Indoor Saunas

Almost Heaven Saunas’ solid wood indoor saunas are made from thick, high-grade softwoods and come in several designs and sizes. All lumber sections are hand-crafted, and the unit will arrive in the form of a sauna kit which can be easily assembled by two individuals in just a handful of hours. For over 40 years, Almost Heaven Saunas has set the standard for all other home saunas, using the finest materials to create the best authentic experience for true sauna lovers. Don’t forget the health benefits of sauna use that are derived from the heat of a sauna and the steam that is generated by pouring water on the hot rocks! Opt for one of our indoor saunas in your home for constant access to these benefits. View a breakdown of all our saunas here.

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    Respite Series

    The Respite Series is a beautiful offering of handcrafted indoor saunas. Manufactured from softwoods that range from fir to cedar, these sauna rooms are equipped with a Finnish sauna heater. The Respite series offers sizes ranging from one to six persons. Our traditional steam saunas are DIY kits that are easy to assemble and provide the authentic sauna experience. View a breakdown of all the Respite indoor saunas here.
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    Sauna Assembly Level

    Minimal handyman skills are required. The only powered equipment needed is a cordless drill. Two people can generally do the assembly in 6 hours or less. If you can hang a picture you can do this! learn more...

  • Element Series Image

    Element Series

    Utilizing thick Nordic spruce, the Element Series features a combination of horizontal and vertical board patterns to create a contemporary indoor sauna design. The Element Series offers several traditional sauna designs that are sure to capture your attention as you shop for saunas! Our sauna kits are prefab units that can easily be assembled by two people in just a few hours. View the breakdown of all the Element indoor saunas here.
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    Sauna Assembly Level

    Some handyman and assembly skills are helpful. Minimal sawing or modifying of certain components may be necessary. Two people can generally do the assembly in 4-6 hours. If you can build a birdhouse, this will be a breeze for you! learn more...

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    Infrared Saunas

    The Almost Heaven Saunas home infrared saunas feature solid hemlock construction, tempered glass, and easy installation in any dry environment. Our far infrared saunas provide full-body benefits with dry, long-wave warmth produced by extra-wide carbon fiber heating panels. Far infrared is a region of the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation with the longest wavelength, and its heat provides the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation. Our Infrared saunas are easy to assemble and heat up quickly. View a breakdown of all the infrared saunas here and the Hybrid saunas here.
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