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Depending on where you live geographically, the summer can be hot. Maybe it’s a dry heat or thick humidity, either way it can sometimes feel like a sauna. So why jump in the high heat of a traditional steam sauna when you can just go outside? Here are 10 reasons to encourage you to continue your sauna routine throughout the hot summer months:

1. Heat Acclimation

If you are spending 20 minutes enjoying the heat of your sauna at 195 degrees and cooling down in an icy shower or pool, then the 90 degree day outside isn’t going to feel as hot as it did prior to the sauna. It’s also a great way to enjoy the heat away from the damaging rays of the sun.

Outdoor barrel sauna

2. Muscle Relaxation

The sauna provides a calming and relaxing space. Being immersed in a pocket of hot air is therapeutic for sore joints and achy muscles. If you suffer from arthritis or other physical pain, the sauna is a wonderful way to relax those muscles and put your entire body and mind at ease.

3. Mood Booster

Studies show that the heat of a sauna has the same effect on your body as a mini workout. Endorphins are released, giving you a jolt of new energy to face the rest of the day or to relax even more deeply into a good night’s sleep.  

4. Stress Reducer

Escaping to the quiet and calm of a sauna helps to lift the burdens of a chaotic day. Take a deep breath and let the heat and steam do all the work. 

5. Burning Calories and Shedding Water Weight

The days of summer are longer and that might mean staying up later and doing more activities, but it can also mean more time to eat. What better way to burn off those burgers and shed all that watermelon weight than by jumping in the sauna for a short session? Your heart rate increases which causes your metabolism to rise, prompting your body to burn more calories. 

6. Improves Skin

The intense and controlled heat of a sauna stimulates circulation within your body. This helps remove dead cells, relax facial tensions, improve skin elasticity, and detox out unhelpful bacteria. Ultimately leaving your skin refreshed, nourished, and with a youthful glow. 

Almost Heaven outdoor barrel sauna

7. Pain Relief

Heat reduces inflammation releasing any stress, tension, or aches in the body. The high heat of a traditional sauna immediately relaxes every part of the body, encouraging blood circulation and any pain that is held or ignored throughout the day.  

8. Aids the Immune System

Is there anything more obnoxious than a summer cold? The sauna can help boost the immune system. The high heat tricks your body into thinking you have a fever. Your body will then naturally produce more white blood cells to fight off any infection. The steam also helps clear sinuses and airways. So sit back and breathe deeply. 

9. Athletic Training

Running a marathon this summer? Or just beginning a new training program? The sauna can help! The sauna helps acclimate the body to higher heat to better prepare you for a hot or humid race day. The high heat also increases production of red blood cells giving you more energy and oxygen for a longer and harder workout. And the best part? A traditional sauna helps you to recover more quickly after a workout. 

10. Relaxing Escape

Summer can be chaotic, so escape to the sauna for some peace and quiet. 

The sauna is designed to be enjoyed all summer long, and continuing your sauna routine will lead to nothing but health and goodness. 

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