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Wood Fired Hot Tub Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions - Wood Fired Hot Tub Edition

Q: What kind of a surface should be used for the Wood Fired Hot Tub?

A: The surface must be level and firm.  The surface can be gravel, crushed stone, concrete, wood deck, etc.  If the surface is concrete it is fine to have a slight slope for water run-off.

Q: How long does it take to set up my Wood Fired Hot Tub?

A: The Wood Fired Hot Tub is delivered fully assembled, so once your surface is prepared actual setup can be accomplished in an hour or two.  You then need to fill it with water, start the fire on the stove, and begin using your tub!  Please read the instructions for use carefully before using the tub for the first time. 

Q: Can the Wood Fired Hot Tub be sunk into a deck?

A: Yes it can!  It provides that the heater is placed outside the deck in a fire-safe area. Be sure to take water drainage into account when considering the placement of the Wood Fired Hot Tub.

Q: How is the water heated?

A: The water is heated with a wood-burning heater supplied with the tub, so no electricity is needed. When heated, the heater must be full of water, meaning that the water level of the tub must be above the upper lead-through. When heated, the water becomes lighter in weight, whereby it rises to the upper part of the heater and is transferred into the tub through the circulation pipe. Coldwater in the tub descends to the bottom and is transferred into the heater through the lower circulation pipe. 

Q: Can I use lake or seawater in the tub?

A: Yes you can, as the heater is made of marine aluminum. The heater is protected with galvanized anodes similar to those used in saltwater boats or motors. Galvanic anodes protect the heater from corrosion if seawater or maintenance chemicals are used in the tub. If using seawater there is no need to rinse the heater with fresh water after use. However, we recommend paying special attention to water hygiene when using sea or lake water. If you have any suspicions regarding the cleanliness of the water, you should change the water and clean the Soak Tub. Also, you should change the water in the tub after each use.

Q: How often should I change the water in the Wood Fired Hot Tub?

A: We recommend changing the water after one or two days of normal family use.  You should always use a water sanitizing agent if you bathe in the water more than once.

Q: Can I use products such as bath fragrances in the Soak Tub? 

A: You can use bath fragrances and salts in the hot tub, provided that the pH value of the water remains at 7.2–7.6 and you follow the dosage instructions. After using such products, we recommend thoroughly rinsing the inside of the heater. 

Q: How do I drain the water from the Wood Fired Hot Tub?

A: The Soak Tub features an outlet from which the water is drained through a discharge pipe. Place the hot tub so that draining the water does not cause any damage to your lawn or vegetation. If necessary, use a hose to guide the water further away.

Q: Can I release bathwater into the yard?

A: Generally yes, provided that the chemicals used and local regulations are taken into account.

Q: Why does the water smell musty when I remove the tub cover after heating?

A: When you cover the tub and the water does not get any oxygen while being heated, it may develop a slightly musty odor. If you remove the cover 5 minutes before using the tub, the water will have time to breathe and the odor will dissipate.

Q: What kind of wood should I use in the woodstove?

A:  Any species and type of wood can be used. Generally speaking, the higher the density of the wood, the better the heating value, and the most essential factor is the dryness of the firewood. 

Q: What should I take into account when heating the Soak Tub?

A: First of all, make sure that there is water in the tub! If you want to heat the water as quickly as possible, use dry firewood. Using the tub cover shortens the heating time significantly. Empty the heater of ashes before heating, including the top of the grates. Maintain a large fire and add firewood once every 10–15 minutes to make sure that the fire does not go out in the middle of the heating process. The water is circulated by the force of gravity, meaning that if the fire goes out, the circulation slows down and it takes time to restart the fire and restore the circulation. 

Q: How quickly can the water be heated?

A: The heating rate of the water depends on the quality of the firewood, the air temperature and whether or not you use a tub cover. However, in general it will take take approximately 2–3 hours to heat.

A mixing paddle can be used to even out the layered temperatures.

Q: How should I clean the interior surface of the hot tub?

A: We recommend regularly wiping the interior surface with light detergent, rinsing it with water and drying it thoroughly. However, take care not to scrub the inner surfaces too vigorously in order to avoid scratches. 

Q: Why am I unable to remove the rubber plug from the outlet valve? 

A: The rubber plug may get stuck on the outlet valve if it has been in place for a long time. If the plug is stuck, we recommend loosening the threads and giving the plug some time to regain its shape and loosen up before the removal. You can prevent the plug from getting stuck with regular cleaning and keeping it loose/untightened when the tub is not being used.