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Almost Heaven Saunas’ signature outdoor sauna models are made from the finest softwoods that are handpicked by our lumber experts. Our simple barrel-shaped home saunas are highly effective, providing maximum usable space and allowing the sauna to heat quickly and efficiently. This attractive design comes in a variety of sizes to suit your personal and landscaping needs. Your unit will arrive in the form of a sauna kit, which can be easily assembled over the course of an afternoon.

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  • Saddle1

    Saddle Mountain Sauna

    $ 10,999.00

    The Saddle Mountain features large, thick beams and roof timbers. This outdoor cabin sauna seats up to 6 individuals and comes with pre-assembled benches and back rests. The Saddle Mountain sauna is made from sections of high-grade Spruce and is a welcome addition to any home, cottage or lodge.

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  • Princeton_No_Models_Large copy

    Barrel Sauna

    $ 5,599.00$ 10,999.00

    The Barrel Sauna by Almost Heaven Saunas has been a signature product for nearly 40 years. This simple design is highly effective, providing maximum useable space while minimizing excess cubic feet, which means the sauna will heat quickly and efficiently. These models are available in a number of sizes, and you may select from several different types of lumber.


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  • Sauna_Setting_3

    Canopy Barrel Sauna

    $ 6,499.00$ 11,199.00

    The Canopy Barrel Sauna is an Almost Heaven original. The front wall section is set back to enhance the look of the sauna with a functional and decorative porch. Like our standard Barrel Saunas, the Canopy Barrel Sauna is available in a variety of lengths and in different types of lumber.


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  • AHGDV71RC_Grandview7+1_lifestyle2

    Grandview Barrel Sauna

    $ 10,499.00$ 15,399.00

    The Grandview Sauna is available in a standard or canopy version and measures a full 12” larger in diameter than our classic barrel saunas. The spacious interior allows for wider benches and flat duckboard flooring sections, making this our most deluxe barrel sauna design. It is available in a variety of lumber types as a standard Barrel Sauna or as a stylish Canopy Barrel Sauna.

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  • S_Allegheny

    Allegheny Sauna

    $ 12,999.00

    The Allegheny Sauna with wood stove is designed for exceptional performance in any climate year-round. The peaked roof can handle a substantial snow load, and the front porch area serves as a place to cool off between sauna rounds. The Allegheny comes from Finland, birthplace of authentic sauna culture, and represents a time-honored practice to the fullest.


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  • HARPPALCH_Appalachia_white-back_sml

    Appalachia Sauna

    $ 15,499.00

    The Appalachia is a traditional cabin-style sauna that includes a changing room and front porch area. It can comfortably seat up to six individuals and includes a high-performance wood stove. This sauna is made in Finland by Harvia, sauna manufacturers of world renown.

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