Heater Element FAQ

Stone placement and water usage are important factors in the health of your heating elements and heater alike. 
The stones should be placed between each row as well as between each loop of your elements to provide stability and keep these elements properly spaced. In addition to properly placed stones, water should be added when the stones have reached a minimum of 160F and in quantity of no more than 1 ladle or 1/4 cup at a time.
Every year or so, you should check on the stones for degradation or settling into the heater so you do not ever have metal on metal contact between the elements or with the outside of the heater frame. 
Bends, cracks, and bubbling on the heating elements can all be signs of pouring water onto the stones before the temperature has reached a minimum of 160F, metal on metal contact, or in some cases an electrical surge to the unit. 
We have attached a replacement guide for the heating elements in the KIP B series to this email and you can find these replacement parts on our website Here
Heating elements are warrantied for 1 year.
If you suspect your heating elements are in need of replacing and you are still under warranty, please send over photos of your exposed heating elements and element serial numbers if visible to sales@almostheaven.com with your name and order information.