like to say a special thanks to Mitch, the person I’ve been working with. He is a very nice man who has certainly gone the extra mile for me. Thank you for being so nice to deal with.

Patrick C.


We recently purchased the 4 person barrel sauna thru Costco. The kit arrives on a pallet which contains a number of boxes which contain the slats, heater, etc. as well as the front and rear walls which are partially assembled. It took me and a neighbor approximately five hours to assemble. we also used a nail gun as the instructions suggested to save time and make assembly easier (HIGHLY RECOMMEND). A few of the staves had some minor warpage and splintering, but the kit includes extra so that wasn’t a big deal. The instructions for assembly are pretty clear, but if you have any questions (I had a couple) their customer service is EXCELLENT. So far so good, we love it! It heats up quickly and we’ve had it up to 200 degrees. We also purchased the rain jacket to help prevent any leakage. For the money, it was a great investment. The cedar smells great and its extremely comfortable especially if it’s only two people at a time so you can stretch out on the benches (I’m 6’3″). I recommend checking the bands after a few days for adjustment due to settling.


I built the sauna last weekend with my brother in law. Took us about 6 hours, plus another couple of hours with an electrician to run the wire for the heater. Overall very pleased with the quality. All the boards were true and fit together nicely. Instructions were well written and easy to understand. Highly recommend!

Dan Kolander

Purchased our Sauna around first week of January through the Costco Deal got the 8 man unit with electric Harvia Heater!!!
IT WENT TOGETHER SO EASILY AND HAD ALM THE PARTS, The Holes Lined Up the, The Bands worked and it heats up in about 30 mins.. I give this a 10 Star Unit..
Dan and Sarah K.


In Love!! We purchased the Lucent 2 person Infrared Sauna. It looks great tucked into a corner of our exercise room. We had it assembled in a few hours, it was truly amazing that every piece fit together perfectly, such precision fabrication from the factory! It’s the perfect size for one person to sit lengthwise on the bench, or 2 to sit side by side. We did order an 18″ shower bench from Home Depot ($35) for a little additional seating so we can both stretch out.

We visited several hot tub/sauna shops to see them in person before deciding on this model and one thing to notice is the quality of the boards covering the panels here. Most other makers had 4 or 5 flimsy slats across the entire panel, which you are leaning against while sitting, so you would be leaning on the hot panel. The Lucent has 12 or 13 slats, sturdy and smooth sanded quality wood.

We love this sauna and use it almost every day. It heats up quickly, the radio has great sound and I appreciate the lamps so I can read a book and relax. A wonderful addition to our home and health.

Ben Farmer

I bought the Bridgeport model in Western Cedar and just finished putting it together and a week of use and I have to say these are incredibly well made and easy to out together. And love the fact it’s made in the USA! Keep up the good work and you have a very satisfied customer. Best Regards…Ben



We love our Almost Heaven Sauna!

First off, it is worth mentioning that my wife gave me a really hard time about buying it. We won’t use it, it takes up a ton of space in the yard, it is expensive, … Fast forward a couple of weeks and now she is in it every night with me and agrees that it is one of the best purchases we have ever made. She suffers from fibromyalgia, constant muscle pain, and fatigue. Sauna use has improved all of her symptoms. For me, it has lowered my resting heart rate by about 10 beats, has reduced joint pain, improved sleep, and improved my overall cardiovascular capacity. Not a doctor and I don’t know the specific reasons why this occurs, but the benefits are real.

I don’t purchase things on a whim and we are not wealthy. I wanted the best and have been researching saunas for the last couple of years. I had read about these saunas on a few forums and decided to call the sales office for more information. Mitch was incredible and after he answered all of my questions without applying any sales pressure, I knew that I would be buying from them. The problem I encountered is that most retailers don’t have the barrel models on display. Luckily, I live in SE Ohio and could drive to the manufacturing location. 15 minutes after arriving we were loading a display model onto my trailer. George, April, and Jonathon were all fantastic. I can’t stress the excellent customer service I experienced every step of the way!

One last interesting story before I give you the low down. I stopped at a gas station leaving town and one of the employees that worked at the factory was getting gas at the same time. We talked for about 30 minutes and he told me about how he had made the very sauna I was hauling home. Made in the USA!!! It was really nice to meet someone that I was helping support locally. Great guy!

A few things I learned that might help you:
-Costco alternates sales on the smallerlarger saunas every month. The savings are substantial, so it is worth waiting. I got a steal since I was able to buy direct from the manufacturer and pick up the unit in person to avoid shipping.
-Upgrade to the cedar, you won’t regret it. It is only a few hundred dollars more and the look and more importantly the smell are incredible.
-You will need an electrician to install it unless you are VERY handy. I paid someone; it was about $600. You will want to factor that into your costs.
-Level the site where you are going to build it ahead of time. Mine is not completely level and it is going to be a pain in the butt to move it and level the spot in spring.
-Your electric bill is going to go up. We use ours most nights and it looks like about an additional $15-$20 per month.
-Buy the biggest sauna that you can afford. We have the 8-person barrel with the porch and it is just big enough where I can lay down on the bench. (I am 6’ tall) Could you fit 8 people in this sauna? Yes, but you are going to be very close friends. (And hopefully most of you are small) Realistically, I would say you could comfortable fit 4 average sized chubby Americans in my sauna. (I can say that because I am a chubby American. 😊)
-Buy the ladle, thermostat, and bucket kit. They are incredible quality and are worth every penny.
-Be careful about door choice, we have the full wooden door and my wife loves the privacy. I personally would have rather had the glass door. (Gives you hope when you want to give up and may be helpful for folks that are lose their minds in tight spaces.) I also don’t care if my neighbors see my bare ass, so maybe something else to consider.
-Don’t use all of the rocks that come with it. You need to have plenty of air circulation in the heater. Mine wasn’t getting hot enough at first, it was because I overfilled the heater.
-You will want some sort of timer. I bought a wooden one on Amazon, not sure if Almost Heaven sells them. I should have asked or checked their website.
-You need to heat your sauna for 45-60 minutes before using depending on the ambient temperature outside. It has a timer that is super simple to use.
-I would recommend not going in for more than 20 minutes your first time. Make sure you are hydrated ahead of time and take a water bottle in with you. I sit mine on the floor so it stays cold. You can gradually work your way up to more time. Or multiple cycles.
-Try using it beforeafter workouts. I personally like it better after a workout, but before stretching. Doing it before a workout relaxes you too much, it makes the workout torturous.
-I use tap water to pour on the rocks, but I let it sit in an open jug for a few days to let all of the chlorine and other chemicals evaporate.
-If you want to get it above 170-175, then move your thermostat below the heater instead of on the wall in the upper right-hand corner. This is a pro-tip after you get used to the sauna, use good common sense and don’t cook yourself!
-You might want to consider some sort of fan to circulate the air. (Hot air rises to the top of the barrel) I simply waive a towel around to push the air down. (Works fine)
-Tighten the bands if you have water inside. Mine were too lose when I did the setup and I had some water leak-in. After tightening everything up, we now have minor seepage that is normal.

In closing, don’t buy a cheap, junky, Chinese made infrared sauna that probably has a bunch of nasty chemicals in the wood. Kick it old school in a real sauna that is built to last a lifetime right here in the USA. I am super frugal and it was worth every penny. Thank you Almost Heaven!

Barbara & Thomas Salpas


I have had the barrel sauna for a year now. Love the company and the sauna. It is the best company in America. My light went out yesterday. I called and Jane helped me. They are replacing it. Almost Heaven Saunas goes above and beyond helping their customers. The sauna is great, I have bone cancer and this relieves the pain without taking drugs. My husband and I are in our 70’s. We put the sauna together in one day in the hot August sun in Florida. It is a well made sauna and goes together easy without any cutting. All the pieces went together unlike other products you buy. Plus it is a beautiful work of art. This sauna is top quality and so are the employees that work there.

Helene W.


My boyfriend purchased the 4 person barrel sauna shortly after we bought our house through Costco. It was sitting in the driveway for months until thanksgiving weekend when we had tons of family visiting and assembling the sauna became a fun family project.
The sauna made it easy to think of Christmas gifts for him, as he is the hardest person to shop for. I ordered the double robe hook through the website in time to receive it by Christmas. About a week later I noticed all accessories were on sale! I knew by this point I would probably not receive the item in time, but called the customer service number nonetheless.
I had the pleasure of speaking to Jane. She was incredibly helpful and answered any question I had about shipping and my previous order.
I ended up ordering the floorboards for him as well. Unfortunately, they’ll arrive a little after Christmas, but I couldn’t be happier with the customer service I received. And I know my Finn-American boyfriend will be over the moon!
Now we just need to get ahold of an electrician to hook up the heater and we can actually use the sauna!


We purchased the Pinnacle Cedar 4 person Sauna. It is beautiful and was easy to put together. We had some help from the company, which was a great experience. I mean, I thought customer service was a thing of the past, but this company is really there for their customers! They were very caring and walked us thru our problems (operator errors). We now have a beautiful barrel shaped sauna in our yard, which goes great in our county since we live in “wine country” California. I am sure that we will have many years of enjoyment out of our new spa!



We have been enjoying our “Huntington” barrel sauna for slightly over a year now. After considering a number of different barrel saunas, we decided to visit Almost Heaven’s Holland show room while vacationing in Michigan. We were impressed with the construction of the floor models and felt very comfortable with Kellen’s straightforward approach and help. Before we left Michigan we had purchased the 6-person barrel model. Neither I nor my husband have much experience building things, but we managed to put the barrel together in one day. Preparing the barrel’s resting spot was far more difficult! Our first winter using the sauna was marvelous, especially when the weather was snowy. While it never got above 140F, a temperature I was fine with, my husband wanted it to get to 160F.
Last August we re-visited the Holland showroom and Kellen gave us detailed instructions on what we needed to do to increase the heat. My husband did so and all is perfect. Our teenage daughter, who first pooh-poohed it, has even taken a liking to the sauna. We are so happy we choose Almost Heaven—and their customer service is incredible.



This summer, our project was the Saddle Mountain Sauna in preparation for Ski season. It was an amazing experience. Dealing with Jane and Kellen at Almost Heaven was a pleasure, and full of competence and attention to detail. A good start to the project as my scheduling had been very complicated. Then the product arrived, and things only got better.

The Saddle mountain is an incredibly well built structure and is actually fun to build. The woodwork fits together effortlessly and the attention to detail is superior. And to make things perfect, it looks Amazing! The family and friends were all thrilled at the look and the performance. Really never had such an intense Sauna. You could of course turn it down, but you have the choice. On other’s product, the walls are so poorly insulated and the walls so leaky that getting to temperature is time consuming… if you get there at all. With the Saddle mountain, the thick wood is such a good insulator that we got up to 150˚ in only 22 minutes. Add some water, and you will get there faster.

Do yourself a favor and skip the alternatives. I had already committed to a lesser product from a competitor when they didn’t keep their word on price. That made me look and I found Almost Heaven. A bad situation turned into my good luck since I got to deal with decent people and got a superior product. Really pinched myself several times for having accidentally upgraded to a vastly better Sauna for the same price.

Now we can’t wait for ski season!



We purchased the “Bridgeport” sauna and installed in early July. Jane was extremely helpful in providing us with information to select the right sauna for our exercise area. The quality, craftsmanship, pre-assembled pieces and instructions made installation of the sauna relatively simple. We use the sauna daily and incorporate it in our pre and post exercise routine. We installed ceramic tile for the flooring and it remains cool even when the temperature reaches 180 dg F. We are definitely pleased with our Bridgeport, the quality of the product, the professionalism and support of the Almost Heaven Team and affordability of the sauna.


From beginning to end Almost Heaven had top quality customer service. Any questions were answered via email and/or telephone within 48 hours. We have been enjoying our 4 person 6kW outdoor barrel sauna for a little over 6 months and would recommend what now seems like a necessity to anyone looking to bring some low maintenance luxury to their home. Some tips would be; spring for an accurate and consistent thermometer/hyrogmeter (we went with Fisher Scientific), experiment with the height of the heater temp sensor (ended up placing it 12 inches to the right of the heater and 30 inches from the top of the barrel) this eventually got the sauna temp up to 190F and 15% humidity. Finally don’t mess around with the baking soda cleaning solution, just stick to regular wipe downs using clean water and enjoy any rustic patina that develops.


Delighted to be able to incorporate a sauna into existing basement space. Bought the Madison 3-person sauna (rustic cedar) because I wanted enough space to accommodate two people comfortably. 3 would be doable, but tight. Overall kit quality good. Was pretty simple to assemble, although there were a few snags–very useful that I have extremely handy husband so he was able to work out the few kinks we encountered. You definitely want to have some DIY handyman skills to tackle this on your own. This is a 3-person sauna, and will accommodate 2 people comfortably. Nice feature that you can set the timer to start the sauna in one to eight hours before you want to use it.

Peter DeForest

We just completed installing our new Worthington sauna with the optional 10.5 kW heater. From purchase to first use all went as expected and the support from Almost Heaven was very good. We are happy with the experience overall and would recommend Almost Heaven without reservation.
Peter and Jennifer DeForest



I cannot recommend this company enough! I ordered the “Watoga” barrel sauna. Jane helped me out over the phone in deciding between cedar and fir (I went with rustic red cedar). She couldn’t have been more help. She kept me informed throughout the process and made my experience. one that I will never forget. Our sauna was delivered yesterday and I couldn’t believe the quality of craftsmanship and the attention to detail. We had it built in about 3 hours and then had our first session. Our lives are changed! My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase. This is a significant investment but worth every penny. Thank you Jane and thank you Almost Heaven Saunas!!!

Golden Colorado - Sauna Heaven


My wife and I installed our Bluestone early Dec.18′ and I am totally satisfied with this unit! Wood quality and fit are excellent and the heater rocks! Set mine at 155 for great sweat which isn’t even maximum. I’d order the oils with any wet/dry unit as the aroma therapy is really nice! Install is as easy as advertise based on the fact I’m still married! LOL 🙂 However if you’re a perfectionist, don’t frequently assemble large wood projects and your floors aren’t near level, plan a few more hours for install. Regardless I enjoyed the project and the end results were great. My wife and I use it 4-5 times a week so excellent investment in our health and so nice to have in our home verses the gym. I also worked multiple times with different people at Almost Heaven and they were all great and extremely helpful even with a couple after delivery issues and promises. Thanks! Great experience and an excellent product! Wouldn’t hesitate to buy this unit again or recommend to a friend.

Terry Teppo

We recently purchased the pinnacle 4 person, was easy to set up , we took our first sauna that same night. So glad we finally bought one and looking forward to many relaxing nights in this

Ryan Halford

Thank you so much for getting my order in and processed before Christmas after Costco canceled my order without telling me. I’ll write a full review once we get the delivery and try it out – can’t wait!

Micky Wells

I recently purchased and constructed my brand new Almost Heaven Braxton Sauna. The purchase experience was very positive. The salesperson was helpful and honest. It took about a month for my sauna to ship, as expected. They gave me adequate notice of shipment, and the entire kit arrived in a large box on a pallet. We built our sauna in the basement. We used a sheet vinyl floor, which works great. Don’t worry about it being too hot for vinyl. While the upper 3/4 of the space can get very hot, it stays pretty cool at floor level. Make sure that you have at least an 8′ ceiling, so as to have room to install the roof screws. My adult son and I constructed the sauna ourselves. We are experienced builders, but it still took us about 16 hours to build the sauna. That does not count the time required to prepare the site, or run the 220V 40A electrical service, which should be done by a qualified electrician. Do not believe the claim that it can be done by two people in a few hours. Other than the time required, it was a fun and positive construction experience. The instructions included were very detailed, and easy to follow. I recommend using the written instructions along with the video from the Almost heaven website throughout the construction process.
The finished product is beautiful! This lovely wood sauna would complement any home exercise or recreation space. The Braxton has plenty of room for a tall man to recline on the top bench. It would be a close fit for 4 people, but it can be done. There is plenty of room for two or three people. The 8kw Harvia Heater works great and looks good too. We are currently very satisfied with the finished product, and the entire purchase, construction, and user experience.

Paula Tankersley


We recently purchased an Almost Heaven Princeton Barrel Sauna through Costco. The cost was incredible, shipping took about four weeks, set up couldn’t have been more simple (it took two men about five hours to complete). We were able to take our first sauna last night and it truly was almost heaven. The sauna looks nice and smells incredible.

Kris Hennessey

Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! Took my first sauna last night and I could not be happier ! As they say “close the door and leave the world behind.” What a perfect space to unwind and cleanse. I purchased the Hillsboro model for smaller size and quicker heat-up. The craftsmanship on this sauna is beautiful, buttery soft wood and solid construction. Made in USA. Thank you Almost Heaven Saunas – Here’s to your health ! – Kris 🙂

Gregory Schneider


Recently purchased a Rainelle four person sauna and it is fantastic! I am very particular about things and the wood panels were strong and thick. The instructions were right on the money and when my helper didn’t show up to assemble it, I put it together in four hours with absolutely no help! I always want everything right now and so I didn’t wait for more help to show. Turns out, I didn’t need it. The sales people were all knowledgable about their product and was like talking to family. What a treat! Very satisfied with the 6 KW Harvia electric heater that came with this unit and so far it heats up the sauna fast esp with the nice timer included. Almost Heaven has thought of everything on these products and would highly recommend them if you are looking for one.

Larry & Debra

We just purchased our first sauna! Our Almost Heaven Sauna is built with exceptional quality, delivery was quick, came with easy to follow instructions (but should you have any questions in putting it together, there is an 800 number where you can talk with a human being who will walk you through any questions you may have) and they completely stand behind their product. We did a lot of comparison shopping before deciding on Almost Heaven Saunas and it has been worth every single penny. My husband is already feeling the health benefits from relaxing in his sauna! And their service does not stop once you’ve made the purchase. Their customer service (thanks Kellen!) has exceeded our expectations over and over. High quality product + exceptional customer service…….wish we could give them a 10 star rating! We have and will continue to recommend Almost Heaven Saunas to all our family and friends!

Barbara & Thomas Salpas

We love our Almost Heaven Sauna. The quality of workmanship is excellent. Very easy to put together. Every thing fits and no cutting is necessary. Great customer service. Almost Heaven is a quality product and great service.

Kaylee Holzwart

This sauna came neatly delivered in a kit that was easier than expected to put together. The smell of the cedar is amazing and the look on our patio is lovely. The inside is roomy for our family of 5 to sit comfortably. Being inside feels closed off to the world yet bright and open enough to experience a little oasis.

Betty Lambert

We love our new sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. The customer service is also outstanding. So glad we purchased this sauna.

Ed Kriege


Purchased our Almost Heaven sauna in 2013… couldn’t make it through a Chicago winter without it! Easy to assemble, excellent customer service. If your location supports it, I highly recommend a wood-burning stove with a glass door — the ambiance of the firelight is so soothing (ours is completely off the grid).

Kathy Countryman and daughter Monika Vasil.


I wanted an outdoor sauna, and so placed it on a roofed deck overlooking the woods beneath my house. I live in a fairly mild climate, and I am delighted with the results. ( If you wish to try this, the cedar needs no additional treatment, but the spruce should have a coat or two of preservative.). Nearly two years later, I am so happy with this sauna, I recommend it highly.

Scott Newman

We love our new Almost Heaven Sauna. It was incredibly easy to put together, and the quality is outstanding. We love using it and are very happy with how quickly it heats up, how roomy it is, and we love the smell. Would recommend this product and company to anyone looking for a sauna. It is a very high quality and the look of it enhances our backyard perfectly!

Beth Stratton

Just used my Hillsboro Sauna for the first time and amazingly, I survived! I’m not a fan of heat, I have to admit, but I feel absolutely amazing now that I’ve gotten through it and have had a cool shower. I can actually see myself craving it after I have a chance to adapt to it. I went back and forth on the true Sauna experience and the infrared things, and I know that after doing a ton of research, this is the way to go for the health benefits. Again, I just really doubted my ability to get through the heat that a true sauna has. If you’re sitting on the fence, go for it. If I can manage it, anyone can. 🙂 The customer service so far has been spot on and I’ve really enjoyed working with Almost Heaven. So excited to see the changes in my health that I know are coming.

Katherine Leonard

We bought a 6 barrel outdoor sauna and just started using this week. Absolutely love the barrel sauna. Installation was done in 1 day not including the electrical. I would buy another one. I wish I would have bought all the accessories. Thank you Almost Heaven for all you support with my numerous e-mails.

Dustin Madlung


After debating for awhile on saunas (after also spending time debating between sauna and hot tub) I finally purchased and installed an Almost Heaven 6 foot barrel sauna.

I got one with the window which I wanted for the location of the install.

Got it put together by myself, and had a qualified friend wire it up. Does everything it said it would operation wise. Heats up quickly right now in the summer, and with the roof kit, does not leak at all in the rain.

Happy I bought the sauna and the customer service team of Almost Heaven answered my questions when needed and would buy from again

Craig Mac

Awesome, I purchased the Bluestone sauna from Costco on a special and couldn’t be happier. I did a lot of research and chose the electric heated dry sauna over any infrared out there. I used to use the dry sauna at the gym all the time and just had to have one. It was delivered to my house with no problems, assembly was easy enough, well designed and built. I did have a licensed electrician wire it up to make sure I met code. Heats up to a good temperature and cooks you out within a half hour. Love this thing, thanks so very much.


Robert Rosenberg


Just purchased the 4 person steam sauna from Costco. Took about 4 hours to put together. Fit and finish was first class, Wired it up with 8/2 with ground cable to my electric panel and after 45 minutes it was pushing 180 F. Wife loves it and it looks like it’s built to last.

Mark Volen


Another happy customer!! Never ever dreamed about a personal sauna, I do use saunas all the time at my gym, and love it. I received an email ad from one of the large wholesale stores…. saw the sauna, then started doing a little research. I went to Almost Heaven’s website, and was browsing “specials”, needless to say, saw a deal I couldn’t resist! Called them up asked a bunch of questions, which were all pleasantly answered. Ordered my Outdoor 7 + 1 barrel sauna, and within 3-4 weeks sauna arrived!! It was on a HUGE pallet, very well secured. I had license electrician do all the wiring, as per instructions…and the assembly went pretty easy. Sauna looks SO GOOD on our cabins deck!! Inside the natural wood smell is wonderful! Cant wait for the SNOW!

Tom C.


I ordered the Bridgeport after looking at all the different makes and models. I’m so happy we settled on Almost Heaven!
There customer service is absolutely amazing and they have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. I put this unit together leisurely on a Sunday with minimal help from my wife and everything was labeled and fit perfectly. I can’t say enough about our experience. I’ve owned my own business for over 38 years and take great pride in the customer service we provide and very seldom encounter company’s with the same philosophy until now >>I highly recommend this company and the products they sell and stand behind!!!

Karen Debenham


I purchased my 4 person Charleston canopy barrel sauna direct from Almost Heaven in December 2017. While it shipped the first week of February, weather here in the Rocky Mountains delayed assembly until March 2018. We had a few issues with assembly but nothing major. A call to customer service quickly got the missing parts shipped out and those will be installed as soon as received. The bench seat supports needed trimming just a bit to get them level. The electrician is here today wiring it up and with luck (again it’s the Rockies) I’ll be enjoying it tonight. I fell in love with sauna while on vacation in Scandinavia. Enjoyed my first Almost Heaven sauna at River Bend Hot Springs Resort in NM last fall. That was all it took for me to place my order. Customer service is friendly and very professional.

Steamed Up

I purchased the Bridgeport Traditional Sauna a few months ago. Purchasing, delivery and setup/install was a snap and very easy. Excellent quality products and I love the wood smell. I waited to write a review until I had tried it a few times. I love, love, love it!!! Easy to operate and I love the steam option, it is wonderful with different essential oils.

Larry T Bowman


I purchased the “Audra + 1 Canopy Series Sauna in clear red cedar”. I found Almost Heaven Saunas on a Google search and immediately fell in love with their barrel saunas which reminded me so much of my sauna experiences in and around Finland some years ago. Before I discovered Almost Heaven I was set on buying a Infrared Sauna package. I owned one before from a different company in my last house. Lucky me I saw their barrel saunas with the electric heat units using volcanic rocks for dry and wet heat. This has been a wonderful experience. I use my sauna most every evening.

The package comes as a kit and is easy to assemble. I think I spent about one week getting everything assembled with little assistance. I did have to upgrade to a larger heat unit and I had to adjust the thermostat in order to get my temperature to 185 degrees F. Darrell from the factory was great to work with me on this adjustment by providing excellent pictures with clear instructions. Rhiannon in Customer Service/Sales was also great to work with. I think everyone’s mission at Almost Heaven Saunas is Customer Service is most important. I know they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. Today it is rare to find any company in America that puts their customers first.

In closing I highly recommend Almost Heaven Saunas and their products. You will not find negative reviews for this company on the World Wide Web. If you like the idea of a traditional sauna then their Barrel Saunas are a must. If anyone who may be considering purchasing a sauna from Barrel Sauna and would like to talk to a satisfied customer please free to reach out to me through Almost Heaven’s office.

My next purchase will be a clear red cedar wood hot tub spa to complement my sauna. It uses the same construction principles. The company I am ordering from assembled a barrel sauna for one of their wood hot tub clients. When I asked them if the sauna was from Almost Heaven their answer was “YES”.

Tim Schwob

I purchased a Worthington Sauna. They had a sale and I had been looking for an indoor sauna. I have used saunas for 35+ years and had always had a traditional sauna but because of space considerations when we downsized, tried a small Infrared Sauna. Used it daily for 3 years but never did really like it. Wanted to be able to easily lay down. Like the feel, smell, heat and steam of a traditional sauna, so decided to switch back, (decided to sacrifice the garage space for my car to have this sauna). Looked over MANY companies after deciding not to have one custom built and settled on Almost Heaven. There were sev’l models I liked but the Worthington went on sale and so I got that one. While it was not simple to put together, (particularly for a Non-carpentry type person—I am a medical doctor so that ought to tell you my skills in the carpentry world! HA!), I found that if I just took it step by step, it began to take form and all went smoothly. There were a couple of things I thought could have been illustrated maybe a little better in the directions, but I muddled through, and got it all together. My wife helped a couple of times just to hold something up to get it level while I secured it, etc, but for the most part it was just a one person job. I’d work on it a few hours here and there and it took about 4 days doing it that way. Had the electricians hook it up, and amazingly it all works! I had trouble with the LED light working correctly in the first week of operation so called Almost Heaven and they shipped me a replacement strip immediately and that fixed the problem, (it just clips in I finally figured out!). Almost Heaven has been absolutely fabulous to work with, I must say. Oh….almost forgot…..I also took a picture of one of the corner pieces, which would channel into the side panels and then also hold the front glass section and texted it to them—-it got a little dinged in transport down and I didn’t know if it would be a problem or not given the damage—-they didn’t want to take the chance it might be a problem and I had a replacement corner piece on my doorstep within 30 hours. Honestly, I have really been impressed with their customer service post-sale. The sauna is just fantastic! I use it daily and have gotten my wife to try it, and she now is getting hooked! I really can’t be any more pleased. I can get the temp to right around 200F, love the bucket and ladle supplied and tho the thermometer is in Centigrade, to get the combo Thermometer/hygrometer as part of the package is a really nice touch. All in all, I am REALLY pleased!!

Teri Hill

My pinnacle 4-person barrel sauna was delivered in December 2017 to stored until better weather. It came per the shipping and delivery instructions. The packaging was in pristine shape. Stored until this past weekend where my daughter and I watch the video and had it all together in four hours. The craftsmanship on this was also pristine. The pieces perfectly mitered to fit together. It was a great experience and can’t wait till my electric is hooked up.

James in Montana

Recently purchased a Hillsboro direct when they went on sale. Great communication throughout the whole process, I had some questions during install, was always easy to get someone on the line and get help. I do have a suggestion during install. The Hillsboro is a smaller sauna, so I would install the bench supports and then get the heater hung on the wall (wouldn’t have to be finished wiring at this time) since it would give you more room. Could install bench pieces after. I also would not install the heater fence until after wiring complete to give more room to maneuver. I have used the sauna about 6 times so far and really liking it! Almost Heaven is a great company to do business with.

Gene and Marcheta

This is a great product backed by great customer service. We purchased it thru Costco. After it was delivered, we noticed that one of the back rests had some damage. Customer Service called us when they had confirmation that the delivery had been made. We described the damaged piece to them. A new one arrived in less than a week. They also made another follow up call about a month later. We mentioned that the hydrometer/thermometer did not work. You guessed it. A replacement arrived in no time. We never thought we would enjoy this sauna as much as we do. It’s great after a long day of yard work or office stress. Between the product quality and the customer service, this is a 5 star product.

Yvonne Hopp

The Almost Heaven Saunas are a wonderful product. I love the design and they are very well made. We look forward to many years of relaxation in ours.

Yvonne Hopp

Warren Tilbury

We just purchased the Pinnacle 4-person Barrel Sauna and it was so easy to assemble, given the meticulous building specifications and pre-hung door. Very easy-to-follow instructions, including a video! We were blown away by how Almost Heaven has this unit down to a science! It is as beautiful as the pictures suggest, smells wonderfully of cedar and looks amazing under a huge walnut tree in our California orchard. We enjoy the steam and solitude several times a week and over winter it’ll be amazing! We love that it’s manufactured in West VA and it’s clearly been built with pride for decades! Everyone who visits thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. Thank you!!

Robert Strehl

I’ve just received the Grayson sauna. It took my son and I just 3 hours to get most of it together. Had it wired within the week and have been in it almost every night since. It’s almost heaven. Great product and great value.

Sergey Mazurov


I am extremely pleased with the Hungtington 6 person barrel sauna. It was easy to assemble and the family loves it. Whenever I had any questions, staff was always helpful and willing to provide information. We are very happy with this product and are delighted to be using the sauna for a long time.

Kristina Hansen


We purchased a sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas and are so pleased with the quality of wood and the great staff. We had many questions and interactions with the staff and everyone was so helpful. We ended up ordering the clear western cedar and it looks terrific! It looks to professional and it is very roomy too. I can’t thank the people at Almost Heaven Saunas for bending over backwards for all our requests. Thank you.


Good quality at a fair price. My wife and I use it often. She prefers dry heat where I like to put water on the stones.

pankaj shah

Traditional Patterson sauna made by Almost Heaven Saunas are way better than infrared saunas. We purchased the Patterson sauna direct from Almost Heaven Saunas’ company. I am loving it.

Jerry Robinson

We purchase the Hillsboro Sauna about a month ago and we love it. We put it together in a afternoon and we have used it everyday since. The unit is well put together and very sturdy. I t went together fairly easy but the instructions sometimes were a bit vague. But is was not a frustrating experience like some of my grandkids toys! The sauna heats up quickly and is a great experience. I plan on purchasing another one for our lake cabin. A great buy and a very good product for the money! I would recommend it to anyone…



Purchased the Bridgeport model two years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. Assembly took two retirees with little skill less than 8 hours including frequent breaks. Everything fit very well and our questions were cheerfully answered by customer service when we called. They are a very responsive company. I am totally satisfied with the sauna. I recommend the company and the product.

Larry Curtis


We purchased our Grayson Sauna through Costco on Cyber Monday, it was a great deal! Sauna arrived about 3 weeks later on an overly large pallet. The delivery driver was very skillful with his pallet jack and positioned the pallet at the side of the house under our carport. I had a local electrician run the power a couple of weeks earlier so we were ready to start the installation.

I unpacked the pallet, some of the panels were a bit heavy and need two of us to comfortably move them. Inventoried the pallet and was short a couple of roof trim pieces which may not actually be needed. May contact Grayson for replacement but don’t think I miss them.

We installed the sauna in our sunroom that also includes our indoor pool and spa. See attached photo. Got most of the sauna built in first four hours with the two of us working at it, then I did the finish work in another couple of hours. We left the roof panels off until the electrician came by to do the final heater connection. Those roof panels are the heaviest and it would have been a struggle for my wife and I, but a snap with the electrician.

The final product looks great and we have already used it both nights since we finished it. Lovin, it!

Shawn & Shayna Hartley WA


We bought our sauna through Costco after a massive amount research. The reviews for the Bridgeport seemed really good so we decided on that model. Upon receiving the sauna, we were not able to unbox it because we still had tile and carpet to install before we could set it up.

Upon unboxing we had some concerns with a couple items but since we accepted the package we figured it was our fault for not doing an inspection on the items. Needless to say, we were a little saddened but trudge on and built the sauna, and figured we would just have to make do with what we got.

Here is where Almost Heaven Stands tall in our book.

I received a call from April A. asking how we like the sauna and what my thoughts where. I explained my concerns with the product and she told me that is not how they do business, that it would be taken care of. She told me she was going to talk to someone and they would give me a call back. I just thought to myself yup heard that one before.We were shocked that within 45 minutes we received a call from Darrell to tell us that all our concerns would be taken care of and it would be rectified. I wasn’t sure if the corrections would be made. So, I just went about my day and took care of said concerns.

Fast forward a couple weeks. We received a call from the delivery company and got our package. As we opened it we both where in awe of the steps this company had taken to make things right 1) How fast April put me in touch with Darrell 2) How fast they rectified my concerns 3) The quality of the customer service and pride in that they took in their product 4) How they went over and above what we have experienced with other companies in customer satisfaction.

In today’s world of online buying so many of us tend to settle for. Almost Heaven told me that anything less than my total satisfaction was not acceptable and made sure to take care of the situation. What we can tell you is they made sure we did not just settle for and that is a rare commodity in today’s marketplace. We give them a 6 star rating and 10 star on customer service

Russ Sparby

This sauna is amazing. I use it year-round. Every time I use it I feel refreshed and like a new person. I use it often and my family loves it as well.

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Russ Sparby

Laura Lange


I received my Almost Heaven 4 person Barrel Sauna just before Christmas. What a wonderful gift! I did a lot of research before buying it. I had always loved the dry hot sauna room in the spas I had been to however I could not tolerate the wet steam room. I wanted to make sure I would Love and use my sauna once we did the work of putting it together. It was very easy for 2 guys to put together in a few hours. It is beautiful and I enjoy going in it almost every night. The only thing I would say was disappointing was the texture of the wood. I realize it is supposed to be rustic but was expecting the wood to be sanded smoothly. We had to take a sander to it after I got a splinter in my foot. I would still give it 5 stars but make sure to sand the rough areas when you get it together. Thanks Almost Heaven Saunas

Jeff G

We’ve had a Bridgeport for a few years and it continues to be awesome! Assembly was involved, but not terribly difficult. The sauna is such a welcome addition to our household. We put it in the corner of our oversized garage where 220 was already run. It’s hard to put into words the benefits — both physical and mental — of having a sauna available 24/7. Thanks for a great product!


I just purchased the Hillsboro model. Arrived safely to my home packed in a crate. Have a person available to help you unpack the crate. (766 Pounds) Assembly was not bad. I first watched the video and printed the instructions out from the website. Assembly only required basic tools. I took my time and it took about 3 hours. Unit heats up nicely. Overall, for the price it can not be beat. Plus I liked the American made. Comes with everything you need to get started.

curtis chism

love love love our sauna

R. Hoyle


Very impressed with the quality of the unit, the ease of assembly and of course the fantastic functionality of the sauna itself! Not only that, but we contacted Almost Heaven a few times about various things and they responded quickly and answered all our questions. Thanks so much for a great product and great customer service!


We bought our 4-Peson Barrel Sauna from Costco in November 2017 and had it up and running by the end of December. My husband set the whole thing up with minimal help from me (just holding a couple things in place) and it was not a hard process. We actually set it up inside our home in our basement.

We have really loved using it and I think the benefits of using saunas are truly effective! Not to sound weird, but the more I’ve sweat, the less bad my sweat smells in general. I believe there is a truly cleansing aspect to using saunas. This is a quality-made product!


I ordered a 8kw sauna heater in January 2018. My sauna heater was shipped in one day after I ordered it and it came
in perfect condition. This unit was for a home in the mountains. When I had my electrician start to install the unit we discovered that the wire was to small. I contacted almost heaven sauna and they said they would ship me a 6kw unit
and when I returned the 8kw unit they would issue a credit to me. Dawn in customer service was exceptional. polite
and in my many years I have never had better customer service. I will recommend Almost Heaven Sauna to any of my
friends or people I meet that have any interest in Saunas

Jodi & Sam

We love our sauna! It was very easy to assemble and looks perfect in our backyard. We use it every day and it has made us both feel so much more healthy.


I bought the Bridgeport sauna through Costco in February after doing a lot of research on both traditional and infra-red saunas. I returned to Almost Heaven because I built my first sauna from one of their kits about ten years ago and was extremely pleased with the sauna and with the customer service that Almost Heaven provided.

Recently, I moved to a new home but I missed having sauna as part of my life. The first question was which type of sauna to buy. Infra-red suana manufacturers had all sorts of conflicting claims to match the dozens of models available. I tried a high-end unit at a health club and found that it did work as advertised. After twenty minutes, I had worked up a good sweat. The temperature displayed was 123 degrees F. which seemed to be a little on the low side for an IR unit. Most public saunas are limited to lower temperatures due to liability issues.

Even though the IR sauna worked, I found that I missed the smell of the wood, the hiss of steam and the blast of heat that the traditional sauna provides. I found the experience of sitting in the IR sauna to be, well, a little dull. Which is why I bought the Bridgeport. After four months of use, I am entirely satisfied with the sauna experience that it provides.

What follows is what I learned while building and using this sauna. These comments are also, I believe, applicable to the other models of traditional saunas that Almost Heaven offers although barrel saunas are assembled differently.

The sauna arrives on a large pallete with two boxes. Have the driver put the pallete in a sheltered place, if possible and don’t forget to tip for the extra work.

My brother and I put the sauna structure together in about three and a half hours. Adding the dedicated circuit to my electrical service and installing the heater in the sauna cost just under $800. I installed vinyl tiles over the bare concrete floor and then built 2 pieces of duckboard flooring (2×4 ft each) out of cedar. These are removable for easy cleaning.

The interior of the sauna is elegant. The wood is clear and the cabin looks like it was constructed by skilled carpenter. The glass front creates a spacious effect. The backlit bench is an excellent lighting solution.

I sanded the flooring, the backrests and the benches before installing them in the cabin using medium and then fine grain paper. Time well spent. Do this work outside.

When I turned on the sauna for the first time, the temperature only reached 135 degrees (F.) which was nowhere near the 185 degreees that I was expecting. The cabin is located in a cool basement. I moved the heater sensor down to 20 inches below the ceiling. Problem solved. After forty minutes of warming, the sauna was at 175 degrees and after sixty minutes 205 degrees. The air vents can be used to regulate the temperature to preference.

I am, once again, entirely satisfied with the Almost Heaven sauna and would recommend it for your consideration. There were no shortcuts taken in the design or finish of this sauna.


8 foot red cedar barrel arrived via mail within the quoted time frame and the setup was amazingly straight forward. The main structure was up in about 3 hours with the help of two people. Not a handy person at all, either. The electrical work for the stove took a lot of planning, however, and the electrician cost more than I had anticipated. Overall this is an amazing product at an amazing price. Will put one in every house I ever own.

Mike B

Easy to build, and easy to use!
It only took us a few hours to setup!
Heats up quickly with the turn of a knob, and automatically shuts off after an hour!
Great Purchase!

Richard Cross

Pretty easy installation , little things I needed help and customer service was awesome!

Keith and Joyce McMorrow

We purchased a Huntington6-Person Sauna on 3-27-17,serial #207800400117, received it in April and now have it up and running! Setting it up went smoothly with no problems, wonderful directions! We couldn’t be more satisfied! Being of Finnish decent and raised taking saunas it definitely is perfect and authentic. Thank you so much!

Jeff Kite


I bought my first Almost Heaven sauna about 12 years ago. It was a kit. I had to do the framing and the insulation but the wood and provided components were all top quality. The customer support was outstanding. And the sauna was tip-top. I had to move, leaving the sauna behind (my biggest regret).

A recent visit to a spa in San Francisco reminded me of the pleasures of sauna. I looked into the newer infra-red ‘saunas’ and only found conflicting claims and little credible information. It seemed to me that there were a lot of cheaply made boxes assembled in Asia and put out on the mass market here. Most of the reviews were done by the manufacturers. I could not separate fact from fiction. I am sure that there are excellent infra-red units on the market but I decided that I wanted a sauna. Ladling the water onto the rocks, the hit of steam and the smell of the wood. These are pleasures that are not to be discarded.

My purpose in writing this review is to answer some of the questions that I had as I ordered and then installed this sauna. Most of the suggestions are applicable to the different models that Almost Heaven features.
I returned to Almost Heaven because I really like and trust the company based on my experience with their product. I bought a Bridgeport sauna from Costco. It arrived 15 days after the order was placed. A large carton on a pallet divided into two sections. Tip the driver and have the pallet put in a sheltered place (garage?). The packing was meticulously done. The instructions were clear. It took my brother and I just 3 hours and 15 minutes to assemble the basic structure. I did not install the benches because I thought the electrician might like the extra working space while connecting the heater This base model is made from Nordic Spruce with cedar accents. The accessories are all cedar and the duck board flooring that I put in adds more of this fragrant wood.

I did have a small gap at the top of the right rear wall but bought a section of quarter-round clear pine molding which matched the wood in the sauna. Problem solved. This was a purely cosmetic issue but I can’t figure what caused the gap.
Once the roof was placed, the sauna was structurally rock-solid. The design of the Bridgeport was obviously carefully executed. All the wood in the cabin is clear. I did receive the set of the accessories advertised on the web site but not listed as included in the product. (back rest, leg rest, magazine rack, robe hook, shelf etc.). I had ordered these products from Almost Heaven separately so I now own two of each.

Assembling the sauna was reasonably easy with an essential second pair of hands. I found that working out a better flooring option than plain concrete was time-consuming and added about another $100 in material costs and six hours of labor which includes building and sanding the duck board flooring (2-2ft. x1.5 ft units). I did take the time to re-sand the benches before they were installed and I did this outdoors to avoid filling the sauna with saw dust. I would recommend checking all the wood that is to be installed inside the cabin and sanding, as needed, before installing. Use a medium grade paper and then a fine grade to finish. The difference in the feel of the wood is noticeable and the extra hour of labor is well-rewarded.

I did have to add a 40 Amp circuit and a 15 Amp circuit for the interior lighting and the heater installed and finished at a cost of $787 which was more than I had thought it would be. Depending on your service and the location of the sauna, the cost might be less. On the other hand, I expect that the pleasure of the sauna will more than off-set the temporary expense.

The concrete floor in my basement radiates cold and was a dreary accent. I bought 18-inch square vinyl tiles to cover the entire floor and then built and sanded two sections of duckboard flooring from cedar planks to cover the 3×4 foot area between the door and the benches (divided into two sections for easy removal). Even when the sauna is heated, the floor remains cool which eliminated my concerns about chemicals being released from the vinyl flooring. The tiles under the duck board units was a nice finishing touch and will make the sauna easier to clean. I would recommend getting better quality vinyl tiles for a few more dollars.

Assembling the sauna, putting in the vinyl flooring and building the duck board units and doing the extra sanding took something like 10 hours in all but all of the extra work improved the sauna and was definitely worth doing.
Once the sauna was complete, I did have two issues. The major issue was that the sauna was heating to 135 deg. F. which is not the 170-195 that I wanted. Almost Heaven advised moving the heat sensor away from the heater so that it would read lower temperatures thus generate more heat. I moved the sensor down about 20 inches from the top of the sauna about 15 inches to the left of the heater and re-routed the sensor wire. The sauna now reaches 170 degrees in 40 minutes and 200 degrees in an a little over an hour which should be enough heat for anyone. I have reached 210 but felt a little roasted.

The second problem was that the back-light strip behind the bench apparently failed. Almost Heaven sent me a new unit immediately. The problem turned out to be a loose electrical connection.

I decided to go for the indoor sauna because I live in New Hampshire. Heating an outdoor sauna when the cold gets serious is going to be more expensive. And the great outdoors does weather whatever is sitting out in it.
During the winter, there is the option of leaving the sauna to roll in the snow if the indoors has become oppressive. Neighbors do not always see this as normal behavior (trust me). But then, how many of them see the beauty of sauna clearly enough to have bought and constructed one as a considered essential?
That said, the finished project was well worth the cost and effort. I was pleased with the quality of the sauna components. I made two calls to Almost Heaven for support and received immediate and helpful responses. The sauna is large enough for friends. It is kind of cool to be able to offer this pleasure to others. Sauna is not part of our culture but it is certainly healthy, cleansing and an extremely relaxing way to simply take a break. Which is what sauna is all about.

Almost Heaven offers an exceptional product with outstanding support. Check for prices on these saunas.



We have had our Huntington 6 man outdoor barrel sauna for 5 months. My Finnish born wife loves it!
We want to personally thank Rhiannon Diekema at AHS who solved all of our set up and construction issues. He was extremely courteous and professional. Great customer service!!! It’s a honor and pleasure to give five (5) stars to AHS!! Keep up the good work! 😉

Wilbur Larson


Sauna was easy to put together and wire. I took my time and just finished. Everyone who uses it feels comfortable and I enjoy its ease of use. Easily seats four, and I plan on accessorizing. Pictures enclosed.

Thank you.

Paul and Deirdre

We purchased the Bluestone Sauna from Almost Heaven in December. We use it daily and love it. It was easy to assemble, it heats quickly and is comfortable and relaxing. After exercising, we find that it provides 30 minutes of peace, reflection and mindfulness. We highly recommend this sauna for those who wish to improve their health and wellness.


We just bought your Bridgeport sauna and had it up and running in a three hours. My wife and I are both 64 and it was a breeze for both of us to assemble! It is a quality product that is well engineered. We installed it in our basement and it truly a real jewel that changed the whole atmosphere of that room. We absolutely love it and give it 5 stars for sure! Thank you!

Christie Whitney

My husband and I love the sauna. We got a great price on black Friday which made it even better. It is really relaxing and the heat brings out the smell of the wood. The only thing that was a bummer, is we paid for the sauna on Nov 25th and didn’t receive it until the end of January.



I wanna say my wife and I love it, cedar smell, easy build and the quick response time for all my questions. We use it almost every nite. Thank you !!!!

Ryan and Jennifer Hill


We were able to build the sauna together in one afternoon. We have used it nearly every day since! Unfortunately, when we decided to sell our home, the new buyers liked it so much that we had to leave it. 🙁 We will buy a new sauna from Almost Heaven for our new home ASAP!

The Hills

Petri Peltoniemi

I am very happy with my sauna. I am using it almost daily. I am from Finland and know saunas well and this is definitely worth the money!

Bruce Smith

I recently purchased a Bluestone 2-3 person sauna and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It came as advertised, was easy to assemble, at a good price, works great, and right up there on the list of things I’ve always wanted. Absolutely no buyer’s regret.

ed cary


I want to take opportunity to say it is a pleasure to purchase a spa from a company that engineered a product that went together perfectly. The product exceed my expectations.

Elaina Breunig


We have had our Bridgeport sauna for 3 months. It took two people 2 hours to put together.
The sauna was only heating to 120 degrees and I was told it could get up to 195 degrees so I called Almost Heaven and customer service told me to change where the sensor was and that helped, the placement of the sensor was off so the sauna was not heating to its potential. A few weeks later they called back to see how we made out and I told them, better but it still wasn’t up to temperature potential only around 135 degrees.
Technical support call me back right away and had us change the sensor around and take some rocks out from the heater and it’s better gets to 160 degrees not the 195 degrees but not sure I could handle 195 degrees .
We love it and would buy Amost Heaven brand again. We bought the sauna on line. Great customer service!

William Day


Love my 2 to 3 person Almost Heaven sauna. It heats faster than my jacuzzi and gets more than hot enough. I took a lot of time researching all different saunas. On a scale of 1 to 10 “I give this Almost Heaven sauna a 10”.

GM Cox (Trinity, Texas)

What a pleasure it was working with Almost Heaven Saunas. They were very customer oriented. I bought the sauna before my home was finished and AH stored it for me and had it delivered when I asked.
Construction took a bit longer than anticipated, but it was well worth it. I had it stained. It looks awesome. I have utilized it many times since moving into my new lake home. Family can’t wait to visit so they can use it.
Thank you so much, AH, for all the help and for providing a great product at a very reasonable price.
GM Cox

Ivan Saenz


My excitement started when assembling the barrel sauna. The video shows that you can do in ten minutes… but was worth for me to complete the project in two days. We are enjoying it and works well. My wife agrees that was money well spent. Thanks.


We love our sauna! Great sauna for a great price!

Jim and Angela

Love, Love, Love our new Logan Steam Sauna. For years, we have been looking for the perfect sauna, checked for inside and outside models, always looking for steam, traditional. Last fall, we saw the Logan Steam Sauna, a 1-person sauna, we measured our bathroom spot again and ordered one, hoping that it would fit nicely, which it does. It is perfect, not in the basement or outside, conveniently located and ready to go. I use the sauna almost every day, usually before going to sleep, so relaxing, my husband not as much, maybe once a week after exercise. One of the best purchases we have ever made, we should have done it years ago, enjoy every minute of it. Thank you!


This is for the Almost Heaven bluestone indoor steam sauna. It works great and we use it very often. It heats up quickly and stays warm for a long time afterwards. It is easy to use with a convenient timer and switches off automatically in one hour.

James Jackson

I love it! I am not a “handy” person. I built it with my son. 98% was perfect. The other 2% where there some minor challenges would be expected even were a professional to build and intall.

Michael Rhine


We love our sauna. The Bridgeport.
It was pretty easy to put together.
My wife and I had it up and functioning in just a few hours.
We use it almost every day!!
High quality wood!!
Great coustomer service!!!
5 star all the way.

Tom Harrison

Love it. Money well spent. Should have done it along time ago.


Have the Bluestone Sauna, I use it 2-3 times a week… No noticeable difference in our power bill. Almost Heaven customer service is awesome.

Bruce Hardesty


Feb. 15, 2017
Bluestone Sauna Review
Seldom does one find all the desired elements in a purchase. From product quality, packaging, and support, I could not be more pleased with my decision. You get what you pay for in spades.
I purchased the product sight unseen from Costco for $2500.00 and it was delivered in the expected timeframe of 3-4 weeks. What largely sold me was the 220Volt direct heat SS heater as contrasted to infrared type of heat. Just like I see and frequent in Spas, clubs and resorts.
Just like anyone, I try to make good decisions; I really made a good one with this purchase.

• Almost Heaven has evolved their product line to be as good as it can possibly be from what I can determine
• The Customer reviews for their product are off the chart great. I’m a firm believer in factoring unbiased, Customer reviews. There are quite a few of them.
• The available choices of sauna types, sizes and pricing should allow most Customers to find a spot for the sauna.
• The marketing brochures and in particular the Corporate web site is intuitive, professional and nicely laid out. Kudos for the design, photos and overall look!

Service & Support:
• Wow, I can’t say enough great things about Rhiannon. I asked a slew of technical questions via email and Rhiannon responded promptly and was very friendly too which is always a plus.
• I tend to buy from people I like, who listen to me and I certainly enjoyed that experience.
• I had a defective LED light assembly, a replacement was shipped to me the same day I contacted Rhiannon, no problem. Nice!
• With a (5) year warranty on the heater and a lifetime warranty on the other components, no worries there.

Packaging and Shipping:
• Large ~4’ X 6” skid. All components were in a plastic wrapped sealed cardboard box. The box was strapped to the skid. Zero damage.
• It was very well packaged at the factory in WV. If the local carrier follows basic common sense in handling, it should arrive sound. 635 pounds btw.

• Top notch construction. T&G 1 3/8” sides, top and many frame components of Hemlock and Fir. Most furniture is ¾” btw.
• The door with SS hinges and glass panels are slightly tinted and of very good quality.
• The thermometer was of high quality.
• Most holes are pre-drilled and recessed.
• Smooth clean finish on all sides. No saw marks, or overheating marks.
• Precision cut and milled.

Assembly & Instructions:
• The color Installation & Owner’s manual is a thing of beauty. Easy to follow instructions. It really made the relatively easy assembly process enjoyable.
• Most of the high quality Stainless Steel screws are all 2” in length for assembly. T20 drive, tapered, flat head.
• The component parts are nicely labeled. What is really cool is that you don’t need to remove the label. They have strategically placed the labels so they are not visible after assy. If you need to move the unit, re-assembly should not be a challenge. Smart!

• The smell of the hemlock and fir is wonderful.
• I placed my Bluestone sauna in a cornet of my (3) car garage. On a day when the inside temperature in the garage was ~45 degrees, the sauna heated up to 165 degrees in about 35 minutes. Impressive.
• I was dripping in no time. I’ve always enjoyed dry and steam saunas over the years.
• Just like Rhiannon advised, there is very little heat transferred to the exterior, even through the glass and top.
• The LED indirect light is bright enough to read by.

• I own a compressor so I blew some of the residual sawdust from the factory off each piece as I pulled it from the pallet. A vacuum would work as well. The unit will still need a vacuum and damp wipe down after assembly.
• Take your time and enjoy the assembly process.
• The stainless steel screws are driven with a Torx T20 tool (bit) which is included. Make sure you have a hex style extension for your cordless drill to fit the bit.
• I made my own, ”duck” floor using some half inch poplar fencing a friend gave to me and vinyl straps cut to fit from a 25’ roll.
• Make sure you read the section on the controls for the heater. It can be confusing otherwise. The LH knob is the temp control. I leave mine at maximum. Full spin CW. The RH knob is basically a silent (thankfully) timer. If you set it to a value of 2 as an example, the unit will turn on in 2 hours and run for an hour. If you want it to turn on immediately, turn it past 3, then place it CCW at the large 1. The unit will heat for 1 hour beginning immediately.
• Explore the entire web site but please read the, “From the President” section under the Why Almost Heaven heading. After reading, you may take it with a grain of salt initially, but after receiving and using your sauna you will admire the Company, the product and passion of Almost Heaven’s upper Management.

Well done Almost Heaven! You will enjoy this well-made product for many years should you pull the trigger!

James H.


Fantastic sauna at a great price. Assembly took two people two hours, and was straight forward. High quality heater and stones are from Finland, and the accessories are high quality.

Very happy with the finish work on the wood. And after sales support has been fantastic. Ordered via eBay and would happily buy again.

Highly recommended!

bart greenoe

I am 73 years old and have been a sauna fan for my adult life. When the opportunity came to have a wet sauna of my very own at an affordable price I jumped at it and have not been disappointed. With the help of my wife we had the one man sauna put together in about two hours with an additional two hours for a licensed electrician to hook up the power. The sauna has exceeded my expectations.


I bought the one person Logan about 5 months ago. It took me an entire Saturday without help to assemble. All the parts were clearly marked and anyone with basic skills could do it. I could not be happier with the result. I was looking for steam heat and one 16oz water bottle drizzled over the rocks for 15 minutes does the trick. I begin around 130 degrees and continue to 150 degrees. Turn it off and marinate for another 5 minutes. I sweat profusely and it keeps my lungs clear. Buy one.

Oleg and Yelena



We really love our sauna, it’s perfect size and wonderful to relax in. I would recommend these saunas.

Bert & Danyelle

Can’t say enough about the sauna, or Almost Heaven. Everything from ordering to delivery went perfect, the installation video and instructions were very helpful also. We enjoy the sauna immensely.

Jon LaMountain

What a wonderful experience. Knowledgable salespeople, smooth delivery and Daryl in customer support helped me with every question. My wife and I built the kit in a few hours. It was fun. Now we have a beautiful sauna. I use it almost every day. I could not recommend this more highly. If you are thinking of getting a sauna, do it. You will love it.

Stephen Frailey

I ordered my sauna through Costco, so I trusted the quality without question. I watched the set up video before the sauna arrived so I knew basically what to expect. I was able to unpack and assemble the sauna alone in two evenings after work. An electrician was then able to wire the sauna in less than two hours. The finished product is just as Almost Heaven describes it. The fit and finish are excellent. Friends complement me on my woodworking skills! The aroma is amazing, even from outside. Most important, it works great. I think it is better than a hot tub, which was my other option, because there is very little maintenance, no chemicals, no need to heat it 24/7 and it is attractive.

Gary Pelren


Best sauna ever, used it for the first time today,awesome. Went together easily. Staff is great to deal with.

Maritza Villegas

We received our Sauna package intact and delivered promptly as you outlined by the delivery calls. It is as described in your advertisement, authentic and pleasing to the eye. There doesn’t seem to have been any skimping on the materials used to create this 6 person sauna. We received it but just opened the separate pieces last week. It was put together with no problems. The only thing missing was the door knob to the entry door of the sauna which I will be calling to request the missing part. I would recommend this product without reservation.

Michele H


Love our sauna! We purchased Bluestone sauna back in August 2016. We set it up in our patio room. We had to install the proper electric outlet for the sauna and it cost us $1950, which was a little surprise, but the joy we (mainly ME) are getting from the sauna is definitely worth the extra expense. First 2 weeks, I used it every day and actually lost about 4 lbs. that I wanted to get rid of… lol But now I use it 3 – 4 times a week just to relax and detox. My usual routine is; shower, 12-15 min session 1, 8 – 10 min cool down –includes drinking a lot of water, cold shower or cold towel wipe, 12-15 min session 2, cool down again, then one more 12 – 15 min session 3, then shower again and done. I sometimes skip session 3. I am self-employed and always working even over weekend, so my sauna time is a real treat. My husband is very pleased with the high quality of the heater from Finland. Thank you so much Almost Heaven Sauna!!
PS – We put an iPad holder outside of the side window with a bluetooth speaker. I watch a short clip of YouTube videos or sitcoms on TV online. It’s fun. The speaker is placed under the lower seat because it does not get hot in the lower areas of the sauna.

Tammy L.

Wonderful sauna!!
The Almost Heaven Preston Sauna is a perfect addition for our remodeled basement. It is good quality and crafted of beautiful fragrant wood. Overall the instructions were easy to follow, and the sauna took 5-6 hours to build. We never we’d be able to have such a luxury item in our house but with the discount, this was very affordable. We cannot wait to use our sauna!!

David Frisch

I love my sauna. I use it almost every day after work to relax. Customer service was the best I have come across while shopping online. They have answered every question and replaced one of the panels that had a cracked piece of wood without hesitation. I assembled the sauna myself and highly recommend these saunas.

Gerry B


We had our first sauna this afternoon, it was well worth the wait since I assembled and did all the wiring myself with the guidance of an electrician friend. Everything worked perfectly and the temperature quickly rose to 180 degrees. We love our new Greyson sauna. The salesperson was great and answered all my questions. Thank you.

Michael Tefft


What an amazing sauna! From the Ordering, to the shipment, to the construction, this sauna is nothing but the best! The pallet it came on was a little bigger than expected but we managed. It took about three hours to put together using three people. The instructions were straight forward and easy to understand. The instructions are for a generic sauna with no canopy but you can figure it out without too much trouble or call the 888 number for assistance.
The construction materials are AMAZING! I cannot begin to explain how well this sauna is engineered! It makes the assembly super easy and I actually enjoyed putting it together. I had an electrician wire it up with no trouble.
I have been using it every night! The wifey loves it also! It is a wonderful way to wind down the Day. The smell of the wood is awesome!
I cannot say enough about this sauna!

Terry Lehman

We really enjoy our 1 person sauna. The quality of the material is very good and it heats nicely.


Very easy to assemble. Took about 2-3 hours. Very well made sauna and Im enjoying it almost daily. This is an outstanding company with excellent customer service.

GB Johnson

Very good product. Easy to assemble with two people. Be sure to read directions multiple times, as I made an error due to my cursory reading of a key step. Fortunately it was fixable.

Rich and Julie


We love our new sauna! We ordered the 6 person Barrel Sauna (Huntington) to ensure we each had room on the bench to stretch out. We ended up moving the temperature sensor around a few times (lower and further away from the heating unit) to achieve the heat we wanted. We are very happy with the thermometer/hygrometer purchased from Almost Heaven with our sauna and bucket/ladle set. Later we went online to find a sauna sand timer as well.

Richard Mahoney


We recently set our Almost Heaven Sauna up in the yard and have been in it every day since. Great product, great price. Awesome addition to my yard! Love the look and love the functionality!

Howard Ingle


Just got the electrical hooked up and had my first Sauna last night, it was great. the Sauna is a 5 star experience! its going to be a fun winter in the mountains!
Howard Ingle, Park City Utah

D Jarrett


We are in love with our sauna…it is everything we hoped for, and more! Not only was it delivered on-time, but the directions (as advertised) were simple & easy to follow. We received calls from the Almost Heaven team to advise us when our sauna shipped, another call after delivery to see if we had any questions…or if we needed assistance with set up, and another call recently just to “check-in”. We highly recommend Almost Heaven. Excellent product, and excellent customer service! Thank you 🙂 🙂


I recently purchased a Pinnacle sauna for therapy from multiple back surgeries and I must say, We love it!! not only did it arrive fast, the kit was so easy to assemble, a friend helped me to put it together since my back is still bad and he had it done in 4 hrs. by himself!! The quality of construction is impressive, everything was very organized in the kit, and with the extra staves we built a couple shelves for the interior back wall. Now to enjoy!!! #timeforasauna! #madeinamerica!


We still can not believe we got it. Growing up using the Sauna(called “Banya” in Russia) from very childhood we were very excited after ordering it , of course after loooong research .
And we just got our Bridgeport 6 person Sauna . Customer service (mrs Dawn)
was great , prompt responses all the time , great deal, faaaaaast shipping (even though it says 3-4 weeks after ordering it, came in a week or so), healthwise I don’t want even count the benefits.
170-180 degrees heat, smelly oil, honey, massaging yourself with a whisk or broom(venik)… it is just amazing afterwards…
This is one the best healthy investments ever. Me and my wife feel much better after start using it!
Thank you very much , guys, for your wonderful, beneficial, yet affordable product that you providing for everyone out there !!!

Gary cox

Never knew I wanted one until I got it ! It’s absolutely amazing ! Awesome for cold winter nights ! It went together easy and we are enjoying it ! Highly recommend it!



I love my new Sauna. It exceeded all of my expectations. Since I’m a contractor, it was a breeze for me to assemble. The quality is superb. The fitment is excellent. I also ordered a wood burning heater and replaced it with the electric heater shipped with the sauna. The sauna arrived sooner than I expected and the delivery company was excellent and put the sauna in my driveway. I am very pleased with price and value of the sauna and additional heater I purchased separately.



What a great sauna! Fast delivery, easy set up, every part down to the last nail was provided and even with extras. It works well and looks awesome on the lawn. Thank you for the follow up call. I love it! This sauna was very well thought out.

Terry Dunn


We love our sauna. It was fairly easy to assemble even though the instructions are generic instead of model specific and sometimes lacking in detail.

John Spinelli

Excellent sauna. Great support staff that answered all my questions and had a lot of patience with me.

Ron Sprengeler

This is a fantastic sauna. We bought an 8 foot, 6 person barrel sauna. It arrived well packaged and in grate shape. As others have posted, it took two of us 3-4 hours to assemble, which was very straightforward. The sauna works great, the heater produces a ton of heat, and the sauna heats up quickly (less than 30 minutes from cold to 170 degrees). The parts are well made and go together perfectly. We are thrilled with this product!

Brad Schneider

My wife and I are really enjoying the sauna. Great looking giant barrel and it smells good too. Love the heat. Not like some home saunas that do not reach the heat easily. So very happy we purchased this unit.


We are totally satisfied with your sauna and your customer service!



I ordered the six person Barrel Sauna for my husband as a surprise! It arrived in less than two weeks, I had it put together in 4 hours and ready to use! It sits out by our pool and looks awesome. One of the bands was longer than the other two, I called the company and the next day I had the proper band. I had questions as I was putting the sauna together and they answered them on the spot – an amazing experience. We have used it every day, we too the advice and added a protective coating to the out side just in case of any weathering. It works and looks amazing!

David Neel


Great product! Construction was easy, with excellent instructions and perfectly machined components. I built it in one short October afternoon. My only issue was that I was unaware that I would need to hard wire the sauna heater. No biggy, but would have been nice to know ahead of time. Especially when installing in a remote location of Alaska. I do love the product, and only wish I’d ordered the 6 person model.

Angie Leamer

Wow! There are not words to express the excellence of this companies customer service. I had come to the overall impression that the words “customer service” should be stricken from the English language because it simply does not exist anymore. I was wrong, there is at least one company out there that still strives for and exceeds excellence! Outstanding!

As for the sauna, beautiful. The kit is well designed, nicely built, and everything you need is included. If you are looking to buy a sauna, this product and this company are in a class of their own-Five stars in every way!

Bill Beale

Great Customer Care, Enjoyed talking with the Customer sales very informative, let me know of all the steps from shipping to delivery everything went very smooth. Even the driver showing up at my home was very helpful. Still in the Box not ready to put together yet. Cant wait to enjoy.

Thanks Bill Beale

Jim H

I discussed my purchase with the rep and made the decision to purchase. Communication was excellent, estimated delivery date was established and shipped on time. The shipping company called ahead to ensure I was available for the delivery. I have not installed my sauna as of yet, awaiting other construction to be completed. However, I would highly recommend this company and will post pictures and further review after final installation.

Fabian Friedrich

A few weeks ago our finnish style sauna got delivered (model Preston). It came much faster than anticipated. The deliverer was VERY helplful in moving it into the garage, what gave us enough time to unpack whenever we had time and didn’t have to do it in a hurry. My wife and I carried everything downstairs, as we planned to set up the sauna in our basement. It wasn’t hard at all and took us maybe 45 minutes. Setting up the sauna went quickly (as we did it over several days, whenever we had spare time, it’s hard to say how long it took) and easy. No parts were missing and every step was described very well. The only unpleasant part was the work of the electrician that had to deliver the wire and was not only expensive, but also not careful in handling our property. But now that all is in place we are really happy with our sauna, that works just perfectly. Thank you for this amazing sauna!


First thing to say is this is a fantastic product. I bought the Sauna about a month ago, and have used it almost daily. The Sauna took my roommate and I about 3 hours to assemble. The product is well made and should last for several years. Everyone has commented on how attractive the exterior and interior is on the Sauna. The Sauna heats quickly and maintains a uniform temperature. I had an issue with the thermometer in the unit and the company shipped a free replacement the following day. Customer support with Almost Heaven is terrific, and contacted me via phone to ensure satisfaction with the product.

Ken & Marj

Dear Staff:

We received our sauna several days ago and started to assemble it today (10/21/16). We wish to convey our appreciation for an excellent product. We watched the video several times and the sauna went together exactly as described. Everything fit as described, wood products, staves and end panels looked good. It was a pleasure to receive a product that lives up to its advertisement and beyond. I am a Welding Engineer (I can work with wood) and do a lot of QA/QC consulting and know good quality. Again, thank you for something we will enjoy for many years.


Ken & Marj

John Swanson

The sauna was easy to put together and works wonderfully! We have always wanted a sauna, and our almost heaven sauna has fit all our needs. If we had any questions their customer service representatives were quick to answer our calls, and made sure our questions were fully addressed. If you are a sauna lover the almost heaven sauna’s quality and price can’t be beat. We have enjoyed it thoroughly.



We have always loved a good original Finnish sauna and finally decided to purchase a sauna for our cabin. The Costco deal for an 8 foot Weston/Huntington rustic cedar was too good to pass up. Here our feedback:
· The customer service was impeccable. The shipment arrived within three weeks and the Almost Heaven was very proactive with their communication. When the shipping company realized that their semi could not drive down the dirt road to our cabin, Almost Heaven helped figure out a way to make it work within the timeline we had agreed. In exchange for our flexibility they even offered to send us a free accessory set worth $169!! Kudos to amazing customer service.
· The shipping company was very helpful and especially the driver helped us get the very heavy boxes unloaded and down our driveway, all the way to where the sauna was going to go!
· Putting the sauna together was extremely (!) simple. Very few tools or building background required. The parts all fit perfectly together. The only times two people were needed was to set down the end caps, and to attach the metal bands to the finished sauna. Otherwise you can put it together with just one person. All hardware is included, even a bit for the powered screw driver. Super easy.
· We had an electrician come to make a connection for the stove and the light. Again – very straightforward. We installed an 115V outdoor outlet for the light, so we can use it to eventually install some more outdoor lights around the sauna.
· Then came the first sauna experience. Turn on the heater and in less than an hour the sauna is up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Extremely comfortable to sit in for a 6’3” tall person, but the best way to do it is to stretch out on the bench – very very relaxing. We think it’s very comfortable for 4 people but in a pinch will seat up to 6 people (if you know each other pretty well). We both love the little outdoor benches to set down towels or drinks. For now we have a bucket outside for a cold shower but pretty soon we’ll be rolling in the snow!
I have been to very many saunas and built an indoor sauna before – and I was a little apprehensive about the barrel at first. But this is the best experience – all the way from ordering through building to enjoying the löyly… I highly recommend Almost Heaven and the barrel sauna!

Jack Schwartz

Putting together the Bridgeport sauna surpassed the swing set I put together for the kids 20 years ago as my all time favorite DIY project. I’m 6’3″ and I love laying down and relaxing in the sauna. It fit beautifully in our unfinished basement. It is – almost heaven!

Henry Rodriguez

First off I would like to thank Becky for the GREAT service she provided. My sauna is working great. There were a few minor problems (items missing) Becky took care of that immediately excellent customer service. If your purchasing a sauna go with ALMOST HEAVEN!
Thanks again,
Henry Rodriguez

Mikhail Bannikov

Fast service. Awesome deal. Great sauna.

Pat Hentschell

We love our sauna. Everything went extremely smooth from the delivery to setup. Customer service was great. Almost Heaven Saunas is a great company and stands by their saunas. We would definitely go back for more business. We are telling all our friends and relatives to use them if they want a sauna.

Roger Paavola

The sauna kit was very well constructed and explained. It was a delight to put together and initiate. Thank you.

Tyler Allen


I love the Sauna! I use it every other day religiously.

Best investment aside from mans best friend (Black Lab).


Sauna is excellent. It was easy to construct and the experience is really good, regardless of the rather small space.
It is very close to the Saunas back at home in Finland.

Janice Bartneck


We LOVE our Bridgeport Sauna and use it daily! It has changed our lives! We became empty-nesters a year ago…and this has aided in showing us the wonderful relaxing side of having the kids leave home; although now they want to come home just to join us!

Dan Schmidt

My wife and I are extremely pleased with our new sauna and the customer service we received was excellent.


I almost purchased a sauna from a different manufacturer for twice the price but I’m happy I ended up buying the Pinnacle 6×6 in Rustic Western Red Cedar from Almost Heaven Saunas. It was easy to assemble and I’m glad I didn’t have to pour a concrete slab as was required by the other manufacturer, instead I was able to place it right on my existing deck. I used it for the first time last night and really enjoyed the experience. I recommend it!!

Danelle Sherman

Can’t wait to use for first time. Smells wonderful. Would be easier if directions specific to sauna that you purchase


Bought a 2-person sauna in June of this year…finally finished the porch and assembled the sauna last weekend…absolutely love it! It was easy to assemble and really simple to use. Seriously don’t know how I went so long without it. It is wonderful to get up and have a sauna first thing, leaves me feeling rejuvenated all day long. Thank you so very much.

Aurora G.

Almost Heaven Saunas Comes Through Again!

The service at Almost Heaven Saunas is consistently above and beyond what is expected. Staff (especially Becky) is courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. My request for a replacement part was resolved to my great satisfaction within a matter of days.

Thank you so much! 🙂

Sunil William Savkar

My wife and I are loving our new Almost Heaven Sauna! In the spring my wife and I noticed a special on the 6-person Weston Clear Canopy Sauna but unfortunately it ran out before we were able to order. Notwithstanding that, the folks at Almost Heaven were fantastic when I reached out about agreeing to honor the special price in any event, and within a month we had at our home the kit!!!!

Building it was very easy, though you do need to ensure you are thoughtful about finding a good electrician to help with the connections if you use the electric heater. We also installed a cold water shower nearby for my wife to use in conjunction with it.

Since install which we finally completed some time in June, my wife has been loving to use the sauna every time she runs. I myself use it on and off though I am not as huge a sauna fan as my wife. It is very easy to operate, keep clean, and just smells and looks lovely.

Since we have had guests over a bunch of them have marveled at the sauna with a few certain they are going to spring for one too. Highly recommend it if you are on the fence, it is a well built sauna and just a lot of fun for the outdoors.

Jared Murray

Everyone should own a sauna. I love mine and use it twice a day. You need to put love into maintaining it (adjusting the straps, bolts, cedar strips) but it is well worth it.



I had a wonderful experience with Almost Heaven! The ordering process was simple and the sauna arrived within a day or two of the projected delivery date. Assembly was very straightforward… I’m not the handiest guy, and it was very do-able with clear instructions. And we have found the wood and materials to be high-quality – it looks beautiful! And (perhaps more importantly) works wonderfully and is a tremendously enjoyable sauna. I can’t recommend an Almost Heaven sauna enough!!!


My husband loves his sauna. He enjoys using it almost daily and says he feel it makes a difference in his arthritis and bad knees by relieving stiffness and joint pain. Love the unique barrel design and that it is made here in our state of WV. Your customer service and communication during the purchase, delivery and shipping was outstanding.

Kris Kepler

we love our sauna! we use it at least 2-3x a week. we love having friends and family over as well to experience a hot/cold training that we do.

Ken Bates


Enjoy my Almost Heaven Sauna tremendously!!

Hilliard Hicks

I love it!!!!

Alex Stoyko


Pros: Inexpensive($3.3K from Costco incl. tax & delivery), great concept(portable, mobile, can install where u want & transfer it to different place when u move), makes up to 180 Fahrenheit in 20min(at Summer), looks cute, good quality, convenient for 6 normal or 8 skinny people, possibility to save on assembling, excellent Customer Service(I requested extra bolts because mine jammed -got new in mail 3-4 days).
Cons: Outside wood discoloration(visible in 4 months), sophisticated heater’s timer(but in several times of use you get use to), no any led light on the heater to notify you it’s on(You need to check timer’s position or just can guess it’s on), not so easy to install cedar planches tightly(I still have a leak when rain), very expensive 12V led lights if you wanna buy them additionally $50 per 20 inch led light).
But in general I’m satisfied with the purchase and recommend it to others.

Andre Jeffries


We just LOVE our sauna, it arrived sooner than the expected delivery date, everything was packaged really well and the parts were all labeled. The ease of putting it together was a snap. So if you are looking for a sauna, STOP looking, this is the one.


The entire purchase process was a pleasure. We worked back and forth by email for weeks working out details options and price. I feel I got a great product for the price. I unfortunately have not been able to put my sauna together because of site prep work I’m having done. Having a paver patio build first.



When I was ordering the Sauna I had certain concerns since we (the Russians) are very picky when it comes to Dry and Wet Saunas. But, I have to admit that this product satisfied me completely.
The design is solid, a lot of space for 4 to 6 people, and good materials that are holding the heat.
One or the main advantages is that this Sauna can work in both modes (Dry and Wet).
So, I’d like to thank the “Almost Heaven saunas” team for the great experience that I am sharing with my family and friends

Jay Levitt

Great service – totally pleased!

Anthony Utzie


We did a lot of research before choosing the Almost Heaven Sauna. I am so glad we chose this company. From ordering to actually assembling the sauna was so pleasant. I would email Rhiannon at Almost Heaven Saunas with a question and within minutes she would answer me back. I have never dealt with a company so customer oriented. I am also from West Virginia. I am proud that such a great product comes from there. The sauna is so well engineered that every part went together as it was supposed to. The quality is impeccable. The sauna was delivered at three in the afternoon and by nine that night we had the sauna assembled. The next day we put the inside parts together.


Great sauna and excellent costumer support.

Daniel Baltag

I got this sauna three month ago. We been used it several times, and we so pleased with this sauna!!!The customer service also very easy to work with. I would give more then five stars, but seems that is maximum. Thank you again!

Ted Wadensten

We had great help selecting a Sauna from the home office. Everybody were so helpful. We had our doubts about building it from a kit, but my friend helped me , we are no carpenters, but it went together so well, we had anticipated a days work, , but we were finished before lunch. It works so well, we are so pleased. If we were to complain about anything, the seat is a little too high to comfortably [in the room there is] to get up to. We made a small bench and placed it on the floor to step on. ,that worked well. It is not that easy for me to bend and reach the control on the heater and read it was a little difficult. It would have been great if the controls had been in a horizontal plane and easier to get to and read. Otherwise, we are so pleased and tell all our friends about it. Thanks

Nathan S.

We initially looked at a different, high-profile sauna maker while visiting the store where we bought our hot tub at. Although we love our hot tub, a sauna provides potential health benefits and just a completely different atmosphere in which to relax, and during certain times of the year, would be more appealing to use on a regular basis than a hot tub. But when we asked how much, we received some serious sticker shock! Granted, they would come out and build / install it, but for a size similar to what we ended up buying, they wanted upwards – or more than – $10,000!

By some dumb luck, we stumbled upon saunas on the Costco website one day after unsuccessfully finding anything better online. We ended up buying the Almost Heaven Grayson sauna a couple months back through Costco on sale for roughly 1/4th the price we would have spent with that sauna store. Shipping / delivery went very smoothly. Even though we bought it through Costco, Almost Heaven contacted us to let us know that it shipped and then the shipping company contacted us to arrange delivery which came on a regular box truck and easily offloaded – well packaged – on one big pallet that was about 6 foot long by 4 feet tall and about 3-4 feet wide, from my memory. Almost Heaven has contacted us a couple times since delivery to make sure everything went okay with installation and that we are enjoying our sauna, which was a nice touch on their part even though we didn’t buy directly from them.

Assembly was really quite easy – as easy as you can imagine putting a sauna together to be! Two of us took about an hour to assemble. Everything fits together very nice and neat. With anything today that you have to put together, I guess I could say I wish the instructions were more detailed and illustrations were better, but they were adequate. Also, we found that a couple of the panels were mislabeled as to which piece it was or which direction was up, but even that was easily determined with the use of some common sense. Everything is of high quality except perhaps the screws. All the screw holes were pre-drilled, but that still didn’t keep me from managing to literally snap a couple in half while screwing the screws in, so perhaps a better screw needs to be used? Finally, I think a little interior light that plugs into a normal outlet was supposed to come with the package, but we didn’t find it anywhere in the packaging, but it wasn’t important enough for us to call about either.

The electrician ran a dedicated line from our circuit breaker to the heater and installed the heater on the wall for us for only $250. The way the knob works on the heater is a bit deceiving for those that don’t read instructions, but finally I dug the instructions out and realized what all the numbers on the knob really meant and it has worked perfectly ever since!

My wife absolutely loves it and uses it about 5-6 days a week. I really enjoy it too and probably use it about 3-4 times per week. The only reason I don’t use it more is that life gets in the way and I don’t force myself to use it like I should, but I always feel great afterwards. We will use it together and either visit and catch up on things or just mediate / listen to music. We will also use a few drops of scented essential oils in the water used to generate steam. It really feels like a cleansing process takes place, just make sure you stay hydrated before and after. BTW, I have high blood pressure, and that was one concern I had before buying was what the sauna might do to my HBP. Don’t know if it is the sauna itself, the ability to reduce stress by escaping for a little bit, or some combination of both, but I would tend to agree with the studies I read before buying that it seems to be beneficial for people with HBP.

As for the steam vs. infrared debate, there is nothing better than the wave of steam enveloping you and breathing it in deeply. Maybe I’m just old school, but not everything in life has to be about finding a way to accomplish something faster like what infrared is supposed to accomplish. Take the time, enjoy the experience…go with steam!

Bottom line, we are very happy with our purchase and very happy we stumbled upon Almost Heaven Saunas!

Michael and Kelly McBride

6 person sauna….so easy to put together! Great quality and customer service was very helpful and friendly!


Valeriy Sentsov

Nice sauna . Thank you Very much. Good service. !!!

Margaret and Bernard Vietmeier


We purchased a four person sauna at Costco a few weeks ago. It was ease to install. It took me and my husband a day to finish. Works great. The company was quick to help with any problems we had. I would recommend this sauna to anyone in the market for one.

Brian Casey

We purchased our sauna and are more than extatic with our sauna. We’ve had our sauna since October of 2015. We had a couple straps break. I contacted almost heaven and no fuss was sent out the same day replacements. The young lady I spoke with on the phone and email were very curious and very helpful. I WILL TELL ANYONE THAT GIVES ME 1 MIN HOW GREAT OF PRODUCT AND WHAT AN EXCEPTIONAL COMPANY THIS IS. Thank you almost heaven you have a life long customer.

John Bushee

We purchased the Watoga excellent service after the sale from top to bottom.
We love our sauna and are happy we purchased from almost heaven ,
They should say heaven on earth we a true spa experience
Thank you
John and Tatiana


I purchased the sauna on sale through Costco. I was able to put it together with the help of a friend and then the local electrician came to do the wiring.
We use the sauna 3-6 times a week and love it! The design is simple, and the instructions and DVD for installation are very straightforward, even two women can do it!
This sauna has been a wonderful addition to my back porch on those cold Nevada winters.
Thank you for making such a fine product and for standing behind your sale, and for answering my questions regarding installation so quickly.

Editor’s Note: The female personnel at Almost Heaven Saunas who are familiar with the sauna assembly process would say, tongue in cheek, that installation is so straightforward that even two men could do it.

Kerrith (Kerry) King


I couldn’t be more pleased with my Huntington Rustic. Except for the “Ends” this 78-yr-old senior assembled it by himself. The glass door and some staves were damaged by an apparent rampaging forklift during shipping to Hawaii, however, Rhiannon, at Almost Heaven, UPS’d replacements immediately. Rhiannon has provided exemplary support with complete and prompt, mostly same-day, replies to my various questions.

Almost Heaven is one of the few companies that I can recommend without consideration. A “perfect storm” of business components all together in one company; a combination of everything done as one expects/wants, sales, service, wood quality, stainless steel nails and screws and the heater are all perfectly matched.

I joined Costco just to be able to buy the Huntington and they too have provided excellent service.

Barry Laws

Exceeded expectations. My wife loves the barrel sauna. Gotta admit, I love it too. Didn’t think I would but its really relaxing. Went together fairly easy, but I’d suggest you need some abilities. Their staff was available for my questions I had. Note that the backrest in my model takes up some room when you are laying down. I’m looking at buying their body rest and removing the backrest. Great customer service. Great product. Enjoy.

Robin (California)

Order was shipped very quickly. Delivery was very courteous and helpful, boxes were well protected and labeled for easy access.
Assembly was pretty easy, it does need 2 people. Longest part was for the first few boards to make sure they are straight/even/centered and well secured to ensure that the rest of the assembly goes smoothly. Watching the video was very useful.
Quality of components is/was excellent, I was actually surprised how well everything was made/finished and how well they all fitted together. Top marks for quality!
A couple of things that would help:
1. Instructions/Video could spend more time on the “filler” boards, how to position, how to space out the boards along the top so that when the bands are tightened the boards compress evenly. It took a little trial and error, loosening the bands and reseating and spacing the boards leaving enough gap around 10 and 2 so that tightening of the bands created a good even compression and seal.
2. Mark the rear wall with “attach here” for the electric heater, pre-drill or mark wall with “make hole here” for electric cables. It seems to make a difference where/how high the heater is mounted so best to be clear rather than leave to chance since most customers (and electricians) don’t really have much experience installing these kind of equipment.
3. The temperature gauge is in Celcius so I have to constantly think “what is that in Fahrenheit?” – would be nice to have dual readout ????

Having used it a few times now it seems to work very well, although it does have a temperature gradient from ground to ceiling, it would be nice if I could even the temperature out a bit, however, overall I am pleased with the sauna and happy with my purchase.

One last comment, a friend made a wood slat insert that contours to the bottom and provides a flat surface to walk on (just a few slats wide) which is nice, it also covers the corks in the drain holes to stop stubbing toes ???? It would be a nice option to offer something like that.

After all that, I would recommend this, beyond the care needed during installation, it really is a very nice addition by the side of my pool…

Gene from Lake Placid, NY

I”ve been looking for a barrel sauna and Almost Heaven Saunas have delivered above and beyond my expectations! Starting with amazing customer service, ability to customize the order, frequently answered questions, and all the way to the delivery – these guys are superb!

I highly recommend and will be a returning customer!

Thanks again!

Boris Gozhansky


For 27 years I had your Almost Heaven standard Barrel sauna in Maryland. March 2015 my wife and I sold our house ( including the sauna) and moved to Florida. By living in Florida I did not think that a sauna will be useful. That was a mistake. The new Barrel I like even more. I am using it almost every day, regardless how hot outside temperature is, and loving it.
In my opinion there is no other sauna on the market that would be as enjoyable as Almost Heaven Barrel.
You have a very loyal customer for life.

Gavin Whissell


I purchased a 6 person (comfortably seats 4) canopy barrel sauna with the M30 wood-stove (Best woodstove I have ever used: No smoke inside the sauna at all!!!) and love the product as a whole. Customer service was exceptional and very accommodating.
Thanks Rick and Rhiannon!


Scott McGohan

The sauna was delivered on time and the price was excellent. I was skeptical in regards to the quality based on the price and was amazed at the quality. It was easy to install, it looks great in our exercise room. I love it!

I would recommend it to anyone!

Matt Martinez

I’ve had an outstanding experience with AlmostHeaven! Everything has been handled professionally and I’ve referred several potential clients there way. The Sauna has been a daily routine that I’ve fit in my schedule and seen outstanding results. I’d be happy to put my name on this company any at time!


Saul Hernandez

overall things went well. we just finished installing it and the electrician was very impressed with the Sauna. I have only used 3 times and look forward to using it at least 10 times a week. my neighbors are stopping by to see what the barrel is all about. We are promoting it and think you will have some more orders coming….Thanks and Take Care……Saul

Robert Hicks


My wife and I use our sauna almost everyday and would recommend an Almost Heaven sauna to anyone. It was easy to set up and a nice improvement to our yard. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Brandon Shields

Excellent customer service. I called a million times and asked questions that I could of found the answer to in brochure but people were still nice to me and helped me!

Joe Aguero


Purchased 4 person sauna from Costco. Delivery was quick and efficient! Assembly was easy due to the provided instructions and video!!! Called support staff one time for a violence questions. Very friendly and answered my questions quickly!
We have had the sauna for 2 months now and it works perfect. We use it daily every night! A amazing produced with great service which is also backed by Costco!!

Julie Bracken


We purchased the Barrel Style Clear Cedar Watoga 4 person sauna in January 2016 (from an online special from Costco) for it’s potential therapeutic benefits to relieve joint pain and rid toxins from our bodies. My husband has a terminal cancer in which western medical professionals can not save him. He has been courageously battling his fate for nearly three years and still is seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical grade pain killers etc. I can tell you already that he is experiencing some better quality days since using the sauna nearly every other day. I too benefit from the therapy.
The Almost Heaven company has provided superior customer service; by delivering the quality product they offer on their website. They proactively reached out to keep us informed of delivery time and they followed up after delivery! They have earned a 5 star ranking by us.
The assembly instructions were easy to follow and all of the parts were there and in perfect condition.

In short; we love our sauna! We have been and will continue to recommend Almost Heaven Saunas to everyone we can.

Kind regards,
Julie Bracken

Karen L. Cook

The sauna itself appears to be well built, time will tell. The only problem we had was the hardware package was incomplete. It was missing screws, vent covers, thermometer, glue (we are still waiting for the glue). We had to wait till we got each of the missing parts to continue (which took multiple shippings). If it were not for the exceptional customer service of Rhiannon we would be very disappointed. I have never experienced the quality of service as I received from Rhiannon. She made sure the missing parts were shipped overnight as not to delay the construction even further. She was knowledgeable, answering every question in great detail. She was very pleasant and remained patient even after explaining things multiple times if I did not understand. She is an exceptional employee! This sauna has been a dream of ours for a very long time. It is our retirement gift to ourselves. Thank you Rhiannon and Almost Heaven for making our dream come true.

Vlad Burtman


I got 6 person barrel sauna, 8kW heater from AH through ebay. Yes it was a good deal. Twice I ask AH to send me replacement parts and all these parts were provided for free. I also was not sure where to mount the thermocouple to the heater, and AH help me again. So the customer service of AH is perfect and reliable. I enjoy this sauna for 1 year now, and I used it as a wet sauna (Russian sauna) as well. So thanks AH for this product!

I advice to real sauna lover to purchase 6 ft (6 people sauna), its more expensive than smaller, but it is worth every spend dollar!


I purchased the 6 person barrel sauna and the whole family loves it. My wife wasn’t sure if she would like it, but she has been pleasantly surprised and uses it frequently. The kids like it as well which has led to the unplanned benefit of having additional time together as a family. It is relaxing and I feel like it helps my recovery after a good workout. Highly recommend.

Joe Riddle

4+1 sauna. Love it.

Pete Jorgensen

It’s kind of a tight spot and dark lighting to get some good photos, but we are all done with our install and love our new sauna room!! We did have to back order a few items (heater and stones), but overall customer service was always friendly and instantly responsive. We ended up running a 40AMP home run electrical line to the sauna from our garage panel to the basement, which cost a bit extra than expected, but we are still overall very happy with the entire setup.

Link to photos:

J. Family


We bought the Bluestone as our space was limited in the basement. The family absolutely loves it. The glass used in the design makes it very comfortable when inside. Very well made and we were able to assemble it ourselves with a drill (predrilled holes to guide you so no extra measuring needed) and impact screwdriver. Our experience has been fantastic both in craftsmanship and customer service. A considerable improvement in quality of life over the winter months. We also got the duck flooring, which we highly recommend.


Bridgeport sauna
Excellent product, the company is a pleasure to have business with, easy and efficient communication.
Highly recommended.
Thank you!

Chris Winch

I purchased the Almost Heaven Grayson 4-Person Indoor Sauna. It was delivered on schedule (Nov. 27, 2015) by Estes and with no damage. The installation instructions were easy to follow and 2 people can set up comfortably in 3 hours, minus the heater hook-up by a certified electrician. There were three minor items missing from my order: no 2″ screws (only 2.5″ included), one piece of wall trim and the cedar trim to conceal the sensor cable. I contacted Almost Heaven Saunas (Becky Vandenberg) and she arranged for shipment of the the cedar trim. I obtained screws on my own and used the back side of the roof trim for the wall trim. Overall, the quality of the sauna is excellent. The sauna has been used daily since the electrical hook-up in Dec and it works exactly as advertised. This sauna has met, and in some respects, exceeded my expectations. Almost Heaven Saunas has superb customer service. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Steven Shaw

The customer service and support from this company is excellent.

Don A.

I purchased the Bridgeport 6 person sauna through primarily for my wife and I. We have had the sauna for about 2 months. As the instructions indicate, you do need at least two people to assemble. The instructions were very easy to follow and when we had questions, the factory and main office personnel were always available and supportive. Although not a craftsman by trade, the kit was very easy to assemble and because of the high quality of the product, looks professionally built. We use the sauna almost every day and highly recommend the product. Although not in the kit, we purchased the duckboard flooring which I think is a necessity over a cement slab. The sauna’s been great, would recommend without hesitation!

Tim & Annette Riley , Burntside Lake Ely Minnesota


We are super pleased with our Pinnacle 6kw Barrel Sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas. Assembly was a fun project for my wife and I taking two afternoons. We sorted the clear cedar boards thinking we’d put the better boards in prominent view and stick the less attractive boards beneath the seats. WOW, there were only beautiful clear cedar boards throughout! Great quality materials and all of the parts were milled exactly right. Definitely the 5′ Pinnacle sauna kit we purchased was a very good value. The full view glass door is a fantastic feature for looking at the lake while we’re sweating in the sauna.

It gets very cold in northern Minnesota and we are glad to have the 6kw Harvia heater. Last night the temp was +15 degrees F and the heater brought the temp up to +170 degrees F before the one hour timer kicked off. Allowing for a one hour heat up and one hour sauna our cost for electricity is $1.32 (6kw x 2 hrs x $0.11 kwh). Three sauna nights a week for under four dollars. I’m confident that the heater will be sufficient even on below zero evenings. Love our sauna!

Tim & Annette Riley Burntside Lake Ely Minnesota


My husband and I purchased the Madison sauna. It was very easy to put together. Customer service was excellent and our sauna works wonderfully we couldn’t be happier.

Nadia Fedun

We are so happy with our sauna purchase, the wood smells amazing and it was easy to put together. The sauna gets hot pretty fast and we love using essential oils. I would recommend the company not to give out the free essential oil kits just because they are so awful and have many added chemicals and other ingredients that it is not safe to breath. We invested in our own 100 percent pure essential oils and love using them in the sauna.

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