What is the Vista Rear Window?

Pinnacle barrel sauna interior with rear vista window.

The Vista Rear Window adds a panoramic view to your barrel sauna experience. It can be added to any of our Almost Heaven Outdoor Barrel Saunas. 

The Vista window consists of a 20” x 40” piece of 3/8” thick safety glass that is mounted into the rear wall of the sauna and then trimmed with cedar molding. It is elegant and unique, and you’re not going to want to miss out on the view!

Will the glass fog up during use?

As with the glass door, the window will fog up when you generate steam from pouring water on the hot sauna stones.  However, when the heat absorbs the steam in the room the window will clear up as well.

Will the Vista Window retain heat as well as a solid wood wall?

Because of the circular design and efficient use of space within a barrel sauna, there is no measurable loss of heat when ordering the Vista window upgrade. 

If the glass ever breaks, can it be replaced?

Certainly!  The exterior trim needs to be removed, a new pane of glass inserted, and then the trim reinstalled.

If I already have a barrel sauna can I add the Vista window to my sauna?

Unfortunately no. The Vista window is factory installed and there is not a field upgrade option. It is possible to install a new rear wall to your sauna with the Vista window, and you can contact our sales department for more details.

Are there maintenance issues to be aware of?

Other than periodically cleaning the glass there is nothing more that is needed in the way of maintenance.

Are there certain barrel sauna models where the Vista window will not work?

The Vista window can be installed in all barrel saunas.

Pinnacle barrel sauna with rear vista window.
Order your barrel sauna with the vista window upgrade today by calling our customer services representatives at 888-355-3050.