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New Heater : Harvia Forte Ever-Ready

* Please note, that this heater has a longer lead time*

How it works

The Harvia Forte’s efficient design retains the heat within the stone chamber, keeping the sauna stones continuously warm. The lid and exterior remain at a safe temperature, regardless of the interior chamber temperature. The Forte heater is always energy efficient. When heating the sauna for use, lift the lid to release the heat from the stone chamber into the sauna, intensify the heat by throwing water at the stones, and start your sauna experience. Sauna bathing is simple with the help of an ever-ready heater.

The Forte’s precise controls make the best temperature and steam possible for the user. The heater’s digital Harvia Xafir-control panel allows the user to control its energy consumption, max temperature, and other options. The control panel can also be attached to the sauna. If the Forte’s lid is forgotten left open, the control panel notifies the user and automatically shuts off the heater. The control panel returns to standby after the designated time runs out. The control panel for the USA differs slightly from the European version.

Harvia Forte is an exceptional choice for family saunas and sauna users who use the sauna multiple times per week at varying times of the day. The sauna stones can reach a maximum temperature at a moment’s notice. The stone chamber is insulated for efficiency, ensuring that no energy is lost. 



The beauty of the Forte heater is, that you can truly use it whenever you want. You don't have to plan ahead when you want to sauna. You can decide to go to the sauna when you originally thought to only take a shower, or you can pop in when you have friends over for a barbeque. Just open the lid and turn the heater on. 

The heater is optimal for smaller saunas, that is being used often, but irregularly. You can use it at any time of the day, whenever you feel like enjoying the healing heat of the sauna. In the morning boost your energy levels for the day or after a workout when you want to maximize your recovery. 


Ease of use and maintenance

The Harvia Forte is safe and easy to use. The outside of the heater is safe to the touch, which makes it ideal for families with small children. If the heater is a part of the bathroom and it's well ventilated, a sauna with the Harvia Forte can serve as a heat source for the home, creating long-term benefits. 

Maintenance of the heater is easy. Airflow between the rocks and heating elements is a necessity for the heater to function efficiently. A wise thing to do is to restack the stones in the heater at least once a year. This will allow the heater to save energy, maintain temperature, and distribute the heat better. While restacking the stones, check for erosion by gently tapping stones together. Stones that chip or break easily should be replaced. With the stones removed from the heater, check that the heating elements are not bent or damaged, and remove any stone debris with a vacuum.