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In the United States alone, a heart attack happens every 43 seconds and remains one of the most frequent causes of sudden death. Our stressful lifestyles are costly. They have a direct, negative impact on our bodies. Doctors report up to 75% of all medical visits in the US may be stress-related.

With those statistics, we need to take a proactive stance with our heart health, and work to reduce our stress levels. Doctors will often include adequate sleep and good nutrition in the list of heart-healthy habits.

But we have an additional suggestion: regular sauna use. We love our saunas and use them ourselves. Sauna is social, relaxing, and enjoyable, but the heart health benefits are definitely an enormous bonus on our list of reasons to sauna.

Regular and correct use of sauna can have a tremendous positive impact on your heart health. In fact, studies in Finland and Japan show a high corollary between regular sauna use and improved circulation, immune system, and lower re-occurrence of heart issues.

A Few of the Benefits

  • The warmth and rest provided by sauna promote better blood circulation.
  • Better blood circulation leads to healthier arteries.
  • Healthier arteries and blood flow help your heart function more efficiently.
  • Weight loss and calorie-burning associated with sauna use can help ease the workload on your heart as well.
  • The endorphin release that comes with sauna use helps to ease your body’s tension and stress levels, also giving your heart a healthy boost.
  • A rested body is better position to fight disease and the daily stress of life.

While sauna certainly can’t remove all your life tension, it may help you manage it better, when included in healthy routines of hydration, making healthy food choices, and getting enough sleep.

To see the connection between sauna and heart health visually, you will love our infographic, Enhance Your Life with Sauna.

As a side note, it is important when considering sauna to make sure you are purchasing a high-quality product. With the popularity of sauna increasing in the past decade, the number of sauna sellers has increased as well, but many don’t live up to their advertising.

Almost Heaven Saunas has been crafting authentic saunas in the Finnish tradition for nearly 40 years. Almost Heaven proudly manufactures our models from the best quality lumber and stainless steel hardware. Our company offers a wide range of both indoor and outdoor models to make sauna accessible for all income levels.

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