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DIY Sauna Kits

DIY Sauna Kit: Build your own Sauna with Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven Saunas is committed to offering you the ultimate sauna experience. This experience starts with the building process of your sauna. Saunas are shipped as kits, DIY projects that are easily assembled and can be completed in just a few hours by 2-3 individuals. Our West Virginia factory makes it as easy and enjoyable as possible by providing pre-built wall sections and assembled benches using the highest quality materials. All of the lumber is pre-cut and pre-notched for a precise fit and finish for both indoor and outdoor sauna rooms, which makes the DIY assembly of your sauna kit a breeze.

Our craftsmen use only the finest softwoods for the highest quality of insulation and endurance. Our Indoor Respite Series and Barrel Saunas can be built with Western Red Cedar, Rustic Fir, or Clear Rustic Cedar. And our Element Series and Cabin Saunas are available in Nordic Spruce. We also carry a variety of Luxury Artisan Saunas and sleek Infrared saunas.

The health benefits of sauna use are well known and documented by the North American Sauna Society. These include cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, detoxification, improved circulation, respiratory relief, and more. Many of these benefits are derived from the high temperature of a sauna and the steam that is generated by pouring water on the hot rocks. The high heat and rejuvenating steam are what makes the traditional steam sauna stand out from the infrared room saunas. With an Almost Heaven traditional steam sauna you can DIY and build your very own personal spa in the comfort of your own home.

Below, you will see three icons. Green, yellow, and red. These icons indicate the level of skill it might take to DIY, build and complete each sauna room. You will find skill level icons next to each sauna series on our website (Indoor, Barrel, Cabin). These are a great indicator as to what each kit’s level of “difficulty” is to build. We want to set your project up for success!

You will also find a link to our sauna installation videos which take you step by step through the process of building your very own DIY sauna kit.


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to build the sauna of your dreams.

Minimal handyman skills are required. The only powered equipment needed is a cordless drill. Two people can generally do the assembly in 6 hours or less. If you can hang a picture you can do this!



Some handyman and assembly skills are helpful. Minimal sawing or modifying of certain components may be necessary. Two people can generally do the assembly in 4-6 hours. If you can build a birdhouse, this will be a breeze for you!


Definite handyman or contracting skills are required. Instructions are basic and an intuitive sense of construction is necessary. Power tools may be required for certain models, and 2-3 people can generally do the assembly in one to two days depending on sauna model. If you grease your own wheel bearings or build your own storage shed, you can do this!




Almost Heaven has been building the highest quality personal saunas for your home and backyard for over 40 years. Contact us today for more information at 888.355.3050 or email us at sales@almostheaven.com.