Sauna Accessories

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  • Back Rest

    Cedar Sauna Back Rest

    $ 65.00

    Our red cedar back rest is specifically designed to fit against any flat surface in your outdoor or indoor sauna. The slight curve of the wooden slats allows for the small of your back to feel supported and at ease in any seated or lounging position. This accessory is free standing and can be strategically […]

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  • Head-Rest

    Cedar Sauna Head Lift

    $ 52.00

    If you prefer to lie down in your sauna consider Almost Heaven’s red cedar head lift. The lift is freestanding and can be moved to wherever is most comfortable and convenient for each individual. The slight angle of the wooden slats provides the perfect pillow, lifting your head just enough to support your neck and […]

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  • Leg Support

    Cedar Sauna Leg Lift

    $ 75.00

    As with all of our wooden accessories, the leg lift is constructed from red cedar lumber. The smooth slope of the leg lift is designed to fit underneath the back of your knees while stretching out and relaxing in your sauna. The leg lift is free standing and can be strategically placed in order to […]

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  • Havia_StainlessSteelSet

    Deluxe Accessory Kit

    $ 225.00

    The Harvia sauna accessories kit includes a stainless-steel bucket, a ladle, and an easy-to-read thermometer/hygrometer. This accessories kit goes with your sauna like water goes with the sauna stones – and puts a finishing touch on your stylish decoration scheme. Stainless steel withstands changes in humidity and temperature remarkably well, making it a long-lasting material […]

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  • Rolled_Duckboard-1440x1362

    Duckboard Floor Mat

    $ 195.00

    The Duckboard Floor Mat is constructed from fir and comes in a rolled section to fit any of the Almost Heaven indoor saunas. The Duckboard Floor Mat lies in front of the sauna benches and allows you to enhance the look and feel of your sauna. Place it over the existing concrete, tile, vinyl or […]

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  • FloorKit_J

    Entrance Mat

    $ 149.00

    Take your sauna experience one step further with Almost Heaven’s Saunas Entrance Mat. The entrance mat is constructed of smooth red cedar, and is designed to fit any of our indoor or outdoor saunas. The entrance mat is free standing and can be placed over existing flooring, giving your sauna a clean and welcoming look. […]

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  • Floor kits come stacked as shown when shipped, depending on the sauna size.

    Sauna Floor Kit

    $ 299.00$ 399.00

    The Sauna Floor Kit is constructed from smooth red cedar and is designed to fit in any Almost Heaven Respite Series indoor sauna. These sturdy custom fit sections are free standing and can easily be installed in any new or existing sauna, creating an even cozier feel and look. Place the floor kit over existing […]

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  • Harvia_Aroma_Oils-1440x1360

    Sauna Scented Oils

    $ 29.00

    For a complete sensory experience, we offer five natural sauna aromas from Harvia: Citrus, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Birch, and Pine. Each scented oil is unique and can be used on its own or blended with another oil (or two) creating an atmosphere of relaxation and health. Each of the oils give off a relaxing or rejuvenating […]

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  • sauna-audio-system-with-phone

    Sauna Audio System

    $ 299.00

    The sauna audio system consists of an amplifier, audio jack, and speakers allowing you to operate your MP3, iPhone, or other device while in your sauna. The items are pre-assembled in a single attractive unit that can be mounted beneath a lower bench within the sauna and can plug into any 110v outlet in all […]

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  • Havia_Clock_Straight

    Sauna Clock

    $ 90.00

    Like many of our sauna accessories, this decorative wooden wall clock blends in perfectly with the wooden aesthetics of your sauna. It is not suitable to be hung inside of your sauna, but can be mounted on a nearby wall or in a changing room, helping to create a sauna atmosphere before you even enter […]

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