Respite Series

The Respite Series is a beautiful offering of handcrafted indoor saunas. Manufactured from thick Nordic spruce and equipped with a Finnish sauna heater, the Respite series offers sizes ranging from one to six persons. Our traditional steam saunas are DIY kits that are easy to assemble and provide the authentic sauna experience.

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  • logan-sauna1

    Logan Sauna

    $ 5,299.00$ 7,499.00

    The Logan is a 1-person sauna that is perfect for any unused corner. Don’t let tight quarters keep you from relishing the healthful goodness of traditional sauna use.

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  • Madison_all_glass_door_brick_wall_1250x825 copy

    Madison Sauna

    $ 6,899.00$ 9,699.00

    The compact size of the Madison indoor steam sauna makes it ideal for when space is at a premium. It can go on any tile, ceramic, concrete, vinyl or laminate surface, and since all wall, ceiling and bench sections are manufactured at the factory, assembly in the home is simple and can be done in just a few hours.

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  • Bluestone_Props

    Bluestone Sauna

    $ 6,699.00$ 9,399.00

    The Bluestone is one of the most space-efficient models in the Almost Heaven Indoor Sauna collection. It comes with multi-level interior seating for 2–3 individuals and full-length glass panels on the front of the sauna give it an open, spacious feel. For a deeply renewing sweat bathing experience in any home, the Bluestone Sauna is an excellent choice.

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  • Rainell_Props_Large copy

    Rainelle Sauna

    $ 6,999.00$ 9,799.00

    The Rainelle Indoor Sauna features our exclusive fading glass panels. It is easy-to-assemble and aesthetically pleasing. The fading glass gives the sauna an open and spacious feel, while also cultivating an atmosphere of privacy and retreat. The multi-level seating is designed to comfortably fit up to 4 individuals.

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  • Grayson_glass_Door_props_1250x825 copy

    Grayson Sauna

    $ 7,199.00$ 10,099.00

    The Grayson Sauna is an easy-to-assemble indoor sauna designed to turn any part of your home into a personal paradise. Created to take up a small footprint and handcrafted with top-tier materials, the Grayson blends efficiency with beauty. This sauna will heat up in as little as 30 minutes, so you can enjoy your Grayson whenever inspiration strikes.

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  • Preston_glass_door_props_1250x825 copy

    Preston Sauna

    $ 7,399.00$ 10,399.00

    The Preston Sauna uses solid, thick sections of lumber for a robust, energy-efficient design. This model is capable of seating 6 people and has multi-level seating for a tailored sauna bathing experience.

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  • Braxton_glass_door_Props_1250x825 copy

    Braxton Sauna

    $ 7,599.00$ 10,699.00

    The Braxton is one of Almost Heaven’s largest indoor saunas. This stylish sauna features a full glass door and two full glass panels on the front, as well as a long easy-to-open cylindrical handle. These features create an inviting and spacious sauna experience. On the interior, the Braxton offers long benches, perfect for lying down or sitting with family and friends. This sauna is designed to be enjoyed by up to 6 individuals.

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  • Bridgeport_With_Props_2_Small copy

    Bridgeport Sauna

    $ 7,399.00$ 10,399.00

    The Bridgeport offers the longest interior benches in the U.S.-made Almost Heaven Saunas Indoor Sauna collection. This stylish sauna features a long upper bench for lying down and a long lower bench with an L extension. Ample glass on the front wall creates a spacious feeling within the sauna, making it an inviting environment for up to 6 individuals.

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