Outdoor Sauna Winter
Ah, winter! The holidays, the cheer, the shopping. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Except when it’s not. Winter is also unfortunately the months when cases of colds and the flu tend to peak in number and severity.

While mom’s chicken soup and a good night's sleep may go a long way in relieving cold and flu miseries, why not use sauna year-round to boost your immunity and sidestep those illnesses altogether?

Much as we all love the holidays, they can also be the most stressful time of the year. Family gatherings, cold and dark weather with sleet, rain, and snow, financial stress of the holidays, and end-of-year expenses can be a challenge as well. Sometimes the hardest part of the day is just getting out of bed on a dark, dreary morning.

We can help.

Almost Heaven Saunas offers five reasons to use your sauna even more in the cold months to fight the winter blues as well as the aches, pains, and illnesses that tend to tag along with the cold.

In Finland and other Scandinavian countries, sauna has long been used as a health-enhancer and immunity-booster. Those benefits are just now becoming known here with the growing popularity of sauna in the US. The stress-relieving and muscle pain reduction benefits of sauna are well-documented.

1. Relax your stressed body. A warm wet/dry heat environment (sauna) relaxes aching and stressed muscles. Medical studies have associated stress and its physical results with up to 75% of doctor visits (1). Stress isn’t doing our bodies any favors, and actively seeking to unknot those tight muscles is an all-over body benefit.

2. Help your sleep to be more restful. More sleep doesn’t necessarily help if your rest isn’t restorative, such as when you are under extreme stress. That stress, along with the resultant exhaustion, contributes to a weak immune system. A relaxed body is better set to fight illness. Relax in your sauna, then look forward to a restful night.

3. Detox! The sauna heat causes your body to sweat. This, combined with adequate hydration, is a great way to detox your system from the everyday onslaught along with those nasty cough and sneeze exposures we receive all day long. The endorphin release associated with sauna is also an immune system (and mood!) booster.

4. Socialize with sauna. Don’t keep the health benefits of sauna to yourself. Make sure to invite your loved ones—friend and family—to join you. Social connections are a known deterrent to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. Having a sauna in your own home or backyard also means you don’t have to go far on dark, rainy nights, but just take a few steps to your own personal sauna.

5. Strengthen your heart. Heart attacks occur every 40 seconds in the US (2). But studies in Finland and Japan show a high correlation between regular sauna use and improved circulation, immune system, and lower re-occurrence of heart issues. A happy, healthy heart is a great place to start improving your health.

Almost Heaven Saunas has been crafting authentic saunas in the Finnish tradition for nearly 40 years.  Our company offers a wide range of both indoor and outdoor models to make sauna accessible for all income levels. 

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