Sauna Accessories

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  • LED_Bar800x800

    LED Light Bar

    $ 79.00$ 99.00

    The Almost Heaven Saunas LED light bar comes in both 30″ and 52″ length. The bar is mounted in a cedar deflector frame that allows the light to be directed along the wall or bench on which it is mounted. The LED bar is versatile and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall […]

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  • Roof Kit Accessory (Sold Separately)

    Barrel Sauna Roof Kit

    $ 299.00$ 349.00

    The Barrel Sauna Roof Kit is the perfect solution for insuring that no water drops into your barrel sauna.  Available for both our 6′ and 8′ long barrel saunas, the roof kit is easy to install and can be placed on new or existing barrel saunas.  The kit consists of roofing felt that lays over […]

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  • Accessory Kit

    Cedar Sauna Accessory Set

    $ 195.00

    Our cedar sauna accessory set contains a red cedar back rest, leg rest, drink shelf, magazine rack and robe hook. This set provides everything you need to fully enhance your sauna experience. This is your best value on the collection of our best selling accessories!

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  • Shelf

    Cedar Sauna Drink Shelf

    $ 32.00

    The drink shelf can be installed on any flat surface on either the interior or exterior of the sauna. This western Canadian red cedar shelf is ideal for placing your cold drink within easy reach, or can also be used to set your glasses or other personal items on while enjoying your sauna.

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  • Back Rest

    Cedar Sauna Back Rest

    $ 65.00

    Our red cedar back rest is made from the same high grade western Canadian red cedar that is used in our Almost Heaven Saunas. The slats are glued and screwed with stainless steel screws for added strength and longevity. The back rest is designed to fit in the small of your back and provide added […]

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  • Head-Rest

    Cedar Sauna Head Rest

    $ 52.00

    When lying down, our red cedar head rest allows you to lift your head just a bit while lying down on the bench. As with all our red cedar accessories, the slats are glued and screwed with stainless steel screws for maximum strength and durability.

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  • Leg Support

    Cedar Sauna Leg Rest

    $ 75.00

    As with all of our wood accessories, the leg rest is constructed from western Canadian red cedar, the same high quality lumber that is used in our saunas. Slats are glued and screwed to the supports with stainless steel screws for added strength. The leg rest is designed to fit under the back of your […]

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  • Havia_StainlessSteelSet

    Deluxe Accessory Kit

    $ 225.00

    Deluxe stainless steel accessory kit by Harvia. Includes bucket, ladle, thermometer, and hygrometer.

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  • Rolled_Duckboard-1440x1362

    Duckboard Floor Mat

    $ 195.00

    The Duckboard Floor Mat is constructed from fir and comes in a rolled section to fit any of the Almost Heaven indoor saunas. The Duckboard Floor Mat lies in front of the sauna benches and allows you to enhance the look and feel of your sauna. Place it over the existing concrete, tile, vinyl or […]

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  • Harvia_Aroma_Oils-1440x1360

    Sauna Scented Oils

    $ 22.95

    For a complete sensory experience, you may enjoy one of these sauna aromas from Harvia.  To create a delightful and relaxing scented mist, mix some fragrance in a bucket of water and sprinkle the mixture over the heated rocks.  Try one of multiple scents. Comes in a 500ml bottle.  (Recommended dilution: 1 part scent to 20 […]

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