Sauna Accessories

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  • Harvia_Aroma_Oils-1440x1360

    Sauna Scented Oils

    $ 29.00

    For a complete sensory experience, we offer five natural sauna aromas from Harvia: Citrus, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Birch, and Pine. Each scented oil is unique and can be used on its own or blended with another oil (or two) creating an atmosphere of relaxation and health. Each of the oils give off a relaxing or rejuvenating […]

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  • Havia_Clock_Straight

    Sauna Clock

    $ 90.00

    Like many of our sauna accessories, this decorative wooden wall clock blends in perfectly with the wooden aesthetics of your sauna. It is not suitable to be hung inside of your sauna, but can be mounted on a nearby wall or in a changing room, helping to create a sauna atmosphere before you even enter […]

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  • Book-Rack

    Sauna Magazine Rack

    $ 52.00

    With the help of our red cedar magazine rack, you can always have a good book or your favorite magazine on hand without ever having to leave the relaxing heat of your sauna. As with all of our accessories, it is easily installed with the provided stainless steel screws and pre-drilled holes. All you need […]

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  • Sauna Robe Hook

    Sauna Robe Hook

    $ 23.00

    For convenient hanging of your robe or towel, we offer our red cedar robe hook. The robe hook can easily be installed in any of our indoor or outdoor saunas on any flat surface. This simple and durable hook is made to go on the interior or the exterior of your sauna, wherever you choose […]

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  • Sand_Timer_1250x825 copy

    Sauna Sand Timer

    $ 42.00

    Keep track of how much time has elapsed while in your sauna with Almost Heaven’s Sand Timer. Set the timer to periodically take breaks, rehydrate, or jump in a cool shower. This classic sand timer can be mounted opposite the heater on any flat wall in your sauna.

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  • Sauna-Rocks

    Sauna Stones 40lbs

    $ 49.00

    Sauna stones are designed for use in any traditional sauna heater. They are easily stacked and allow for good air circulation, helping the water splashed on them to vaporize effectively. One box of stones is 40 lbs and can fill up to an 8.0kw heater.

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  • Thermometer

    Sauna Thermometer – 4″ Chrome

    $ 29.00

    This chrome sauna thermometer is a must for your sauna, showing both the temperature and humidity levels. The thermometer has a metal frame and glass front, enabling it to withstand the high temperatures and steam of a traditional sauna.

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  • Havia_Thermometer

    Sauna Thermometer/Hygrometer

    $ 39.00

    Know when your sauna is at the perfect temperature with the wooden thermometer and hygrometer. The wooden thermometer and hygrometer shows both the temperature and the humidity levels in your sauna. The wooden frame naturally fits in any of our outdoor and indoor saunas.

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  • Bucket_Only

    Wood Sauna Bucket with Liner

    $ 49.00

    Almost Heaven Saunas offers a wooden sauna bucket with a plastic liner to help you more conveniently enjoy a steam sauna. This 4-liter bucket has a plastic liner, keeping the bucket clean and easily maintained. A wooden bucket is necessary for any traditional sauna experience. Use the wooden sauna ladle to sprinkle water on the […]

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  • Ladle_Only

    Wood Sauna Ladle

    $ 19.00

    For a rejuvenating burst of steam, use the wooden sauna ladle to safely sprinkle water on the hot rocks in your heater. Pair with the wooden sauna bucket for a stylish, decorative, and practical addition to your sauna.

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