Infrared Saunas

The Almost Heaven Saunas Radiant Series of infrared home saunas features solid hemlock construction, red cedar accents, tempered glass, and easy installation in any dry environment. Our far infrared saunas provide full-body benefits with dry, long-wave warmth produced by extra-wide carbon fiber heating panels. Far infrared is a region of the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation with the longest wavelength, and its heat provides the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation. A Radiant Series sauna is easy to assemble and heats up quickly. Plus, they all come with soft lighting, Bluetooth audio, and a light therapy feature.

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    Radiant Series

    Our Radiant Series is a high quality portable infrared sauna that is available in one, two or three person sizes. Features include multiple color lighting, MP3 player with radio, Bluetooth, and dual control centers located both on the interior and exterior of the sauna room. Carbon fiber heating panels deliver natural infrared therapy that helps sooth sore muscles and joints.
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    Spectrum Series

    The Spectrum Series is a contemporary infrared sauna that features both carbon fiber heating panels as well as our high intensity spectrum heat light. A soft backrest allows you to relax in front of the spectrum light in ultimate comfort. The Spectrum Series provides one of the most therapeutic infrared experiences available, and it is only available from Almost Heaven Saunas.
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