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We have been enjoying our “Huntington” barrel sauna for slightly over a year now. After considering a number of different barrel saunas, we decided to visit Almost Heaven’s Holland show room while vacationing in Michigan. We were impressed with the construction of the floor models and felt very comfortable with Kellen’s straightforward approach and help. Before we left Michigan we had purchased the 6-person barrel model. Neither I nor my husband have much experience building things, but we managed to put the barrel together in one day. Preparing the barrel’s resting spot was far more difficult! Our first winter using the sauna was marvelous, especially when the weather was snowy. While it never got above 140F, a temperature I was fine with, my husband wanted it to get to 160F.
Last August we re-visited the Holland showroom and Kellen gave us detailed instructions on what we needed to do to increase the heat. My husband did so and all is perfect. Our teenage daughter, who first pooh-poohed it, has even taken a liking to the sauna. We are so happy we choose Almost Heaven—and their customer service is incredible.

December 23, 2019 •