When it rains, it pours. But how do you know when it’s time to give your barrel sauna some extra cover?

Before we jump into the best cover for your sauna, first things first — let’s talk about the lumber. Your barrel sauna will likely have some water seepage. This is a natural byproduct of the soft lumbers that we use to build the saunas. After a rainfall, if you see some wet spots in your sauna – don’t panic! It will dry with time, but feel free to speed up the process by turning the heater on. Regular sauna use ensures that the interior room is kept dry. However, if you want to prevent seepage, we have some options.

Now, what are some reasons you may need to cover your sauna?

-The sauna is located under trees and is susceptible to bird and tree debris

-Your area experiences a lot of precipitation

-Your climate bounces between extreme weather conditions

-You like the look of a sauna cover

If you strongly relate to one of the above statements, then congratulations! You should think about getting a sauna cover. You are probably wondering what your options are. Take a look at the list below and see which cover works best for your sauna.

1. Almost Heaven Rain Jacket

We have removable rain jackets for the spring or winter seasons when you might experience a lot of precipitation! The rain jacket comes in three colors (tan, charcoal gray, or navy) and attaches to the sauna with discrete bungees that connect to small eyelet screws. This makes installation and removal seamless! Bonus: you can leave this cover on top while the sauna is on. Check them out here!

Barrel Sauna with Tan Rain JacketOutdoor Barrel Sauna with a tan rain jacket

2. Corrugated Metal Roof

This is a more permanent solution for covering your sauna and can come in any color you want! Just check out your local hardware store for their options. Use .75” sheet metal screws to secure the roof onto your barrel sauna and voila, you should cut down on any pesky precipitation!

Barrel Sauna with metal corrugated roof Outdoor Barrel Sauna with metal corrugated roof

3. Roofing Shingles

The great thing about using roofing shingles to cover your sauna is that you have a lot of options in both style and color! Installation may take more time since you are working with individual shingles. However, this means you can cover as much or as little of the top of the sauna as you want!

Outdoor Barrel Sauna with roofing shinglesBarrel sauna with green roofing shingles

4. Physical Cover

Think: awning, covered, porch, or free-standing structure. Use your carpentry skills or commission a friend to build your barrel sauna a beautiful centerpiece to cover it from precipitation. This option will take a lot of resources, but if you are already showcasing your barrel sauna in your backyard, why not go all out?

Outdoor barrel sauna with physical wooden cover. Barrel Sauna in open shed

5. Tarp

Perhaps the easiest option on this list, simply purchase a tarp to cover the sauna when it is not in use. You can strap them down however you wish and just remove before you start your sauna session! 

Barrel sauna with tarp cover. Outdoor barrel sauna with tarp covering.
We hope this list has been useful as your sauna becomes acclimated to its environment. If you are pondering a barrel sauna purchase, we invite you to browse our sauna sale page and see if there is a right fit for you! Check out our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to see more customer sauna photos and stay up-to-date on the latest Almost Heaven news. If you want help deciding which sauna cover is best for you, call us at 888-355-3050 or drop us a message. We are always here to help and want you to have the best possible experience with your barrel sauna!