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Sunni Hansen

We love our sauna! When COVID and quarantine hit in Spring 2020 we were missing hot yoga and the sauna at the gym. We decided to purchase a sauna. We bought the 6 person Bridgeport. The sauna is in our garage. We were able to build it ourselves (electric screwdriver necessary) and did hire an electrician to wire the heater. The sauna heats quickly. Up to 130 in 25 minutes even in the winter months. Easily gets to 150 or 165 degrees. We like it hot. We use the sauna almost everyday. Usually 6 days a week. We are happy with the purchase, best COVID purchase we made. We love the blog posts by Almost Heaven – great information on cleaning and health benefits. We have purchased a few accessories and the customer service is great. Highly recommend this company.

February 22, 2021 •