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Onyx Upgrade - FAQ's

It's here! The Onyx lumber upgrade is here. We are excited to share this sleek lumber upgrade with you.

How long will shipping be?

The Onyx upgrade will take about 4-8 weeks to manufacture. 

What is the Onyx Lumber type?

The lumber itself is Hemfir which is largely knot-free and therefore conducive for staining.

Is the interior & exterior stain the same?

The exterior of the sauna is stained with outdoor stain specifically formulated for exterior use.

Should I worry about high VOC?

No, the interior has a nearly-zero VOC coating for use on the interior of a sauna.

What are the benches made of?

 The benches will be contrasting clear hem-fir lumber for a stylish accent.

Is the door different?

Yes, it is! The top and bottom of the door are arched, creating a unique and stylish accent to the sauna’s appearance. The door is not customizable at this time.

What heater is standard? 

Onyx will come standard with our Black Steel Wall Heater for added elegance and enhanced value.

What other upgrades are included?

Onyx will come standard with our multi-color mood lighting and remote control.