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This summer, our project was the Saddle Mountain Sauna in preparation for Ski season. It was an amazing experience. Dealing with Jane and Kellen at Almost Heaven was a pleasure, and full of competence and attention to detail. A good start to the project as my scheduling had been very complicated. Then the product arrived, and things only got better.

The Saddle mountain is an incredibly well built structure and is actually fun to build. The woodwork fits together effortlessly and the attention to detail is superior. And to make things perfect, it looks Amazing! The family and friends were all thrilled at the look and the performance. Really never had such an intense Sauna. You could of course turn it down, but you have the choice. On other’s product, the walls are so poorly insulated and the walls so leaky that getting to temperature is time consuming… if you get there at all. With the Saddle mountain, the thick wood is such a good insulator that we got up to 150˚ in only 22 minutes. Add some water, and you will get there faster.

Do yourself a favor and skip the alternatives. I had already committed to a lesser product from a competitor when they didn’t keep their word on price. That made me look and I found Almost Heaven. A bad situation turned into my good luck since I got to deal with decent people and got a superior product. Really pinched myself several times for having accidentally upgraded to a vastly better Sauna for the same price.

Now we can’t wait for ski season!

September 12, 2019 •