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Eddie Eddie

On every military base there is a proper sauna in the change rooms, usually about 165-170*F and a no water on the rock policy. Even with that lower temp and no steam policy, I was hooked from 18.
Fast fwd 30 years and collective madness closed our gyms, our saunas and our pools. As a 3-4 times a week gym sauna user I lasted about 45 days. My sleep was terrible, I was stressed out and my gym routine was basics, push-ups, sit-ups and a short run. With no end (still) is sight I spend a few days shopping all the options. I liked everything I read about Almost Heaven Saunas. Competitive prices, check. Made in the USA, check. Great customer service, check. I bought mine on Thursday night and by Friday they had all sold out.
It came flat packed and I read the instructions for the Nth time one last time.
Using a few tricks I was easily able to assemble it by myself in under 6 hours. I did not use the nail gun, as the kit includes everything you need such as nails and screws. You have to hammer about 40-50 nails in the staves and it wasn’t too hard to do by hand. Triple check you level and true throughout so you don’t introduce a twist as you mallet the staves in place. Also leave one of the benches off until after the electrician hooks up the heater so they have more than enough room to move about. Once it’s all hooked up tighten the staves, re-torque the screws throughout, tap the staves with the mallet, and check level an true.
All in all a satisfying days work!
It easily gets to 190*F in the first hour and smells amazing. A little sanding with a mouse sander will go a long way and will some cedar oil.
All in all a significantly better experience than the old base gymnasium sauna and markedly better than even the nice spas that have Sauna. Can’t believe I waited this long to get one and I’m so glad I did.

August 10, 2020 •