Xenio Wifi - FAQ

We finally have our WIFI Xenio available for purchase! While this digital control panel is available, it is only compatible with select models. See below for some FAQs:

1. Which heaters are compatible with the WIFI Xenio? 
Most Harvia heaters with an existing Xenio digital control panel purchased within the last 2 years. This includes the KIP, Virta, and Cilindro heaters. 

2. Why won't this upgrade work with my KIP heater? 
The WiFi feature is only retrofittable to digitally-controlled heaters. It is not compatible with the manual dial-controlled models of the Harvia heaters. Unless you have the Xenio model of the KIP heater, the WiFi upgrade will not be work. 

3. What is the upgrade process once received? 
If you already have a digitally-controlled heater, you'll simply need to swap out the touchpad! However, if you have a dial-controlled heater, you would have to purchase a new heater kit. Any new heater should be replaced by a licensed electrician.

4. How much does the Xenio WiFi upgrade cost?
The upgrade cost is $500 for those with existing digitally-controlled heaters. This price includes shipping but does not include any sales tax if required. 

5. What do I do if my heater is not compatible but I want the remote start? 
We offer heaters separately! Our KIP-W models are only available for purchase over the phone at this time. Call us at (888) 355-3050 for more information on these models. Our Virta models and select Cilindro heaters come standard with Xenio digital control and can be found on our website here!

6. How can I place my order? 
We are accepting orders by phone only at this time. Please know your heater model number and purchase date before calling.

For any additional questions, please reach out to us via phone at 888.355.3050, or email us at sales@almostheaven.com!