Gift Guide pt. 2

The 2022 Gift Guide for Sauna Enthusiasts!

Wood Fired Hot Tub: 

Have a low maintenance friend who is looking to relax... The Wood Fired Hot Tub is a great gift. It is so easy! No chemicals and no electrical required.


    Cedar Accessories Kit: 

    The Cedar Accessories Kit is great for the Sauna user who is looking to enhance their experience. The backrest, magazine rack, drink shelf, leg rest, and the robe hook will upgrade everyone's experience.


    Solar Pro IR: 

    Do you have a friend who wants a sauna but lives in an apartment, doesn't have the time for a traditional sauna build, or are they so indecisive?! The Solar Pro is perfect! All of our Infrared Saunas are easy to build and plug into a 110v, 20amp dedicated circuit, which are a lot less invasive than a traditional heater electrical connection.

    Digital KIP + WIFI:

    Know the friend who has it all?! Upgrade their sauna heater to a WiFi controlled heater. The gift of convenience is priceless.


    Legend Sauna:

    Luxury looks like the Legend Sauna. Any luxurious friend or family member will be satisfied with this sauna. It is prebuilt in Finland, so no sauna building is required. You can pair this sauna with any heater!