Saunas 101

Learn About Saunas

Learn About Saunas

Almost Heaven Saunas manufactures traditional, authentic saunas that deliver an exceptional sauna experience. Whether heated with electric or wood, an Almost Heaven Sauna will get hot, creating a “dry” sauna. Sprinkling water on the hot rocks creates a “wet” sauna due to the substantial moisture that engulfs the room in the form of steam.

While there are many ways to construct a sauna, our saunas are manufactured exclusively from solid lumber without the use of laminates or non-wood materials. Additionally, we build our Barrel Saunas with Western red cedar, the choicest of sauna wood due to the texture, color and aroma the lumber provides. Red cedar is an excellent insulator due to the porous nature of the wood, and our thick red cedar staves make our saunas extremely energy efficient.

Almost Heaven Saunas are unique in that our solid wood construction is applied to both our indoor traditional saunas and our famous outdoor barrel saunas. All of our saunas are constructed with minimal fasteners and are designed to withstand the substantial temperature fluctuations in a sauna in all types of weather.

Our saunas are hand-built at our factory in West Virginia, and the quality of workmanship is evident in every detail. Regardless of the size, shape or type of Almost Heaven Sauna you purchase, you can be confident of the quality and performance that are inherent in every sauna we build.

Health Benefits

While only your doctor can determine the physical benefits of sauna use for you, some of the common health benefits that users experience on a regular basis when using an Almost Heaven Sauna are: weight loss, arthritis relief, toxin release, enhanced immune system, endorphin release, improved circulation, improved skin tone, respiratory effects and relaxation.

Visit our sauna health benefits page for more details

Health Benefits
Before Buying a Sauna

Things to Know Before Buying a Sauna

The experienced user is quite familiar with the proper definitions of the sauna experience, but the average person can get confused by all the terminology. Suffice it to say there is much well-intentioned yet inaccurate information out there, especially on the internet.

At Almost Heaven Saunas we want you to make a well-informed decision when purchasing a sauna.