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Almost Heaven Saunas offers a wide selection of top class accessories to enhance your sauna experience. All accessories are made with smooth Nordic Spruce or red cedar, complimenting any of our indoor or outdoor saunas. Create an atmosphere that is comfortable and unique to you with accessories like back rests, sand timers, and magazine racks. Whether you prefer a dry or steam sauna, accessories such as the bucket, and ladle are essential for a traditional sauna experience. If you can’t decide, we also offer the Cedar Sauna Accessory Kit and the Indoor or Outdoor Sauna Accent Packages that include a variety of practical products such as robe hooks and sauna flooring. Adding accessories is a great way to enhance your sauna experience. Shop online today for the perfect additions to your sauna.

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  • Salt_Wall_5_1250x825

    Backlit Therapeutic Pink Salt

    $ 499.00

    Almost Heaven Saunas is excited to offer pure Himalayan Pink Salt as a natural and beautiful accent to your sauna.

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  • Holiday_50_Holiday_Gift_Box_800x800

    Holiday Gift Box

    $ 149.00

    For the holiday season, Almost Heaven Saunas has designed a gift box just for you! The gift box includes one of a kind Almost Heaven items such as an embroidered sauna towel, an Almost Heaven mug, a tote bag, mountable robe hook, and our new box of essential oils—pine, ylang ylang, lavender, cedarwood, frankincense, eucalyptus, […]

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  • IndoorSaunaPkg_RegPrice800x800 copy

    Indoor Sauna Accent Package

    $ 1,099.00

    Upgrade your indoor sauna with a package deal of Almost Heaven Sauna’s most popular accessories.   Included in the accent package are the following:

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  • LED_Bar800x800

    LED Light Bar

    $ 79.00$ 99.00

    The Almost Heaven Saunas LED light bar comes in both 30″ and 52″ length. The bar is mounted in a cedar deflector frame that allows the light to be directed along the wall or bench on which it is mounted. The LED bar is versatile and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall […]

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  • OutdoorSaunaPkg_RegPrice_B800x800-new

    Outdoor Sauna Accent Package

    $ 1,499.00

    Upgrade your outdoor sauna with a package deal of Almost Heaven Sauna’s most popular accessories.   Included in the accent package are the following:

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  • Sauna Rain Jacket  Indicate sauna model + color choice at checkout.  Color options include tan, maroon, green, and navy.

    Barrel Sauna Rain Jacket

    $ 249.00$ 399.00

    Accent your barrel sauna with our stylish barrel sauna rain jackets. Crafted with hand-sewn marine grade canvas, the rain jacket is lightweight and can easily be installed or removed at a moment’s notice. Each jacket securely Velcro’s onto the bands of your barrel sauna and can be left on as an all year aesthetic or […]

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  • Floor_kit_1250x825

    Barrel Sauna Floor Kit

    $ 249.00$ 399.00

    Level the floor of your barrel sauna with our Barrel Sauna Floor Kit. Designed to rest on the curve of the barrel sauna floor, the kit provides a sturdy and level surface. Crafted from red cedar, these durable floor kits come in custom fit sections that are free standing and easily installed in any new […]

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  • Accessory Kit

    Cedar Sauna Accessory Set

    $ 229.00

    If you are looking to enhance your sauna experience, consider our red cedar accessory kit. This set provides you with all of our best-selling accessories including our back rest, leg lift, drink shelf, magazine rack, and robe hook. All accessories are made from the same decorative and durable red cedar lumber and fit perfectly with […]

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  • Shelf

    Cedar Sauna Drink Shelf

    $ 35.00

    Like many of Almost Heaven’s sauna accessories, the drink shelf is made with natural red cedar. Not only is it decorative, but it can easily be installed on any flat surface either on the interior or exterior of your sauna. The cedar wood is durable and fits in flawlessly with any of our outdoor or […]

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  • Step_Stool_1250x825

    Sauna Step

    $ 129.00

    Almost Heaven Saunas offers the sauna step to assist getting in and out of your barrel sauna more easily. The sauna step is designed using sturdy red cedar, and provides a lovely and welcoming accent to the front of your sauna. The sauna step is free-standing and can be used with any Almost Heaven outdoor […]

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