Common Questions - The long term effects on an outdoor sauna

It is extremely common to experience lumber changing shape, color, and size. The lumber used in an Almost Heaven Sauna is untreated and raw lumber. 

What to do if you experience mold in your sauna.

Do not worry! This is common in humid and wet climates. You have some options:

First, we recommend a mild remover product (which can be found at many grocery/hardware stores). Try to find one without bleach, so the lumber is not discolored.

Second, if there are residuals, make a paste with baking soda and water and scrub!

Third, if there is staining, you can sand down the affected area.

To help prevent future growth, you can wipe down wet spots after use and air them out. You can also turn the heater on after rainfall to ensure there is little water in the lumber.
Remember: Mold is a part of natural environments, sauna usage and drying it out when wet will reduce it. 
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You also can purchase replacement staves here.