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Benefits of Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Let me introduce you to our wood fired soak tubs

The Sindri

The Serenity

The Kirami

The Legend 

What makes our soak tubs stand out?

These soak tubs consume zero electricity or gas and do not require pumps, wiring, or filtration systems to operate. Simply fill the tub with water and the fire box with wood and within a couple of hours it’s ready to use.

What’s even more special is that they can be used either as a hot tub or a cold plunge. Both hot tubs and cold plunges can be hugely beneficial to your overall health and wellness. Here’s how: 

What are the benefits of hot tubs?

Stress relief- We know that warm water is relaxing. It helps to calm the body and the mind, allowing the tensions of the day to be washed away. Stress can cause a number of physical and mental health issues, so it is important to find ways to de-stress throughout your day.

Muscle relaxation- Warm water loosens up tense muscles, helping them to relax. Relaxed muscles help to ease aches and pains from a hard workout or daily life. Water also takes pressure off of the joints, allowing for a better range of motion. 

Improved sleep- Who doesn't want a deeper, more restful sleep? Having a hot tub routine can help! When you allow your body and mind to relax, you feel less aches, pains, and stress. Aches, pain, and stress do us no favors when it comes to sleep. 

If you’re looking to mix it up, try a cold plunge routine as well!

What is a cold plunge? 

It’s exactly that, plunging or slowly entering into cold water (typically 50°F or below). It is a type of cold therapy and has been around for thousands of years because of its physical and mental health benefits. Recent adaptations include ice baths, cold showers, outdoor winter swims, and cold water immersion. 

What are the benefits of a cold plunge?

-Could help improve circulation and the elasticity of blood vessels

-Possible anti-inflammatory effects 

-Endorphin release upon getting out of cold water 

-Mental health benefits-if you can overcome 15 seconds, 10 seconds, or even 5 seconds in a cold plunge, you are going to feel a sense of accomplishment when you get out. 

-Cold water can also help focus the mind, which can improve energy and alertness. 

Cold plunging is not for everyone. Ask your doctor about it, start slowly, and listen to your body. 

Potential benefits from using a soak tub vary from person to person. Much depends on your overall health and the ways you choose to use your soak tub. 

What questions do you have about our soak tubs, hot tubs, or cold plunging? Contact us at 888.355.3050