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Give the Gift of Sauna

The holiday season is approaching fast and we are here to help. Whether you’re in need of a gift for yourself or someone you love, we’ve got something for everyone.

For the tech lover: Radiant 2-Person Infrared


For anyone who loves a little technology to go along with their self-care, check out the Radiant Infrared. This sauna is designed with extra-wide carbon fiber heating panels, hemlock lumber, and tempered glass. It also includes features such as Bluetooth audio, color-changing lights, and both an exterior and interior digital control panel. And the best part, all you have to do is plug it in! 

To learn more about infrared saunas click here.

For the fitness guru: Newport Hybrid 4-Person Indoor Sauna 

It’s no secret that using a sauna has many added health benefits, which means it pairs perfectly with all types of fitness. For the fitness guru in your life, look to the Newport Hybrid. For a quick post-workout sauna, the infrared setting is perfect. Bask in 145ºF infrared heat to relax your muscles and increase the benefits of your workout. If you are looking for more heat and a longer post-workout session, go with the traditional setting. A traditional sauna can also help with muscle recovery, give you an endurance boost, and improve overall fitness performance.

For the large family (or those with lots of friends): Shenandoah 8-Person Barrel Sauna 


This party sauna is 12 feet long! A changing room in the front for privacy and an 8kw heater or wood-burning heater (you choose!), makes it the perfect sauna for the holiday season.  There’s literally room for everyone!

For the retreat lover: Appalachia 6-Person Cabin Sauna


This sauna is a retreat in itself. The Appalachia is designed with a full front porch, an attached changing room, and a spacious sauna room. The front porch and changing room can be decorated and accessorized however you choose. And inside the sauna room, you can choose from an electric heater or add the ambiance and smell of a wood-burning heater; you can’t go wrong! This is the ideal retreat sauna for your backyard, cottage, or mountain lodge.    

For the friend who loves to accessorize- Cedar Sauna Accessory Kit


Why choose just one? With the Cedar Sauna Accessory Kit, you can have it all! Included in the bundle is the backrest, leg lift, drink shelf, magazine rack, and robe hook. If you love to accessorize and relax comfortably in the heat of your sauna, this accessory kit is for you (or you friend).


Enjoy quality time with the ones you love in the sauna this holiday season. We hope this has helped you find the perfect sauna gift.