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Thank you for visiting our site! You can find all the main information about Almost Heaven Saunas, plus logos and branding colors and fonts on this page. Please feel free to use the information and images in this page for new articles, interviews, and the like. Thanks again!

About Almost Heaven Saunas

Almost Heaven Saunas has been building traditional wooden saunas in West Virginia for nearly 40 years by hand. Our saunas are of the highest quality, built by hand, and designed to promote amazing health benefits that only sauna can provide.

  • Learn about our high quality supplies and expert craftsmen here.
  • Read about how our classic barrel design differs from normal sauna rooms here.
  • See how our modern indoor sauna models are designed to fit any home and need here.
  • Learn how our saunas can help people relax and live healthier here.
  • Our saunas are all built right here in the United States, learn why we think that’s so important here.
  • All our high quality Harvia sauna heaters are imported from Finland, learn more about Harvia here.
  • Read our featured article in the January 2018 Costco Connection magazine here.


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Full-Size Logo with White Background

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Logo Font: Futura Condensed Medium
Title Font: Futura PT-Book
Body Font: Unit Slab Regular


Yellow: #e0a03e

Crimson: #c55743

Light Tan: #f4efe9

Off-White: #f9f7f3

Black: #292526

Light Yellow: #edd4b1