Standard Barrel Sauna Switzerland

Standard Barrel Sauna in Switzerland

We know you love your sauna year-round. To be sure you will have it to use for years to come, take a winter assessment and do some routine maintenance. Keeping and maintaining a sauna is much simpler than maintaining a swimming pool.

The health and stress-reduction benefits of sauna exponentially outweigh the basic and minimal maintenance required to keep your equipment running beautifully.

Begin with a high-quality Almost Heaven Sauna construction to assure a long life for your sauna, then make note of a few mid-winter tips to keep your sauna working beautifully.

Indoor Sauna Maintenance

An indoor sauna will not require protection from the elements, but you still will want to do some basic, routine maintenance. Vacuum out your sauna periodically to remove any dust or debris. If you want to clean the interior, use a mild solution of baking soda and water and a soft cloth to gently rub and clean any perspiration or dirt spots.

Sit on a towel during sauna use to help reduce or prevent some sweat or dead cells staining the wood.

Because of the high heat of a sauna, it will not require the same, regular deep cleaning of a bathroom, but it’s good to do some basic, regular checking to prevent any potential mildew and bacteria from developing. Use gentle cleaners and your sauna will stay fresh and clean.
About once each year, take fine sandpaper and sand down and clean your benches or any interior stains. This can easily remove any stains and give you a new, smooth finish.

Never stain or varnish the interior of a sauna! This will not only inhibit proper functioning of the sauna, but could cause unhealthy vapors and breathing conditions. If you want to stain the exterior of your indoor sauna to match your decor, that’s fine, but be sure to select an appropriate finish from your local paint store. Be sure to have the area well-ventilated while staining and drying.

Outdoor Sauna Maintenance

An outdoor sauna is exposed to light, wind, rain, and harsher weather year-round. We make all our saunas with high-quality wood and parts so they are designed to hold up well to years of weather. But to be sure your sauna serves you as long as possible, here are a few tips.

Sit on a towel during sauna use to help reduce or prevent some sweat or dead cells staining the wood.

Vacuum out the sauna every few uses to prevent dust, dirt, or tracked-in leaves.

Check your unit every few months for water seepage if you live in a wet or snowy climate. Tighten barrel staves if you have our barrel sauna unit. Especially after you first assemble your barrel sauna, the wood will be adjusting to your climate and the temperature, so check to be sure everything is snug. If the bands are loose, you may add extra staves to ensure the exterior is tightly sealed.

The wood Almost Heaven Saunas uses is both functional and beautiful. There is no need to stain or varnish yours as it will weather well. To make the exterior wood last for years, however, low-pressure wash the exterior periodically. This can help remove dust, debris, mildew, etc. much as you might clean off your home’s roof.
You can clean out the unit with a gentle spray of water (not power wash) and a mild cleaning solution after every few uses.

Although the wood we use will age well, you can choose to stain the exterior (never the interior!) with a UV inhibitor stain to help ward off sunlight’s fading effects. Sunny climates may need a more frequent re-application of stain.

Periodically check your sauna stones for any cracking. Although designed to last, the change in heat over time can lead to cracks. AHS carries replacement stones if you need them.

For more details on our available sauna models and their upkeep, give us a call at 888-355-3050, email sales@almostheaven.com, or visit devah.wpengine.com.

Checklist for Sauna Maintenance

Every Few Uses
Wipe down any perspiration spots with a solution of water and baking soda.
Vacuum out dust.
Gently rinse out unit and use a mild cleaner as necessary.

Check sauna stones for cracking.
Power wash the exterior (on outdoor models).
Check outdoor sauna exterior for any loose parts or wear.
Sand down benches and any stains with fine-grain sandpaper.
If you have stained your outdoor sauna, check for weathered spots or chipping. Re-stain or patch as needed.