Cottage Series

Sleek lines and contemporary designs are hallmarks of the Cottage Series of outdoor sauna rooms. Nordic Spruce wood and accents of glass, contrasting trim, and louvered panels create a showpiece for outside space. Customize your cottage sauna with electric or wood burning options, and compliment your sauna with a hot tub or patio furniture by utilizing the exterior porch space. The Cottage Series is available in three different configurations to help you customize your cottage sauna experience to your particular desires.

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    The Cottage Series reimagines the design of the Solide indoor sauna and creates an outdoor sauna that expands into a relaxation and entertainment oasis.  A cantilever roof provides protection from the elements, creating space for patio furniture, a hot tub, or your favorite backyard amenity.  A wood-fired sauna heater is accessed from the outside the sauna room, allowing you to enjoy the ambiance of the fire while relaxing or cooling off outside the sauna.  (You can even roast marshmallows or hotdogs while your sauna is still heating!)  The Cottage Series is available in a single room layout or with an optional changing room, creating a two-room sauna. Frosted privacy glass behind the wood stove allows for soft light to radiate into the sauna room, and the stones of the sauna heater extend up and around the chimney within the sauna to create an exceptional amount of steam when water is thrown on the hot stones.

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    Sauna Assembly Level

    Definite handyman or contracting skills are required. Instructions are basic and an intuitive sense of construction is necessary. Power tools may be required for certain models, and 2-3 people can generally do the assembly in one to two days depending on sauna model. If you grease your own wheel bearings or build your own storage shed, you can do this! learn more...