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Our traditional steam saunas all come with high-quality Harvia heaters from Finland, a perfect match with our beautiful home saunas.

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  • KIP heater

    KIP Electric Sauna Heater

    $ 559.00$ 599.00

    The Harvia KIP is a traditional wall-mounted heater with built in controls. The heater is constructed of stainless steel, and the exterior is polished for added beauty. The heater has a large stone cavity for optimal heat release, and the dual wall construction allows the exterior of the heater to remain cool. The left dial […]

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  • KIP heater_digital_controls_HighRes

    KIP Electric Sauna Heater with Tethered Control

    $ 898.00$ 928.00

    The Harvia KIP is a traditional wall-mounted heater, and these models come with a digital tethered control panel. This panel can be mounted on the outside of your sauna for easy access and can be used to adjust the temperature, humidity, and lighting inside the sauna The heater is constructed of stainless steel, and the […]

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  • Topclass_electric1

    Topclass Electric Sauna Heater

    $ 759.00$ 799.00

    The Harvia Topclass heater is designed to be user friendly, with the controls located on the top of the heater for easy access. The control panel is illuminated for added effect, making the controls easy to see in the dim light of a sauna room. The heater mounts on the sauna wall, and the entire […]

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  • Club-Heater_800x800

    Club Electric Sauna Heater

    $ 1,398.00$ 1,498.00

    The Club heaters from Harvia are designed to serve as true super heaters capable of performing for large numbers of users from morning til night. Heaters used in large saunas or on a continuous basis must be functional, efficient and comfortable to use. The floor-mounted Club electric heaters are of world-famous Harvia quality. They are […]

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  • Forte_electric3

    Forte Electric Sauna Heater

    $ 1,999.00$ 2,099.00

    The Harvia Forte is always ready for bathing without any pre-heating. Open the heater cover, get on the bench, throw some water on the hot stones, and sit back to enjoy. The Forte guarantees that you can have a humid and soft bath immediately whenever you want it, and the sauna temperature will rise if […]

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  • M3_square

    M3 Wood-Burning Sauna Heater

    $ 599.00

    The Harvia M3 wood-burning sauna heater has a classic design and is suitable for smaller outdoor saunas. It turns a sauna bath into a pleasurable experience and adds a touch of traditional sauna atmosphere. The even heat and efficient air circulation guarantee an enjoyable sauna bath. It comes equipped with a glass door, allowing the warm […]

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  • Pro-20_Wood-Burning

    20 Pro Wood-Burning Sauna Heater

    $ 799.00$ 1,099.00

    The Harvia 20 Pro gives a good hot sauna bath in medium-sized saunas. It has a large stone cavity and an air-flow spoiler made of stainless steel. The warm glow of the fire seen through the glass door adds to the sauna atmosphere. This model also features adjustable legs to facilitate installation, and the outer […]

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  • Legend150

    Legend Wood-Burning Sauna Heater

    $ 999.00$ 1,099.00

    The Harvia Legend 150 offers a comfortably humid environment for smaller saunas. The stove is a treat for the eye and for the sauna bather. It comes equipped with a glass door framed with cast-iron, allowing the warm glow of the fire to complement the sauna atmosphere. The adjustable legs make the stove easy to place in […]

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  • Grandview-sauna-wood-burning-heater

    Wood-Burning Heater Installation Kit

    $ 15.00$ 1,195.00

    The wood-burning heater installation kit allows you to vent your sauna wood stove through the top of the Barrel Sauna. The kit includes all of the necessary components to do a complete installation of a wood-burning stove. The kit is compatible with all of the Harvia wood burning stoves offered by Almost Heaven Saunas , […]

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