Feeling motivated to do some spring cleaning? Here are a few helpful and easy tips on freshening up your sauna and keeping it clean, healthy, and looking sharp.

Cleaning the exterior of your sauna:

If you have an outdoor barrel sauna, start with the external. The lumber we use in our outdoor saunas is beautiful solid wood that is made to last. However, over time the wood will weather due to sunlight and outside moisture. This will not harm your sauna, but if you’d like to get that shiny new sauna look back here are a few suggestions:

1)    Low-pressure wash the outside of your sauna (Check out this past blog for further instruction: The Sauna and Spring Cleaning).

2)    Apply a stain to the exterior that contains a UV inhibitor.*

*If you decide on stain, contact your local paint expert for what product would work best in your area*

For indoor saunas, simply wipe down the exterior of your sauna with a dust cloth or a wet cloth to remove any dust that might build up throughout the week.

Cleaning the interior of your sauna:

It’s important to keep the inside of your sauna looking tidy and neat, even if it’s only for your own peace of mind. If you want your sauna to be a space of uncluttered peace and rest follow these instructions:

1)    Vacuum or sweep away any loose dirt, dust, or outside debris.

2)    Use warm water to lightly scrub the wooden benches. Lemon essential oil is also a lovely addition

Lemon essential oil

to this mild solution. Add a few drops and enjoy the antibacterial effects and lovely scent.

3)    For tougher stains, use a fine grit sandpaper.

4)    Sitting on a towel in your sauna is another option to keep the benches clean of sweat and body oils.

Further maintenance:

Sauna heater stonesPeriodically check your sauna stones. Take them out of the heater and rinse them off, make sure there are no cracks or splitting. Replacement stones can be purchased on our websiteIf you have any questions on caring for and cleaning your sauna, feel free to contact us!


Now, as a reward for all of your hard work, take a long refreshing sauna!