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What temperature should my sauna be at?

Better yet, which temperature is best to sauna at?

There isn’t a magic number here — we cannot tell you that your sauna should be exactly 171.5°F for the optimal sauna session. Why not? Because every body is different. Literally, we all have different bodies with different needs and 171.5°F may be too hot for some, not hot enough for others, and the absolute perfect number for a different group.

So how do you know which temperature is right for you? 

Let’s start with some helpful information to keep in mind: infrared vs traditional saunas.

Lucent Foor Heater for Infrared Saunas

Infrareds can get up to 150°F, depending on which one you have. It uses infrared rays to penetrate and warm your body, versus warming the air around you. This can be useful for soothing aches and generally elevating your body temperature. If you are not a fan of sweating profusely and are looking for a relaxing session in some milder temperatures, infrareds sound right up your alley! 

Traditional sauna heater

Authentic saunas use an electric heater (or wood-burning heater!) to warm the room around you to temperatures of 180°F or higher. A sauna session of even just 15 minutes causes an increase in circulation, blood flow, and a lot of sweat! Regular sauna use has been linked to a variety of health benefits, including better sleep and after-workout recovery! We specialize in traditional saunas and our line-up ranges from outdoors to indoors to luxury saunas and more!

But what about that perfect sauna temperature?

Our best advice — play around a little! Most infrareds allow you to adjust the temperature to precisely what you want (within range of course!). Keep a log of time spent and the temperature you experienced. You’ll find your sweet spot in no time!

Figuring out your favorite traditional sauna may require a bit more work, but with these tips you’ll be well on your way to finding that magic number:

  • Keep your thermometer handy.
  • Play around with the heater’s temperature dial (of the two knobs, it’s the one on the left). If the sauna is too hot, adjust it lower and slowly work your way back up to max. Remember, these heaters are meant to go up to 180/185°F!
  • Add some water to your rocks to get a burst of steam. It makes the sauna feel hotter and can be refreshing at the same time.
  • If you can’t quite get to that optimal high temperature, we put together some video advice on how to do so. Check it out here.

Tell us what your favorite temperature is to sauna in. We would love to know! And be sure to check out our sauna specials page to get started on your journey to finding your magic sauna number.

What does some of our staff have to say about the perfect sauna temperature? Read below!

Almost Heaven staff quotes on sauna temperatures.   Almost Heaven staff quotes on sauna temperatures.  Almost Heaven staff quotes on sauna temperatures.