Grandview Barrel Sauna

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The Grandview Sauna fits up to 8 people and measures a full 12” larger in diameter than our classic barrel saunas. The spacious interior allows for wider benches and flat duckboard flooring sections, making this our most deluxe barrel sauna design. It is available in a variety of lumber types as a stylish Canopy Barrel Sauna.

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Product Description

The Grandview Sauna fits up to 8 people and measures a full 12” larger in diameter than our classic barrel saunas. The spacious interior allows for wider benches and flat duckboard flooring sections, making this our most deluxe barrel sauna design. It is available in a variety of lumber types as a stylish Canopy Barrel Sauna.


The Grandview Sauna is an 8-person sauna designed to fit a wide selection of personal preferences: it is available as a canopy barrel with an attractive outside sitting area in the front. It comes in either clear Western red cedar with no or minimal knots, rustic Western red cedar with a pleasing pattern of tight knots, and it comes standard with an 8.0kw electric heater with the option to upgrade to a high-performance wood-burning stove. Like our other barrel sauna models, the Grandview’s ball-and-socket profile is held in place with stainless steel straps, and the rounded walls help heat the room evenly and efficiently.


We use nothing but the finest lumber to craft our Grandview Barrel Saunas — solid, thick sections of cedar that are naturally resistant to the effects of the elements. The partially-assembled round sections, carefully planned staves, and custom support cradles are crafted with superior skill. The sauna also features thick tempered glass and stainless steel hardware and fasteners because the materials we select must, and do, meet our highest standards.


The Grandview Sauna comes standard with an 8kw heater. You can also upgrade to a wood-burning sauna stove with chimney installation kit. Stones, bucket, ladle, and thermometer/hygrometer also are included so that you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the authentic sauna experience. With the help of its high-performance heater, this unit will generally reach 190–195F in less than an hour.


Inside the sauna, soft LED lighting and opposite-facing benches set the mood for a genuinely relaxing experience. A keystone of quality, performance, and value, the Grandview Barrel Sauna is a lifelong option for the serious sauna bather.



  • Includes bucket, ladle and thermometer/hygrometer
  • Ball and socket lumber: 1-3/8″ thick
  • 2 choices of lumber: clear Western red cedar or rustic Western red cedar
  • Pre-assembled wall sections fit into dado-cut ball-and-socket stave profiles
  • Tempered glass door
  • Stainless steel bands, hinges, and fasteners
  • Interior LED light; 110v plug-in
  • Western cedar heater guard
  • Deluxe cedar support cradles
  • 2 opposite facing benches for sitting or reclining
  • Indoor or outdoor usage
  • Includes bucket, ladle and thermometer/hygrometer
  • Hand-crafted lumber profiles and end sections

Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Your sauna will arrive on a pallet, curbside. You can find further information on what to expect with shipping and details on our policy here.







Grandview 7+1

  • Item: AHGDV71RC (Clear Cedar) / AHGDV71RU (Rustic Cedar) 
  • Capacity: 8 People
  • Heater Size: 8.0kw, 220v, 40 Amp electrical requirement, hard-wire connect
  • Assembled Size: 84″W x 96″L x 89″H
  • Interior Room Size: 83″W x 75″L x 83″H
  • Interior Bench Dimensions: 20″W x 75″L x 22″H


  • Canopy porch size:: 83″W x 12″L x 83″H
  • Exterior Bench Dimensions: 20″W x 12″L x 22″H
  • Shipping Weight: 1,020 lbs
  • Shipping Size: 42″W x 96″L x 90″H
  • Note: All dimensions are approximate
  • Grandview 7+1 Technical Drawing



Vista Rear Window FAQ

  • Will the glass fog up during use?

As with the glass door, the window will fog up when you generate steam from pouring water on the hot sauna stones.  However, when the heat absorbs the steam in the room the window will clear up as well.



  • Will the Vista Window retain heat as well as a solid wood wall? 

Because of the circular design and efficient use of space within a barrel sauna, there is no measurable loss of heat when ordering the Vista window upgrade.


  • If the glass ever breaks, can it be replaced?

Certainly!  The exterior trim needs to be removed, a new pane of glass inserted, and then the trim reinstalled.

  • If I already have a barrel sauna can I add the Vista window to my sauna?

Unfortunately no.  The Vista window is factory installed and there is not a field upgrade option.  It is possible to install a new rear wall to your sauna with the Vista window, and you can contact our sales department for more details.


  • Are there maintenance issues to be aware of?

Other than periodically cleaning the glass there is nothing more that is needed in the way of maintenance.



  • Are there certain barrel sauna models where the Vista window will not work?

The Vista window can be installed in all barrel saunas.

Assembly Details

Sauna Assembly Level

Some handyman and assembly skills are helpful. Minimal sawing or modifying of certain components may be necessary. Two people can generally do the assembly in 4-6 hours. If you can build a birdhouse, this will be a breeze for you! learn more...

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