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Claro Sauna

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The full-glass front in the Claro Sauna provides a balance of illumination and quiet ease. It is the perfect escape for clarifying one’s thoughts, a refuge of wellness and health. In-home assembly by a trained Almost Heaven Saunas representative is also available; call 888.355.3050 for a quote.



Product Description


The Claro Sauna by Harvia in Finland holds a vital position in our Deluxe Sauna collection. It speaks a consistent design language inside and out, one that communicates ultimate luxury, ease, and refreshment. The Claro features a beautiful contrast of light lumber and dark-finished paneling; the full-glass front provides an open, spacious feel inside the sauna; and the arc of the wrap-around back support blends smoothly with the curved multi-level benches. In short, this model is a visually appealing testament to an age-old tradition.


Made from the finest selection of materials, the Claro’s interior paneling and benches are made from high-grade Aspen lumber. Furthermore, all of the hardware is stainless steel and the glass is thick and tempered — everything you would expect from a sauna made in Finland by world leaders in sauna manufacturing.


It comes with a high-performance electric heater, also from Harvia, to control both the temperature and humidity inside the sauna. The heater is the heart of the sauna, and the Claro can be paired with one of several Harvia sauna heater models, all exceptional and integral to producing a truly sweat-worthy performance, an experience that traditionally has been linked to a wide array of health benefits, including improved circulatory function, strengthened immune system, and muscle pain relief. To learn more about which heaters pair best with the Claro Sauna, give us a call at 888.355.3050.


The glass front opens up the sauna to exterior lighting, and inside there is a corner lamp and an LED strip embedded in the upper bench to lend their warm-toned support when needed. The Claro Sauna produces an environment that lends clarity, refuge, and illumination to the demands of daily living.


  • Solid aspen corners and exterior trim
  • Aspen interior wall panels and benches
  • Stainless steel hinges and hardware throughout
  • LED lighting behind back support corners
  • LED lighting beneath upper bench
  • Multi-level seating for up to 6 people
  • Curved interior benches
  • Wrap-around upper bench support
  • Indoor usage
  • Includes deluxe bucket, ladle, and thermometer
  • Made in Finland
  • Comes with lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Shipping Policy

Model Specifications

  • Claro
    • Item: HARCLR6PA
    • Capacity: 6 Persons
    • Heater: Harvia 9kw Forte heater
    • Electrical (heater): 220V, 40-Amp service; 8/2 hard-wire connect
    • Lighting: LED
    • Exterior Dimensions: 81″L x 81″W x 82″H
    • Interior Dimensions: 77″L x 77″W x 78″H
    • Lower Bench Dimensions: 51″L x 26″W


    • Upper Bench Dimensions: 77″L x 26″W
    • Upper Bench L Extension: 26″L x 26″W
    • Door Dimensions: 32″W x 70″H
    • Assembled Weight: 1600 lbs.
    • Shipping Weight: 1750 lbs.
    • Shipping Size: 96″L x 42″W x 45″H
    • Note: All dimensions are approximate
    • Claro Technical Drawing


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