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The Almost Heaven Saunas home infrared saunas feature solid hemlock construction, tempered glass, and easy installation in any dry environment. Our far infrared saunas provide full-body benefits with dry, long-wave warmth produced by extra-wide carbon fiber heating panels. Far infrared is a region of the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation with the longest wavelength, and its heat provides the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation. A Spectrum Series sauna is easy to assemble and heats up quickly. Plus, they all come with soft lighting, Bluetooth audio, and a light therapy feature.

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    Spectrum Series

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    Almost Heaven Saunas is pleased to present the Spectrum Series, our exclusive line-up of elegant Infrared Saunas. These models are contemporary and sleek, designed to be displayed proudly in any home. The Spectrum Series stands out with its smooth exterior and polished interior. The European design gives it a contemporary straight-lined look and feel with smooth white panels on the outside and an interior crafted from clear hemlock. Our extra-large carbon crystal heater panels and proprietary spectrum quartz lighting, coupled with Bluetooth audio speakers and a ceiling fan for airflow, make the Spectrum Series truly one of a kind.


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