2023 Sauna Photo-Contest Checklist

It is becoming more and more popular to incorporate both infrared and traditional sauna experiences into a health routine! While traditional saunas offer cardiovascular and respiratory benefits, infrared saunas are well known for their ability to alleviate achy muscles and joints, particularly after an intense workout! 

We are excited to announce our largest giveaway yet! We will give away 1 infrared sauna to a lucky winner. The winner will choose from the Infralux, Solar Pro, or the Athens *in stock models and sizes only*

  1. Follow Almost Heaven Saunas on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  2. Send an image of your Almost Heaven Sauna to stella@almostheaven.com by 12:00am EST on 1/26/23. Make sure it is a winning worthy photo!
    • In the email, include the name of your social media usernames
    • Include the Model Name of the Almost Heaven Sauna
      • Note: These images will be posted on social media and our website
      • We will not ask for any payment, so be careful of fraud accounts and scams


How To Win: Bracket Style Elimination
  • 2 images will be posted on each social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)
  • Each profile can comment to vote ONCE on each platform
  • After 24 hours, the photo with the most votes will go onto the next round
  • The highest total amount of votes will go onto the next round
  • Once a winner is selected, they can choose from the in stock infrared models and sizes (InfraLux, Solar Pro, or Athens)


To encourage the pairing of traditional and IR saunas, all of our infrared saunas have clearance pricing. No matter who wins this competition!  


*Must be 18+ years old

** Must live within continental USA