The Perfect Sauna Routine

Turns out, the best way to sauna is what works for you! 

You set the mallet and power drill down and survey your work proudly. A brand new Almost Heaven sauna sits in front of you. You can’t wait to give it a try, but then are struck by the question: “What’s the best way to sauna?”
The good news is that your sauna is versatile—there for you however you want to use it, whenever you want to use it. Of course, there are some sauna guidelines to follow, but overall, how you use your sauna comes down to what works best for you. The fun part is determining your perfect sauna routine!

You can experiment with dozens of variations that can impact your sauna experience. What temperature to sauna at, how long to sauna for, what time of day you sauna, what to pair the sauna with, etc. To help inspire you, we found out how other Almost Heaven owners best enjoy their saunas to spark ideas for creating your own routine!

When to sauna:

There’s no right time to sauna, however, the timing of your sauna can result in different benefits. 

Morning sauna vs. evening sauna

Sauna in the morning for an effective wake-up call! Get your blood pumping and your body feeling stimulated. If you like to work out in the mornings, sauna is a good pairing. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed won’t be an all-day problem either, as sauna helps boost endorphins and increase the feeling of happiness. We’ve even gone so far as to question, can sauna replace your morning coffee?