What to do when you want to buy, but would first like to try an Almost Heaven sauna.

        You are in the market to buy a sauna (welcome, can we interest you in any sales?) but you are not yet ready to commit to such a large purchase. Smart. You’ve done all your research — measured out the footprint of the sauna you want, watched the assembly video half a dozen times, read our many customer reviews, and contacted a slew of electricians to get a quote for the heater requirements. But there is still something bothering you — you want to try the sauna. Actually sit in it, stretch out, and compare notes.

        If you are still on the rocks about investing in a large ticket item from an online store (we understand! It can be scary), might we recommend you seek out one of our saunas to try? How do you do that exactly? The easy answer is by visiting one of the many Airbnb’s and boutique hotels that have an Almost Heaven sauna. If one is in your area — you’re in luck! Zip on down for a night. If there doesn’t seem to be anything nearby, you probably need a vacation anyways. Go down for a long weekend and treat yourself to some travel and a sauna.

Try an Almost Heaven Sauna on the East Coast


Eastwind Hotel and Bar | New York This picturesque location has it all: glamping, a hotel, a bar, and a Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna! With a wide variety of options for sleeping arrangements, you won’t want to pass on an opportunity to check out Eastwind!

House on Fair

House on Fair | New York This cute Airbnb has a Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna and is a short walk away from many shops and restaurants. Come for the relaxing sauna, stay for the cute historical house!

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Modern Escape

Modern Escape | New York This quaint cottage is close to a lake and surrounded by trees! Besides the beautiful furnishings, the best part is the Watoga 4 person barrel sauna — with a vista window!

Partridge Hill Lodge

Partridge Hill Lodge | Massachusetts This lodge features a wood-burning Grandview 8 person canopy barrel sauna. To add to the rustic atmosphere, the lodge is set on 40 acres of land and you can drive to either Boston or New York in under three hours.


1845 Backacres | New York This quaint farmhouse has been renovated to modern perfection. You can enjoy a wood-burning Grandview 8 person canopy barrel sauna on the property. Soak in the beautiful surrounding woods during your getaway!


Cabin on 600 Acres

Cabin on 600 Acres | Pennsylvania You will have plenty of land to enjoy at this Airbnb! With 15 miles of trails to explore, plus an open invitation to bring ATVs or horses, the sauna at the end of the day will be well deserved. You can try the beautiful Audra 4 person canopy barrel sauna and the wood door with a window!

Try an Almost Heaven Sauna in the Midwest

Tranquil Retreat

Airbnb | Three Oaks, MI This home has everything and more that you need for a perfect vacation! Great for families or someone that would just love to get away and have a quiet place to work and relax. Just 80 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Chicago brings you to this amazing small town charmer in a zen like setting.
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The Point Retreats

The Point Retreats | Minnesota This wellness retreat has it all! Plan a vacation that keeps your health at the center. Go with a group or on an individual basis; the choice is yours. While you are here, visit the Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna and leave with a holistic understanding of your health!

Northern Retreat

Northern Retreat | Minnesota You can rent the small cabin or the whole house at this beautiful property. In addition to tennis courts and a hot tub, relax in the Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna.

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Lake Michigan Home

Lake Michigan Home | Michigan This home is right by Lake Michigan! In addition to the beautiful Bridgeport 6 person indoor sauna, this Airbnb has a private pool and is the perfect destination for your summer vacation. You can book the whole house or a private room.


Try an Almost Heaven Sauna on the West Coast

Creekside A-Frame | California

Looking for a scenic vacation? Look no further than the Creekside A-frame! Take a hike, play some games, and enjoy an Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna. The Creekside A-Frame has it all! Book Here Check them out on Instagram

The Sunset Yurt

The Sunset Yurt | Hawaii If you’ve been dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation, add this Airbnb to the list! It’s time to get into yurts because this adorable studio has the ocean as its backyard. Spend some time in the Pinnacle 4 person barrel sauna and then go take a swim!


Cedar Bloom Farms

Cedar Bloom Farms | Oregon You can experience unique camping — from domed homes to A-frames. The Cedar Bloom Farm is situated on 100 acres of land, and you can enjoy the Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna while you take in the beauty of your surroundings!

Cabana Del Oso

Cabana Del Oso | Washington This cozy forest home is inviting and perfect for a vacation. You can enjoy this Airbnb year round — from the forests to skiing. No matter the weather, you can take advantage of the Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna.


Poofy’s Paradise

Poofy’s Paradise | Washington This rustic cabin is modern and perfect for a getaway. Besides the sledding hill and fun cabin-feel, you can sauna in the Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna. Enjoy the patio right near the sauna for a good time.


Hera’s Chalet

Hera’s Chalet | Washington This cozy cabin is close to Mount Rainier National Park. Enjoy the Salem 2 person barrel sauna just steps away from the chalet. Cozy up in the winter by the fire and jump in the snow between sauna sessions.

Hygge Chalet

The Hygge Chalet | Colorado Hygge (hu-geh) is the Danish concept of cozy and the simple pleasures in life, which this chalet has down to a T! Enjoy the mountainous atmosphere and relax in the Watoga 4 person barrel sauna while you are at it.

City Park Home

City Park Home | Colorado Golf, a hot tub, and a sauna? This Airbnb has it all! Visit the Denver Zoo, explore the city, then come back and enjoy the Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna.

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Alpine A-Frame

The Alpine A-Frame | Colorado This Airbnb was recently renovated! The owners have a Huntington 6 person canopy barrel sauna ready for you to enjoy. You can see wonderful pictures of the renovation process on their Instagram page as well as the beautiful finished result.

Tiny Mountain Cabin

Tiny Mountain Cabin | Arizona Enjoy 1.5 acres in the Coconino National Forest. Check out the historic downtown or venture to some famous landscapes. Spend your evenings stargazing out the vista window with the heat of the Pinnacle 4 person barrel sauna.

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If a night away with a heavenly sauna doesn’t convince you to take the plunge and make the purchase, we don’t know what will! Trying the sauna should tell you all you need to know. And if you are still deciding, don’t forget to contact our friendly customer service team and ask all your remaining questions. We look forward to welcoming you into our sauna family!

P.S. If you know of a listing with our saunas not mentioned above, let us know!