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Sauna and Heart Health - Heal with Heat

February is American Heart Month. It’s a time to advocate for cardiovascular health and raise awareness about heart disease, and we are joining in! 


When it comes to heart health, prevention is key! And we believe that sauna is prevention. 


Here’s why:

-The heat of a sauna lowers blood pressure.

 -Increases blood flow and circulation by expanding the blood vessels in the body-when the body heats up, the heart works harder, pumping blood faster and boosting circulation.

-Provides some cardiovascular conditioning- high temperatures can drive heart rates to levels often achieved by moderate-intensity physical exercise.

-And last, but definitely not least, the experience of sauna is designed (at its Finnish core) to reduce stress. 


Finnish Culture

In Finland, the sauna is a gathering space for family and friends. It is a time away from busyness and demands, and a break from social media, emails, and other parts of life that divide energy and attention. It is a time to be together or to be alone, to breathe deeply, and experience loyly. 


Finding ways to reduce anxiety and stress from our lives is not only going to benefit heart health, but it will boost overall immunity and quality of life. 


As heart month comes to a close consider purchasing a steam or infrared sauna or starting a more regular sauna routine. Your heart will thank you. 


Helpful Resources and Studies:


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