Care & Maintenance

Your sauna is a long-term investment; with the proper care and maintenance, it will last upwards of 20 years. Here are our recommendations to ensure that every sauna feels like the first one:  

Every Few Weeks

-Wipe down the benches with a towel, and use warm water when necessary.

-Vacuum, sweep, or dust the interior.

-Clean any glass.


For all traditional saunas:

-Remove the stones from the heater cavity and check for any cracks. Replace the stones as needed.

-Use a hand vacuum on the heater cavity to remove any dust, debris, or small chipped stones.

-Rinse the sauna stones and thoroughly dry them before returning them to the heater cavity.

-Use fine-grit sandpaper on any tough stains.


Specifics to Outdoor Saunas

-Use a low-pressure wash on the exterior of the sauna to return it to its original coloring.

-If you stained the exterior, check for any weathered spots and patch up as needed.

-Check the barrel sauna band tension. If it is loose, check for any gaps in the staves and use filler staves to create a tight seal. 

For more cleaning specifics, check out the following blogs:

Preparing Your Sauna Space

Congratulations on your sauna purchase! While you eagerly anticipate its arrival, here are some tips to help you prepare your space for the sauna.

First, check out our page on shipping so that you will be ready for the pallet.

If you purchased an indoor sauna, be sure to read all about choosing the right floor. Finally, don’t forget to check out our blog all about sauna routines so that you will be ready to craft yours when the time comes.

If you purchased a barrel sauna, check out our blog on prepping your site. You won’t want to miss our barrel sauna building tips, either.

If you have any questions before the sauna arrives, feel free to reach out to our customer service team—we are always happy to help!